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Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

So, I've been challenging myself to do a full-ish face in about six minutes.  Have not succeeded yet ‌😭‌‌😅‌, so I'm looking to BIC for some tips to get past the finish line.


I want to know six products, any category, you use to get that quick glam.  Bonus if it includes skincare.  Double bonus if you've timed yourself and it's less than 7 minutes (if you include skincare, 10-15 min).


****WEEK OF MARCH 24-30TH***

Collab'ing with Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge & Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022/2023


Cross post across 1-3 threads all your fast fierceness!



  (I really don't, though Don) 


Today I had-   


GXVE BY GWEN STEFANI Hella On Point Clean Ultra-Fine Brow Pencil 

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight Captivate, Lancôme SKIN FEELS GOOD Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 23 in Radiant Tan, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Caffeine Caffeine , PAT McGRATH LABS PERMA PRECISION Liquid Eyeliner Xtreme Black , Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer Hot Chocolit .

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

This was an impromptu Sephora Six: Fast & Furious makeup look from last night. I went to "rest my eyes" when I got home from work, thinking I could squeeze in a 20-minute power nap before getting ready for dinner that evening. Well, that didn't quite go as I had planned. 🙄 I ended up sleeping for about an hour 😣, waking up to a text message that said my ride was on their way and would be at my place in about 20 minutes - that was 10 minutes before I saw the text. Ruh-roh. 
19 - AAPI.jpg
So, I quickly changed, put my hair up in a clip, brushed my teeth, did a quick wash of my face, and then "go time" with my mug. I had taken a photo of this group of Tower 28 makeup items the other day for next week's makeup capsule in honor of AAPI month, and they were still out on the table, so decision made! Didn't remember to time it, but it was probably between 5-6 minutes? The hardest part was the blush - sheering it out when I'm not rushed is already time consuming, trying to do so when I'm trying to get out the door? Stressful. But it got done, though I forgot to top off my lips (used the blush as a lippie as well) with the lip gloss. D'oh!! 
Tower 28 Beauty x Kung Fu Panda 4 Lip + Cheek Set (Limited Edition) - BeachPleaes Cream Blush (Dumpling Hour) and Lip Jelly Gloss (Magic)
Tower 28 Beauty Eye Lash Curler (available direct from brand only)

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

17 - Green - Day 1.jpg

Technically there's 7 products here @danielledanielle, so this is more of a Sephora Six (plus 1) - Fast & Furious Edition, from a "green" makeup capsule earlier this week. 


😎  Primer - Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Mineral SPF 30 Refillable Moisturizer which was part of this year's Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit - the soft, peach tint to this SPF moisturizer adds a nice brightness to my skin


💐  Base - A layer of the Sweed Glass Skin Foundation, followed by a layer of the Sweed mixed with the Isle of Paradise Sunny Serum Instant Face Bronzer 1.01 oz / 30 mL for warmth and extra radiance


🌴  Concealer - HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating + De-puffing Concealer with Fermented Arnica 11 ... has been wonderful for helping to reduce the appearance of some PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) dark spots


👁 Eyes - I've repurposed the MERIT Bronze Balm Sheer Sculpting Bronzer Clay as an eyeshadow. This day I wore it as an all over shadow with the darker shade from the Victoria Beckham Beauty Bronzing Brick (No. 2) in the crease and the lighter shade from the duo to set my eyeshadow and entire face.


💋 Lips - MERIT Shade Slick Gelée Sheer Tinted Lip Oil Mapleton adds just the slightest red-brown tint with a sheen to my lips.


🏵 Setting Powder - lighter shade from the Victoria Beckham Beauty Bronzing Brick (No. 2)


I forgot to time how long this took and I'd guess it was a smidge longer than 5 minutes - it took some time to conceal the pesky dark spots. The Sweed foundation did a good job, but there was still some time spent with the Haus concealer going over those spots. 

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

@itsfi 6 and 7 both round the same, so I call it a win! 

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

@JoSometimes, ha! I like that! 😀 I'll take the win, lol! Thank you.

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

@itsfi Girl math for the win! 🤪

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

Hey, I'd give you thumbs up on this @itsfi .  IMO Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Mineral SPF 30 Refillable Moisturizer 1.7 oz / 50 mL is a part of your skincare routine, so I don't look at it as part of the six, since spf & moisture are necessary, and I'm also psyched to see you incorporate it.


I am also in love with the packaging of Isle of Paradise Sunny Serum Instant Face Bronzer 1.01 oz / 30 mL , this pic is perfect, ad-perfect!

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

Thank you @danielledanielle. That is a higher compliment than I or that photo deserve, but I am extremely flattered (and my ego is sufficiently stroked but I won't let it get to my head, promise 😂)


I'm glad I asked you about the Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Mineral SPF 30 Refillable Moisturizer - of course, I like the physical sunscreen filter. I also like the peach hue - it gives my face some overall brightness, which works beautifully for makeup prep. I prefer to have a separate SPF, but I llove having a moisturizer + SPF in one for those days when doubling up on a step is really helpful or needed. I want to test this out a little more on the weekends when I'm out and about but I have a feeling this will replace my current moisturizer + SPF in one product. 


The packaging on this Isle of Paradise Sunny Serum Instant Face Bronzer 1.01 oz / 30 mL has its pros and cons, most pros. The one con is that it is a little bulky so it may not be the most travel friendly item. That being said, I'd just decant some of it into a small jar


I've only mixed this with other products, like moisturizer, sunblock, face oil, etc. and I want to see how it wears on its own. With the latter, especially when I mix in a small pump into my foundation, it has a grey cast to it, which makes me pause when I see it blended out on my hand but when I apply it onto my skin, the grey-ness is less off-putting and can be easily adressed with powder and other products. There doesn't seem to be any grey tones to it when it's blended out here though. 🤔 Testing continues...


Isle of Paradise A.jpg

Isle of Paradise B.jpg

Isle of Paradise 1.jpg

Isle of Paradise 2.jpg


Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

Ah, thanks for the full deets on Isle of Paradise Sunny Serum Instant Face Bronzer 1.01 oz / 30 mL , I can say I'll live vicariously through you at this point... Always so thorough @itsfi 

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

7 is practically 6. @itsfi 😉 

It's not easy to use to less products, I think you did great! 

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

lol, @CynthieLu, thank you! I don't typically use that many products, even during the workweek - at my most minimal, it'll be 3 - 5 products, and at most... mostest? 🤣, or at my most maximalist, 12-15. As I'm going through my stash though with the Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge, I'm using more products more often and while it's shining a bright light on how much products I actually have in my stash, it's also really making clear (though sometimes it takes awhile for that clarity to come through) what are the workhorses in my stash. 

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition


A look using my usual kit and it took me 10 minutes. Now that I have a baseline, I’m gonna try to streamline it and see what I can do with just 6. 

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

@CynthieLu @danielledanielle @peculiarzmakeup Thank you all! I can’t believe I didn’t respond all those weeks ago! Must have been during the infamous login issues. So sorry! 😢 

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

Wow, that's so speedy! @JoSometimes  And it turned out amazing!

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

Stunning look! Can’t wait to see what you do in 6! 10 minutes is a very solid time! @JoSometimes 🫶

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

@JoSometimes, 👍🏽


Makes sense.  Gotta know your actual lap time before trying to race it.

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

RECAP - Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition 

Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Recap.jpg


So, I was thinking about tips and trips for a fast full face of makeup. Here's what worked for me for this week's Sephora Six: Fast & Furious Full Face - 
1.  PREP - Set quick & easy makeup products (and tools) within easy reach and sight. The makeup capsule challenge has been eye opening in many regards, including how efficient and effective it makes getting ready in the morning if I have my makeup all put together ready to use.

2.  PRACTICE - Do a trial run beforehand. Most of the time a fast face happens because it has to happen. But, sometimes, it happens because it needs to happen. The former presents a challenge when it comes to preparing for it. The latter, on the other hand, can definitely benefit from some prep work.

3.  PRODUCT SELECTION - Multi-taskers, whether in the form of a product that can serve more than one function (e.g., SPF for sun protection and as primer; 
concealer doubling as foundation; blush-and-lip product; bronzer as bronzer and eyeshadow); or a beauty product that contains multiple items in it - palette, set or pen with multiple products

4.  PLAY FAVORITES - Pick product(s) that you have some familiarity with, or have had time to practice with (see #2 above). I was pretty familiar with the majority of these products - Tower 28 Sunny Days is GOAT product; this is my 2nd or 3rd tube; same with Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi, and I'd been using the YSL mascara and Soleil Toujours SPF mist for months now. 

5.  POSITIONING - The alleyoop Pen Pal 4-in-1 Stick as the new-to-me product. I'd used it a couple of times, and that was during a practice run with my 6 products. Eek. I knew the most challenging steps in my routine would be (1) using the eye products (brow and using the brow & eyeliner for eyeshadow) from the alleyoop pen and (2) making sure I didn't pick up too much of the Tower 28 BeachPlease Dumpling Hour - I knew I could sheer it out but I also knew this BeachPlease product packs a punch with how pigmented the color is.
  • I usually just do a wash of color and mascara, and a brow gel/pomade for my eye look. Super easy, peasy. The alleyoop pen added some convenience and multitasking properties but it also meant adding things to my usual makeup routine. To try to keep myself from getting flustered if I got nervous over the time, made a mistake or a combo of both, I sandwiched the eye steps between two steps that would be easier for me. With the idea that if I did get flustered, I'd just move to the next step, get that done and in the process, hopefully reset so I wasn't flustered or frazzled - sorta tricking my brain and not letting myself get distracted on the mistake. So, lips and cheeks would be fine (once I figured out a plan to make sure I didn't pick up too much of the Tower 28 blush) and then I'd do the eyes, or if I messed it up (which I did a couple of days last week) then I just moved on to the highlighter and then back to the eyes. Sorta setting myself on a cadence where I felt I was in control whether than slipping into a mindset of "uh oh, I just messed it up and I only have X minute left." It worked. There was one day where I redid the eye look and still came in, but juuuuust barely, under 5 minutes. 4:59:41


  • With BeachPlease Dumpling Hour, after the trial run, I realized that it would work out really well for me to pick up product and place it first on my lips - upper or lower, then using whatever remained on the pads of my fingertips on the cheek. Repeat for the other cheek, with Dumpling Hour going on first to my lower or upper lip (whichever I didn't apply to the first time) and then to my other cheek. My lips have some pigment to them so the pigment from Dumpling Hour wasn't as pigmented as it appears when on my cheeks. 
This was a fun one @danielledanielle! Thank you!

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

Amazing @itsfi ! Wonderful tips! I totally agree with all of them but especially Play Favorites because you never know with new products and I’ve definitely had issues with foundation/primers/spf pilling or blush going on too pigmented, and those corrections take time and add frustration! Thanks for the detailed recommendations! 

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

Mmmhmm @sister13 and @itsfi , there's a whole benefit to just "playing"with your makeup sometimes.  You get to learn those tricky items instead of learning about them when you have to be somewhere in 5.

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

Haha that's exactly what I say to my husband - "I'm going upstairs to play with my makeup!" @danielledanielle 

Re: Sephora Six - Fast & Furious Edition

Tips AND alliteration 🤌🏽🤌🏽🫶🏽 @itsfi 

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