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Marvelous March Hauls!

Spring is in the air here in Ohio! I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready for the sunshine and bright colors!! Between 

work and school I haven’t been shopping much, but I know I’ll grab some goodies during the spring sale. There are so many things on my loves list!! Happy birthday to all my March babies too! 












RE: Re: RE: Marvelous March Hauls!


Re: RE: Marvelous March Hauls!

Very nice haul @SAlyFitz. I've been wanting to try the Shape Tape but need to be lower on foundation before I can. Have you used it before?  I should just buy due to break on concealer but idk. Great job on the $6 balance. 🤑

And you snuck that soft Glam palette in there. I'm jealous. 

RE: Re: RE: Marvelous March Hauls!

Thanks! I haven’t I went for it bc of the promo and my love for matte lol! Yesss so excited to use soft glam I got a makeover using the palette a few weeks ago but knew ulta would allow me to not pay for it 😅

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

IMG_7029.JPGOk so I went for a makeover today and got just a couple more items to wrap up March.  IGK Beach Club volume/texture spray and GWP Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil/Cooling Water from Sephora. From Ulta a 2 sided hand mirror, a cheap lash set for practice, and bday gift NARS blush in Orgasm. Also a soft light for the vanity.

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Nice choices, @DeeMarie80!   NARS Orgasm is a classic! 

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Great haul!! @DeeMarie80

The orgasm blush is one of my most favorites! So pretty! 🤗😍

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

@DeeMarie80 Nice idea to get inexpensive lashes for practice! And the orgasm blush... 😍 smart woman !

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Nice haul, @DeeMarie80! Enjoy!

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Great haul!! I love that NARS blush!! @DeeMarie80 😍

RE: Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Nice haul!! How did you get the gwp? Love a good gwp haha!

Re: RE: Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Trying almost all new products in my makeover and purchasing IGK (new brand). They only had 2 of those GWP and they actually had a dollar value of $24 when the new associate rang up my purchase. Still a GWP though per my fave ladies. 

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Great choices, @DeeMarie80!

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Last haul for March! First, OhLolly 😍😍😍. I literally ordered everything yesterday around 1pm and it’s already here!!!! Apparently, we’re neighbors. Lol. Picked up two Hemish Refresh Water. It’s going to be my 3rd step in cleansing. It’s a simple, beautiful toner that will take off any excess makeup. I also picked up the Pyungkang Yul cotton squares. $4.50 for a box of 160. These are perfection. They’re very thin and will not soak up product. I honestly think these beat out Shiseido! Grabbed the SRB Enzyme Powder wash. A lovely dupe for Amore Pacific and Tatcha. The ingredient list is 95% spot on at a fraction of the cost! And for my hubby...the CosRX Blackhead Silk Finger Balls. These just look like fun. You wet them and it’s supposed to gently remove blackheads. 


Sephora! My Sephora now has a Natasha Denona display!!! I was lucky enough to meet one of her pro artists. She knew exactly what I was wearing that day! I grabbed the Sculpt&Glow in light/medium and the Glow Powder in medium as well. The Glow Powder is so unique and hard to explain. It’s not in-your-face, but blinding in a natural way. All I know is that I’m obsessed. It’s unlike any highlighter I own!


Lastly, Wet N Wild Loose highlighter and a Jeffree Star highlighter in Peach Goddess. It’s the only JS product I own. I’ve never been interested but this shade is beautiful! I’m in love with my Hello Kitty mirror. It’s for fun and to let me get close up with eyeshadow application.














Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Such great stuff! Enjoy! @darlyndar

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

@darlyndar Thanks for sharing! I’m excited to try an affordable replacement for Shiseido’s cotton squares! And I NEED to know what hubby thinks of the finger balls.... 

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Such wonderful hauls, @darlyndar!
I absolutely love that mirror! So so cute ❤️

I haven't tried the Refresh Water but I enjoy Heimish! Good brand. 
Enjoy all your goodies!

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Awesome haul! @darlyndar

The Hello Kitty mirror is super cute! 

The shade of JS the highlighter really looks gorgeous!! 🤗😍🙌

RE: Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Awww! That Hello Kitty mirror is so cute!

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Great haul @darlyndar! I'm super intrigued buy these finger blackhead removers you got for your hubs...

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

I'm a highlighter junkie @darlyndar and soooo envy the Glow Powder you have. You have a sweet haul. Keep shining and have fun!

Re: Marvelous March Hauls!

Enjoy your fantastic new products, @darlyndar!  I love the ND sculpt and glow!

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