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Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Hi all,


Wondering if the Lisa Eldridge lipsticks are worth hunting down? Thoughts?

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Hmm, I wonder if she’s discontinuing a full line of products or just certain shades. And maybe one of the upcoming new items is her blush, perhaps in a different format or formula…? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow! 



Screenshot of Lisa Eldridge promo email I received today.Screenshot of Lisa Eldridge promo email I received today.

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Wondering same @WinglessOne ! Probably poor sellers etc? How long have we been waiting for the blushes to reappear. Sheesh!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

From Really Ree:


Empanoui, Sweet Fig, Red Curve, Meet Cute, Metropolis


Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 22-45-27 Lisa Eldridge Baume Embrace Melting Lip Colour Review Swatch.png

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

New lip baumes coming officially the 30th. Emeralds may purchase now. 



Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Took advantage of promo event to try her new skin tint and mascara. The tint is nice and light. This color was a pretty good match tho a little bit dull on maybe?  I will have to mix it with a bit more warmth I think tho it is a match. T6. I’m still working with it but I do wish it had a bit more glow or something. Maybe a bit blurring but not a lot. I probably won’t repurchase it at this point as I have other good options tho it’s soft and pretty. I used her Pink Moon highlighter over and I liked that effect. It’s very small also. 1 oz. The mascara however. Wonderful!! I was skeptical and I’m so glad I tried it! At first I thought it was similar to VBB newer Vast Lash mascara but this one works so much better for me. It layers beautifully and really pushed my lashes up with no lash curler involved. Good black too. Def kitten lashes plus! It feels very light, not crunchy, no flakes or sticky either. Oof it’s great!! Love the denim bag GWP! 

FYI @Ispend2much6 , did you pick anything up? @Winthrop44 @blackkitty2014 



Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Oh these looks great on you @Sunnysmom 🥰 Enjoy!

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Love the mascara a bunch @blackkitty2014 . 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom  What promo was this?  I wonder how her skin tint will do with a bit of Iris & Romeo's Best Skin Days bronze tint.


Mascara sounds nice!

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Space NK @Ispend2much6 . They sell out very quickly tho it seems. That may be pretty together. I don’t have bronze from I and R only the regular shades and then some bronze drops from others I guess. I used it with my La Mer The Hydrating Illuminator Highlighter and Primer 1.4 oz/ 41 mL and also VBB illuminated moisturizer, Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40 Face Sunscreen with Hyaluronic Acid + Niacinamide Dawn and also CDPeau radiant cushion which did help too but all the steps. Lol. I just wanted a few. 🤣 I suppose she means for it to just be a good blurring tint but it just isn’t for me. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom Thanks for the tag. Wasn’t aware of any promo. Guess I missed it. Maybe I’ll give the mascara a try sometime. I tried the  skin tint when it launched and it was a fail for me because my rosacea didn’t like it. Pretty sure it was the salicylic acid. I prefer makeup to be makeup and skincare to be skincare but Lisa didn’t ask me. 😂

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Oh you did @Winthrop44 ? Ya this is a tricky one. I wish I could have given a better review too but not all things can work for all folks I guess! For both of us! I hope it does for some. It feels ok for my skin but it just doesn’t look as good as others do. I bought it with Space NK promo so I’m glad it wasn’t full price! Next! 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom From what I’ve seen people generally seem to love it so…I’m thankful to have you keeping me company in the no column! 😂

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Yes I was disappointed and sad to not be one of them too @Winthrop44 ! We have each other! 🥰🤗I was pretty surprised as it swatched nicely and I had high hopes but it just didn’t look as I’d hoped! The combos with stuff will make it doable so I don’t waste it tho so there’s that. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

I'm curious; has anyone tried the new items- mascara, liner, lip pencils, skin tint?

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Canadians: Saw this in the chat below a Lisa Eldridge post. She's looking for a Canadian warehouse to address the exorbitant duties because her shipments are from the UK.



Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Lisa is launching a skin tint on March 19. She recently launched Kitten Lash Mascara and Kitten Flick Liquid Eyeliner, and both are getting good reviews.






Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Some new kits available now. Fun! 



Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Lisa now has a rewards program. If you already have an online account, log in and check the “lisa&me” page. She says purchases made as far back as 2019 automatically count toward your reward tier. 


The 3 tier levels: 


Screenshot of lisa&me reward levels, taken at Lisa Eldridge’s brand site.Screenshot of lisa&me reward levels, taken at Lisa Eldridge’s brand site.

I got my 10% discount code in a lisa&me welcome email after I logged into my LE account. Promo code’s good for one use only through end of year eastern time and is not stackable. 


Lisa also released a video explaining this rewards program, and announcing she won’t be launching a holiday item/collection this year. Apparently the product she’s been working on still needs tweaking, so she’s holding off til next year. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@WinglessOne, thanks for your post! None of my past orders were listed when I signed up for lisa&me, so I just sent an email with the order numbers as I would qualify for the top tier. I only saw Lisa's video yesterday to learn that there is a 10% discount. I'm interested in trying her face cleanser. I'm curious about the unique product that she is working on; the one that is delayed until next year. I do find the levels of the reward program to be low, with little benefit unless you reach the top tier...and maybe that's what's driving the design.

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

This was interesting wasn’t it @WinglessOne ? She’s really growing clearly. What did you purchase? I’m still conflicted even with all the LE I own! Lol Some are better than others like all things lip formulas. I do love her liquid highlighter, eyes aren’t bad and the darn blush that was such a messy disaster and has yet to make any appearance! I hope it does because I love it. 

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