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Empties - V2

Seeing product empties is so satisfying 🙂


Post your weekly, monthly, quarterly, whenever-ly empties and let us know how you felt about them!




Previous Empties thread:


Re: Empties - 2019

Thanks @RebeccaBT, it’s so fun to share our trash and treasures 😄

Re: Empties - 2019

I'm not a fan of the BTS mascara either @eshoe It just smudged all over the place.  Do you have something you prefer?

Re: Empties - 2019

I love love love Laura Geller Lash Boss For day and Stila Huge Extreme Lash for drama 🤩 @sprocketta. What ‘s your favorite?

Re: Empties - 2019

Haven't tried either of those. I fell in love with Smashbox Full Exposure mascara from a DS. I bought a full size and chose waterproof. I'd like something easier to remove and am just wondering what else is out there. I tried the BTS as well as the Benefit Bad Gal Bang but wasn't impressed. I have a ton of samples but I keep going back to the Full Exposure (not waterproof). Guess I should just spring for another of the Smashbox.

Re: Empties - 2019

I tried Monsieur Big recently and that was a challenge to remove @sprocketta. I think I started off with a DS of the Lash Boss and shortly after it was included in a 21-day sale. I bought a couple and threw one in the fridge for safekeeping😉

I'm not super keen on bts mascara personally @eshoe I rea...

I'm not super keen on bts mascara personally @eshoe I really don't like items that have names that are not appropriate for younger makeup users, so even if it was a great mascara, I wouldn't purchase it 😉

Re: I'm not super keen on bts mascara personally @eshoe I rea...

Yep I hear ya @lmaster. Annoying to have to hide my mascara from my 8 yo🙄 

Re: Empties - 2019

This was a slow month for me, I wasn't consistent in my skincare routine and didn't wore that much makeup. I just felt like february went by so fast. Still managed to finish 25 items, which brings my YTD total up to 57 🙂 



Loves :


Creme Shop Pomegrenate mask : The fit of the sheet was weird, it went up too far up my hairline on my forehead. It did stayed put through the entire waiting period. The serum was reaaaally liquidy, almost like water. I used the remaining to put on my hands, arms, neck and décolleté. The results were surprisingly nice! The serum absorbed completely and my skin did look « bouncy » afterwards. Great mask, would repurchase.


Sephora Collection - Dry Clean : This was my second bottle. Already repurchased my third, wish they made a jumbo size of this. It cleans my brushes in a few seconds. They are instantly dry and ready to use. Of course I do deep clean my brushes, but this is a great way to clean my brushes when wearing makeup everyday or if I’m feeling lazy.


Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant - Waterproof : Sorry if this is TMI but… I sweat a lot and this is the only type of deodorant that works for me. I’ve tried many time to switch to natural or aluminum-free, but it doesn’t compare. Plus this one is waterproof so it’s perfect for the gym. I don’t need to apply too much, it can last up to 48 hours of wear and blocks odors. It does transfer a little bit onto clothing, but if I'm careful it's okay.


Clarisonic Radiance Head Brush : When I first got my Clarisonic four years ago the sales rep told me this head brush would be too harsh for my sensitive/combo skin so I always avoided purchasing it. Turns out it’s more delicate than the « delicate » head brush in my opinion. Also helps getting rid of flakes when my skin is dry.


LaNeige Lip Sleeping Mask : Love this stuff. I don’t mind the bubblegum scent, it’s not too sweet. It makes my lips feeling softer in the morning. I also use it as a gloss during winter. It’s very sticky but it gives my lips a super glossy appearance with a slight pink shade.


Sand + Fog Candle in Mulled Wine : My favorite candle brand. This one had like a cinnamon type of smell. I buy them at Marshalls/Winners. They have the cutest packaging. The rich scent fill up the room and they last a long time. Wish they had 3 wicks on the bigger ones. I purchase one whenever I see it, they are really good.


Sephora Collection Coconut Wipe : Light but nice coconut water scent. Really gentle and soft on the skin. Removed my face and eye makeup nicely. Will purchase a pack when I'm done using my other wipes.


OleHenriksen Truth Serum : Lovely orange scent. What I love the most about this serum is the consistency, it’s so lightweight, it sinks in right away. Leaves my feeling skin soft and radiant.


Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara : Gives me nice voluminous lashes, separates them and gives a false lashes effect. The formula is super creamy and easy to work with, you don’t need to apply many coats.



Likes :


Bite Agave Lip Mask : Love this little sampler (shade ‘’champagne’’, ‘’original’’ and ‘’smashed’’). I liked the original but wouldn’t buy the other shades. The formula is thicker than the LaNeige one. It’s perfect for an overnight treatment, it’s truly moisturizing.


Secret Key - Nature Recipe Tea Tree sheet mask : This did calm and soothe my skin, my redness wasn’t as intense. Alcohol does come third in the ingredient list so even though I liked it I’m not sure I would purchase it.


Creme Shop Glow Up Skin : First of all, this made me feel like a magical unicorn lol. The design on the sheet is super cute. I wasn’t sure at first when I saw the shimmers, but it does gives a nice glow. The shimmers stayed on my face for the most part of the day. The sheet was quite wide and the serum took a bit more time to absorb than other mask from the brand.


Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk : This is my favorite gradual tanning moisturizer. It’s super rich and makes my skin noticeably darker on the first application. I don’t apply it everyday otherwise it can look streaky. Also, I need to wait until my skin is completely dry after my shower and apply in circular motion. It helps to avoid the streakiness. The only con for me is the scent. It smells like cocoa butter when first applied but then transforms into a weird self tanner scent. I prefer the coconut scent in their tanning mousse.



Okay :


Ciaté London Fierce Flicks : The felt tip is too big for my likings, not precise. If you like a thick wing I guess you would like this. The pigment is nice, but it's not a super dark black. I like that it dries matte. It did transfer a little bit on my lids after a 5 hours period of wear time, nothing major but still. Also you can’t really go back to perfect your line multiple times because the tip dries quickly, you need to shake it and wait. Overall it’s not the worst eyeliner I’ve tried, but not the best. Wouldn’t repurchase.


Too Cool For School Coconut Oil Serum Eye Patch : Huge eye patches that cover your undereyes and the top of your cheekbones. These were really oily and they did hydrate, but nothing spectacular. Overall okay, but I prefer gel patches.


Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk : For some reason dry shampoos don’t usually work on my hair so I’m not a good reference in this category. This was the first dry shampoo that absorbed my oils a little bit, though it didn’t gave me a lot of volume. Also I didn’t notice any white cast (I have chestnut brown hair). If I came across a good deal I would probably buy it.


REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask : I have a love-hate relationship with this mask. It’s such a rich, moisturizing mask, this was just the fix my skin needed during this winter… but I think it clogged my larger pores around my nose.


Clarisonic Acne Head Brush : My face was perfectly clean, the brush was soft, but didn’t see any improvements in my acne compared to other head brush.

Bioré Baking Soda Acne Cleansing Foam : At first this really improved my acne, but then I kinda developped a tolerance to it (if that's possible ?) and it wasn't as effective. It's still a nice cleanser and I would repurchase because for the price it lasted me a really long time (about 3 months using at least 2 times a day). It made my face feel "squeaky" clean which is nice when my skin is oilier. 



Dislikes :


Sephora Collection Charcoal wipe : Weird and strong charcoal scent. I hated the exfoliating side of it, it was way too harsh for my sensitive skin.


Skin Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths For Eyes : I wish these wipes could be more saturated, they felt a bit dry. Also the packaging was flimsy, in the end the top part wouldn’t stick anymore.


L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream : The formula is amazing, my skin looked smooth and luminous, but the scent was so strong it gave me a headache. If it wasn’t for the scent I would probably give it 5 stars.


Kerastase Chroma Captive Mask : This item was discontinued. Hated the scent it and my hair felt weighed down.


Wander Beauty Unlashed mascara : Curls and volumizes your lashes in a beautiful way, but the effects wear off really quickly. It wasn’t buildable and the formula felt dry.


Skin&Co Blue in Capri Shower gel : I got this in a FFF box. The scent had more notes of basil and sage than anything else. Although I love cooking, I don’t want to feel like a walking basil leaf lol. The formula was okay it didn't dry out my skin. It was more soapy than creamy. I would prefer this as a hand soap than a shower gel.

Re: Empties - 2019

@ellem24  What incredible empties! I wish we had a Marshalls near by. That candle is pretty!

Re: Empties - 2019

Thank you @Samtian ! I think some Bed, bath & beyond locations sell this brand too 🙂  

Re: Empties - 2019

Great job @ellem24! 👍🏼 You’re doing so well working through your products! I love the Laneige lip sleeping mask ♥️ - it’s a favorite and I will have to give it a try as a gloss in the mornings. 🤩 That candle sounds like it smells amazing!! Warm and cozy! Your feedback on that Clarisonic Radiance brush head is so helpful - thank you! 😊 I avoided it because I thought it might be too harsh, but now I think I’ll pick it up during the spring sale. 🛒 

Re: Empties - 2019

Thank you so much @itsfi 😊!!

Re: Empties - 2019

@ellem24  I LOVE Monsieur Big.  I'm trying to finish off my current mascara and I have a MB waiting for me in my backup drawer.

Re: Empties - 2019

@CookieGirl1 I need to get a backup too lol, so good ! Love Lancome mascaras ❤️

Re: Empties - 2019

@ellem24 I agree with you about the L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream scent! My nose, eyes, and facial skin complained. Another essential oil that I'm allergic to 🤷 

I ended up using it on my body, faaar away from my face. It's moisturizing at least lol

Re: Empties - 2019

@RNGesusPls I ended up using it on my body too lol !! Glad to be done with it.

Re: Empties - 2019

@ellem24 I got that Blue in Capri shower gel in my FFF box as well and really don't like it. Good job finishing it!!

Re: Empties - 2019

Thank you @elise222 !!

Re: Empties - 2019

25 is still a good number of products to finish in one month @ellem24, especially in the shortest month of the year!! I agree with you about the Radiance Brush heads. I think they are the softest ones besides the Cashmere brush head, and I didn't enjoy the Sephora Charcoal Exfoliating wipe either. I barely touched one spot on my face, and it felt like I took off skin. Way too harsh!!

Re: Empties - 2019

Thank you @sephoraaddict918 !! I agree, the Cashmere one is the softest, so luxurious! And yes, the last thing you want with an exfoliator is feeling like your skin is ripping off.

Re: Empties - 2019

Great reviews @ellem24 !  25 is still a respectable number!  We all have some months that are better than others, just how the cookie crumbles with a lot of products!  I'll need to keep an eye out at Winners for Sand & Fog candles.. mulled wine sounds like it'd be right up my ally!

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