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Active Canadian Promo Codes #3



The codes below are pulled from a few different sources: emails sent out by Sephora, new ones posted in the US promo code thread (linked below), and the Beauty Deals page on the Sephora site.


How you can contribute & make this list better:

- Post pictures of email perks, images of online promo perks, etc

- Comment w/suggestions of how to make this list more helpful or convenient

- Post additional info for promo items: sizes, expiration dates, minimums, etc

*Please read the codes list & comments to prevent duplicate posts about promos


List of active US promo codes:


Note: Use the codes at your own risk (in case the size or colour may be advertised incorrectly, or if a code has not officially gone live yet, or if an item does not arrive)


Active (as of 02/14/2018):




promo lucky.JPGpromo milky.JPGpromo powerpack.JPG

promo quench.JPG


Lip Products


promo paypal.JPG

Eye Products 

promo badgal.JPGpromo lucky.JPGpromo kittenme.JPG

promo lashcraft.JPG


Face Products



promo sparkleon.JPG

promo forever.JPG




 promo smoothhair.JPGpromo silken.JPG









promo vibordeaux.JPG

promo nofomo.JPG

promo vibbite.JPG

****VIBHOOLA - $50 buy in, same as VIBBRONZEME

Other codes


V436CB-(VIB)10% off order, can only be used once/yr (only can be used once you reach VIB status for that year)
MYGIFT - various options available (old codes are moved here)
promo mobile.JPG




promo metime.JPG

promo vibmud.JPGpromo waterworks.JPGpromo squalane.JPG

promo dazzle.JPG

promo 25delights.JPG

promo equalizer.JPG

promo roselip.JPG

promo lipcrush.JPG

promo deepclean.JPG

promo extract.JPG

promo refiner.JPG

promo pepstart.JPG

promo bagofcheer.JPG
promo pear.jpg

promo aboutprime.JPG

promo itshere.JPG

promo eyelock.JPG

promo livegrande.JPG

promo richlip.JPG

promo vintage.JPG

promo darphin.JPG

promo marula oil.JPG

promo elasticity.JPG

promo dailyglow.JPG

promo vitalsurge.JPG

promo cyber.JPG

promo dayornight.JPG

promo uhd4you.JPG

promo berrychic.JPG

promo vibpamper.JPGpromo alien.JPGpromo amika.JPGvibestee.JPG

promo edgylash.JPG

promo boldlash 2.JPG

promo skinhealth.JPG

promo softskin.JPG

promo 10years.JPG

promo vibgems.JPG

promo elegant.JPG

promo mauvelous.JPG

promo superfood.JPG

promo fluid.JPG

promo glowup.JPG

promo skinfab.JPG

promo essence.JPG

promo mushroom.JPG

promo glossup.JPG

promo coveted.JPG

promo fentyface.JPG

promo versatile.JPG

promo lowkey.JPG

promo nirvana.JPG

promo jmlondon.JPG

promo greatskin.JPG

promo idoleyes.JPG

promo greatskin.JPG

promo orange.JPG

promo doneup.JPG

promo smellme.JPG

promo peachy.JPG

promo matte4you.JPG 

promo allset.JPG

promo beyondperf.JPG

CLASSICRED - Smashbox 

promo vinoperf.JPG

promo caramel.JPG

promo moistlocok.JPG

promo vitalskin.JPG

promo vitaminc.JPG

promo fabrepair.JPG

promo supple.JPG

promo volcanic.JPG

promo colorsquad.JPG
promo thirst.JPG
VIB/Rouge onlyVIB/Rouge only
promo superbag.JPG
promo luxe4you.JPG
promo twosides.JPG
promo airdry.JPG
promo bornfab.JPG
promo fusion.JPG
promo eyelight.JPG
promo udlips.JPG
promo oilbye.JPG
promo brightenup.JPG
promo vibwish.JPG


Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3



Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

I was not expecting Lunar to be out of stock so soon!

RE: Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

I know I wanted to buy something last night and the promo was already out of stock. So I’m waiting to see if another good one will come...

RE: Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

I know, especially with that $80 buy in! What the heck?!

Re: RE: Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

I am betting they didn't have many and they were more testing the waters to see if people would pay that much. I passed.

RE: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

Picked the lunar box up in store today! Here are some pics Farmacy cleansing balm-0.4oz Kate Somerville wrinkle warrior-0.25oz KVD tattoo liner-0.007oz Dr.jart tiger grass cream-0.17oz Sunday Riley tidal cream-0.03oz Moroccan oil treatment-0.34oz Verb volume and conditioner-0.65oz Caudalie vinoperfect-0.33oz Estée Lauder advanced night repair-0.24oz Ouai rose oil-0.28oz Sk-ii treatment essence-0.3oz Ysl the shock mascara-0.06oz

Re: RE: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

Thanks for the photo with sizes!! The box isn't just a cheap cardboard box?? @sayarida

Re: RE: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

@k617 I believe the email said it was a satin covered box

Re: RE: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

Ah thanks @Mochapj! I went straight to the photo 😂 


excellent, another box for storing lipsticks!

Re: RE: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

Is the SKII the same size as the 100 point perk was?

Re: RE: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

Thanks for listing sizes!

Nice, enjoy! I am jealous this is a really nice GWP.

Nice, enjoy! I am jealous this is a really nice GWP.

Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

FYI I've been able to use code BADGAL on 3 seperate orders now.

Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3


Details -


$80 spend is high though, and a lot of the samples are repeats. I am interested in the YSL mascara and that's about it. I'll wait until the morning to see if VIB's get a better deal or variation, I've been tricked before ordering right away.

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Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

There wasn't much I would use, so I didn't intend to redeem it, but boy, that's a nice promo if someone uses the things in there.

Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

I woke up today after an all-night gig, just after this promo went live. Saw the number of samples and got excited for a hot minute until I saw the buy-in. $80? LOL, no. If every single item in the box was interesting (or even more than maybe 3), then maaaaybe, but out of principle I still would have turned it down. The more we fall for this sort of thing, the more likely they are to play shenanigans with the buy-in amounts.

Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

If there weren't so many repeats I would of gone for it, but as someone who orders a lot, I recognize so many of them. It's like they just dumped so many in there and added a few okay ones. 

Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

@dyslexia I am leaning towards agreeing with you, especially on the last bit.

Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

Just an FYI, these are available in store too. I saw them at the mall today with the same $80 buy-in.

Re: Active Canadian Promo Codes #3

I saw on the email with the promo that it said it’s available in store in Ontario - not sure why it wouldn’t be available elsewhere:7EF627C8-26FC-43E6-B515-58A26FB2D531.jpeg




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