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VIB Rouge FAQs



1.) What is VIB Rouge?

VIB Rouge is our newest and most premium membership tier. When you spend $1,000 on merchandise purchases (excluding gift cards, egift certificates, taxes & shipping) on, in U.S. and Canadian Sephora stores and/or in Sephora inside jcpenney locations within one calendar year (January-December), you qualify for VIB Rouge status. VIB Rouge is good for the calendar year in which you qualify and the following calendar year. Annual re-qualification is required.


2.) When did VIB Rouge begin?

VIB Rouge launched on July 23, 2013. If you spent $1,000 in 2013 by July 23, 2013, you qualified for VIB Rouge status.


3.) What qualifies as spend towards VIB Rouge?

All merchandise purchases (excluding gift cards, egift certificates, taxes & shipping) on, in U.S. and Canadian Sephora stores and/or in Sephora inside jcpenney locations during one calendar year (January-December) count towards the $1,000 spend requirement. VIB Rouge is good for the calendar year in which you qualify and the following calendar year. Annual requalification is required.


4.) Do merchandise purchases made a Sephora inside jcpenney locations count towards the VIB Rouge spend requirement?

Yes. All merchandise purchases (excluding gift cards, egift certificates, taxes & shipping) count towards the $1,000 spend requirement.


5.) Is VIB Rouge available in Canada?

Yes. VIB Rouge is available in Canada.


6.) When does my VIB Rouge status expire?

VIB Rouge status is good for the calendar year in which the BI member qualifies and the following calendar year. Annual requalification is required.


7.) What benefits do I get as a VIB Rouge client?

As a VIB Rouge client, you receive the following benefits:

β€’ All the great benefits BI & VIB clients receive

β€’ Free Shipping on all orders

β€’ Unlimited access to the Beauty Studio

β€’ Exclusive invitations to Rouge-Only Events

β€’ Special seasonal surprise gifts

β€’ Access to a Rouge Concierge

β€’ And much, much more… Learn more at


8.) If I am VIB Rouge, do I still qualify for regular BI and VIB benefits? Yes. In addition to all the additional benefits you receive as a VIB Rouge member, you still receive all the benefits Beauty Insiders and VIBs receive.


9.) I have 1000 points, why don’t I qualify for VIB Rouge?

If you have accumulated points over the years and have 1,000 points in your Beauty Bank, you must still spend $1,000 on merchandise at, in a Sephora retail store or in a Sephora inside jcpenney store within a calendar year (January-December) to qualify for VIB Rouge. VIB Rouge is good for the calendar year in which you qualify and the following calendar year. Annual requalification is required.


10.) I haven’t received my VIB Rouge Welcome Kit.

Where can I get one? When making a purchase online at you will be prompted to add a VIB Rouge Welcome Kit to your basket during the checkout process if you qualify for Rouge status. When making a purchase at a Sephora retail store or Sephora inside jcpenney store, your cashier will give you your VIB Rouge Welcome Kit if you qualify for Rouge status.


11.) Will I receive the same VIB Rouge Welcome Kit online as I would in store?

Because you do not need a Beauty Insider membership card to shop online at, the VIB Rouge Welcome Kit you receive online will not include a membership card, but it will include everything else the kit includes. The VIB Rouge Welcome Kit you receive in store will include a membership card.


12.) Will returning merchandise affect my VIB Rouge Status? If you have qualified for VIB Rouge, returning merchandise will NOT affect your current year’s VIB Rouge status. However, annual requalification is required.


13.) I have already signed up for 2-day Flash shipping, but as a VIB Rouge client I receive Free Standard Shipping. Will I be reimbursed?

As a VIB Rouge member, if you would like to be reimbursed for Flash shipping please call Customer Service at 855-RougeVIB.


14.) Are the β€œSpecial Surprise Gifts” VIB Rouge clients will receive going to be the same samples we receive today as VIB members?

The same great offers will be offered to our VIB members throughout the year; however, additional offers will be available to VIB Rouge members only.

15.) I see a "VIB Rouge" board in BeautyTalk, but I receive an error message when I try to access it. Why is that?

The VIB Rouge board is exclusively available for VIB Rouge members. When you reach the Rouge level you will be granted access to the board.

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I think people are taking the whole ' ROUGE ' title a bit too far. It's simply a tier that was created for people to spend $ 1000 in order to qualify. It's not like it's the end of the world if someone is or isn't a ' ROUGE '. I say just spend what you need to spend and forget about about trying to qualify for a specific status. Just saying my peace.



Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I think you are very much correct. I more saw it as an after the fact reward created for those who already spend that much, not something to try to 'attain'. Like courtesy shipping and gift wrapping with the special paper used to be for good customers, maybe? πŸ˜‰

I actually hope it or even VIB doesn't become the kind of thing that people use as a goal or judge people by. 

At most, if Sephora obtained a Chanel BeautΓ© contract (which is doubtful, them being LVMH but I can dream...) or bring Guerlain back into my local store I might adjust my spending choices to buy more of what I already buy at Sephora or concentrate fragrance purchases here if the Rouge rewards ever do warrant it. But I have complimentary shipping with Chanel, online or from any Dillard's Chanel counter if I need it and my makeover needs are well-covered, so the current Rouge rewards just don't fit my buying patterns. 

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Sure people should "spend what they need to spend" but the whole point of the Rouge tier was to entice shoppers to spend more to get to that level. People trying to attain that level (rather than just spending what they need and that's it) are doing it for the perks that Sephora claims that Rouge members will receive. 

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

But unless the perks are worth the extra people are spending, that's kind of backwards and not even very beneficial. I still wouldn't spend more than I budget for my beauty and cosmetics to get to be Rouge unless there was some pretty powerful incentive to up the spending or concentrate it @Sephora. I'm sure it's a boon to people who live far from a walk in shop or place many online orders or whose spending is in the thousands, enough to make the 5k and 10k perks but I'm really not seeing it as something to 'shoot for' if I didn't already attain it through my normal spending. Others likely see it differently Though, I'm sure.

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Absolutely. I agree with you and many others that it shouldn't be something to strive for if you don't normally spend X amount of dollars. I was just trying to say that there IS, and probably will always be, people trying to attain that level just for the perks they think they are going to get. I don't think it's that uncommon, even if it may be "backwards" or "not very beneficial". 




Anyway, totally off-topic but I was wondering how you put a picture in your avatar. I'd like to have one as well lol

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I fear you are right, I was just thinking that that might be the cause of some of the disappointment that has occurred when people spent extra to attain Rouge then were disappointed the perks weren't more so far. I think those who would or have have spent 1k/year or more anyway just take it more in stride πŸ˜„

For avatars:  go to your BT page, then click  About me>edit>avatars>upload avatar. I'm not sure if it works on phones but it  does on my desktop or iPad.

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I agree. I see a lot of people (not just on here but on blogs, forums, etc) with different feelings towards the Rouge program. Some people are laid back, don't care about the "perks" they think they should receive, etc. Then you've got people on the other end of the spectrum like, "OMG WHERE ARE MY PERKS- YOU A-HOLES!". Of course, there are people in the middle but the majority of things I've read are from people on either end of the spectrum.


I think you're right that the majority of the people (not all- but probably most) who just spent what they already planned on spending are the laid back ones lol.


I can definitely see why members could be upset about it though. When you're told you're going to receive perks, you expect perks, know what I mean?

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

never mind! Figured it out lol

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I've kinda given up on Rouge! After the VIB sale it said I needed $40 more to qualify for Rouge, but I emailed Sephora to ask them to adjust my beauty bank numbers (I'm from Canada and online orders give you points according to the $USD equivalent and need to be manually adjusted) and now it says I'm $304 away... Even though I qualified for VIB way back in like March, and spent $600 last month at sale.

I wish things were made more clear for Canadians. WAY too much room for errors.

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Sephora  definitely caters more to their American customers. (I'm in Canada too). You mention that you call them to adjust the points you receive? Do they actually do that?

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I think Sephora needs to start thinking about their Canadian customers just a bite more lol. I'm from Canada too. 

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

To qualify for VIB it used to say a minimum of $350 Canadian on the Canadian site and US on the US site.  For Rouge is it $1000 US only?  Not Canadian?  Just trying to figure out what I need to spend.  



Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Yes it needs to be US dollars for Rouge. I'm in Canada too and was annoyed by this because we pay more money for the items compared the the US prices but yet those extra bucks don't count.

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I agree it's not fair. 

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Yesterday I spend over $1000 and it says I'm only a vib..aren't I supposed to be a vib rouge? :s

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

What does unlimited access to beauty studio mean once your part of VIB Rouge? Does that mean if I wanted to come in to get a full face makeup done, it will be free?

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

@Samntita22 Yes!  You may want to make an appointment so you are assured someone will be free πŸ™‚

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I read Ina blog that if you have 5,000 points get great perks like hair cut with the founder of living proof or Marc Jacobs bag with $500 worth of products,etc. 

is this true and also if it is should I not redeem my point and leave it in the bank? or does that not matter. 


Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

They had a promo during the summer for 5,000 & 10,000 point perks, but it's now over. 

Some of us have heard rumors of a 1,000 point perk. May be similar to last year's promo in some areas: redeem 1,000 points for a 20% off coupon. Most of us don't think it's worth it. 

If you see a perk you really like, then go for it. There times I have close to 5,000 points, and other times I have just over 500. 

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

This seems like a repetitive question but I can't find the answer for myself. I just recently purchased some stuff online and instore. Since our points will not be updated after a recent purchase for a few days, what is the quickest way to see how many more dollars are needed to reach Rogue? If I need to buy more, I'd rather buy during theVIB sale 😁. I've tried just adding items in the cart to see but it still says that I need $400, which was the same amount needed before I made my purchases. Also, if I don't reach Rogue by this December, will it mean I'll have to start over in January? πŸ˜“

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