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Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Hi all,


Wondering if the Lisa Eldridge lipsticks are worth hunting down? Thoughts?

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom not at all! I couldn't figure it out either! LOL.


Debating a purchase. Must remember with exchange and duty/taxes last time, 3 cost me over $160 Canadian

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

😘 🤗 @ChristalM I know. It’s too nutty. Agree on shipping, mine was a lot to US and probably not worth it for a gloss. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Perfect. Thanks so much @Mochapj. 🤗

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Saw this also @Mochapj , should be interesting to see her new products. 

RE: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom here are my 6 - they’re all powdery in drydown yet weightless but I didn’t see any patchiness when I applied mine (Fawn, Muse, Beauty, Decade, Myth and Midnight). Texturally they are a little different than the original 3 velvets but only in that I feel like they have a bit more silicone. They kind of remind me of the texture of the TF Satin Mattes. I think my fave are Myth and Fawn.

Re: RE: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

These are really pretty! @Mochapj 

Re: RE: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Hi @Mochapj,


Each one of these is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!



Re: RE: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Mochapj why did you post these for??? Just kidding! They are all beautiful on you.  Thx for enabling 😉 I'm stalking Myth then 😉

Re: RE: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Mochapj Meant to also add it’s interesting you feel they’re like TF semi matte , I’m going to compare mine as well. 😊

Re: RE: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Mochapj they look very niceon you , I’m so glad you like them and have no issues. I have no big issue with shades except with Decade. So must be just me then. Oh well. 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol. And so you don’t mind how they don’t cover more of your inside lip then either? That bugs me. lol. A fade is fine but a line is no good on me. You have beautiful lips and thankfully they work well on you! Thanks for your reply!  🤗🥰

Re: RE: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom  I didn’t have much problem with them not sticking to my inner lip line?


the only one of the 6 that I photographed that did (slightly) was Midnight and I think that had more to do with it being the last shade I tried on and my lips being irritated/rushing than with the product not sticking.


that said, for all 6 I started with dry (unmoisturized) lips and removed the slight firm ‘skin’ on the outside of the lipsticks (using multiple swipes) to make sure it applied evenly and smoothly. 

Re: RE: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Oh that’s good @Mochapj , yes I only noticed it on Decade and Midnight tho I was able to smooth Midnight out. I wiped the top off also on the second try and that was better too. I’ll keep doing that. 🙂 It’s def a lighter more powdery formula isn’t it. Just takes a bit more work than previous. Hoping I’ll get over my small disappointment soon, so dumb. Lol. First world problems eh. 🙄

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

I got the soft velvet set.  I think the formula feels like a more lightweight version of CT matte revolution.  I like all three of the shades I got but they are the lightest of the new releases.Velvet fawnVelvet fawn


Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@jbean90, I read that some people who purchased the Soft Velvet collection had the Beauty lipstick labeled as Midnight or had a dark shade inside that box. It sounds like yours arrived without issue.

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Glad you like them @jbean90 ! 🥰

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Received my new Lisa E lips yesterday. While I love Myth I don’t feel same about Midnight or Decade sadly. 😕I have all the reds , Skyscraper Rose and Love of my Life and find them much better tho the new Myth is beautiful. Decade is a muddy brown sepia color I find and Midnight quite purple. Both go on very patchy, dry matte and even when smoothing them out look dry and blah. I was worried this would happen after first release and maybe it’s just my opinion as sounds like some of you guys love the new ones. Your lips must have more color to them or something but I’m quite sad with these. I did not get any of the other nudes. Not sure what I’ll do with them as I don’t think she takes returns tho I’m going to check. Sadly I’m not impressed except for Myth. 😢EA19B0D5-410D-4EC5-86BC-D7386A55BA37.jpeg




@nche @TraceyEB @ChristalM @MissPuff @meganlisa @lipstick4soul @curlychiquita @blackkitty2014 

Love to hear other’s thoughts. Imagine colors may look good on you @Mochapj so will be curious what you say also :). 

Here are Myth, Midnight and Decade. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom So I played with Decade tonight.  And, I like it...but...  There is definitely a but.  As I feel like increasingly palettes are not beginner friendly, Decade requires real work.  

The shade is pretty.  Not too brown or harsh - on me.  The texture is like a powdery silicony balm.  I also ordered the three MUFE lip pencils Lisa mentioned in her video and let's start with that.  Having a good pencil to define your lips first makes this shade perform much better.  Then, it does apply better blotted on or smoothed with a finger to warm up the oils if applied from the bullet (hence the need for defining and outlining the lips first).

If I go through these steps, the shade really is a lovely crushed velvet shade which plumps up my lips.  If I try to apply it straight from the bullet, without softening the formula with the warmth from my fingers, it does not perform nearly as well.

Hope that helps.  I like the shade but think it is very high maintenance.

I have not yet tried other shades.  Will get to them.

And, I will mention, on my lips Decade does not feel like lipstick.  It is more like a lip powder (if anyone knows what those are) and is very light.  I get almost no transfer.  Interestingly, no one has commented on that in the videos I have seen.

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

I agree with you on the texture of Decade @meganlisa . It reminds me of the Mac lip powder kiss formula also. The other older shades feel heavier to me compared to the new. Even Myth is a bit lighter. Didn’t feel like a balm to me however vs more drying. Maybe your lip pencil helped with that feel. Yea if so! Did it really feel plumping after awhile? I never noticed they at all if so. Lol. My lips are probably older and more dry!😫😭

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom Plumping, yes.  These are a little dry and powdery.  I see the "velvet" in them.  I like the 2 I have tried so far (see my thoughts on Fawn below) but can see that they aren't for everyone and can be a little high maintenance.  They can be patted on and then really don't look like i am wearing lipstick.  Kind of cool.

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Yea I’m so glad they are working out well for you @meganlisa ! I bet Fawn looks good on you. I think it’s just hit or miss depending on color how they turn out. I really prefer a blurry easy lip look vs having to use a liner but I’ll be giving it a go if I am trying to salvage using Decade! I dearly love LE and her lipsticks, and the velvety feel and look on the reds is so pretty thankfully! 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

As always Great info and great review @meganlisa 

I just knew you would be on this thread 😉

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