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March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Time to share your March hauls for this month. I can’t wait to see what everyone gets. 








Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

I stopped by a Sephora today.  Here's what I picked up.  The Moroccanoil Volumizing Mist 5.4 oz/ 160 mL is for my mom.



Here's my swatch of the Fashion Fair Iconic Lipstick Rose Wine .


Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@Titian06 Ooh that is really pretty!

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Thanks, @Samtian !  💋💄

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Ooh pretty lipstick @Titian06 🥰

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Thanks, @blackkitty2014 ! 💖💖💖  I may have to go somewhere tomorrow just so I can try it! 😄

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@Titian06 great haul

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Thanks, @CorgiMommy ! 💖💖💖

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

The last of my March hauls; well, that have arrived and been unpacked. 😅

3.20.2024 Hauls - Sephora.jpg

Sephora in-store and online - Makes me sad to think these Sephora Collection Caffeine eye masks are likely being discontinued (I cannot even tag it anymore 😞) so I've been picking up whatever I find in store. Had to replenish my supply of Touchland hand sanitizers and opted for the two new scents - Touchland Gentle Mist Ultra-Soothing Hand Sanitizer Lily of the Valley, which as you may guess, has a floral scent; and Touchland Power Mist Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Mango Passion - mmmm, tropical, fruity, mango yumminess! (Yes, @missjeanie, you will want this one). One thing to note is that I did pick up a (quickly dissipating) alcohol scent that I've not noticed in my other hand sanitizers from the brand. It doesn't last long, thankfully, but it is there.


3.31.2024 Haul - Hanni.jpg

Hanni direct - I'm about 2/3 of the way through with the Hanni Water Balm Custom Hydration Body Moisturizer Mist 6.76 oz / 200 mL - I love how it quickly and easily hydrates my skin, without any tack or stickiness. Has a light scent that is pleasant and will not interfere with any fragrance I might use. The kit was less than the full price of the mist and included the clip. The cap was an extra I added to the cart. 😉


3.31.2024 Hauls - Amazon + Sephora.jpg

Amazon & Sephora - I'm going to try my hand (again) at nail art stamping and after some feedback from the mani mavens at Show Me Your Nails 2.0, picked up a stamper from Maniology (thank you @Saradestin @Titian06!) and decided to restock microfiber face towels and exfoliating washcloths, two must haves for my skincare and body care routines. Also picked up the Clarins Lip Comfort Hydrating Oil Trio Set - I like the Clarins lip oils and had my eye on this set after seeing @Mellmars1185's hauls and makeup looks.  


I think I should be able to hold out until the sale. 🤣 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@itsfi I wondered if you had picked those Touchland scents up! I NEED to know your thoughts on the Lily of the Valley one. Sorry about the masks 😞

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@Samtian, would you believe I actually waited to pick these up? Didn’t grab ‘em when they first released, but I wanted to 😆. I gave myself a pat on the back for waiting until I finished another bottle of the sanitizer. Yep! Granted I did pick up 2, to replace the one, but I categorized that as strategic planning. Hahahaha! 

Touchland Gentle Mist Ultra-Soothing Hand Sanitizer Lily of the Valley is really nice. It is definitely a floral scent, but I’d say it’s a fresh, floral. Soft, spring like. To me, it has a mix of maybe jasmine, floral bouquet and there’s a greenness to it. 

Looked up some of notes and I see madecassoside and centella asiatica which I’m familiar with from sheet masking - here those notes seem to give the scent the green, fresh scent, not herbaceous. There’s also “water cucumber” in this one. It’s not the cucumber scent you’d think of when you think products from the Fresh brand; but when I read it was in this, I thought “oh, I see water cucumber” - it’s more light, watery without feeling aquatic like the sea or ocean). There is the slightest alcohol smell but that dissipates really fast and the scent on this one lingers - it feels the most fragrance-like of all the varietals of hand sanitizers. I wouldn’t mind this one as a stand-alone perfume. 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@itsfi Oooh this sounds divine, thank you! Lol and yes I am surprised you didn't get them at first launch. 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

I love seeing your beautiful hauls!! @itsfi 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@lmaster, thank you. That’s nice of you to say. A mix of restocks and a couple of new things before the sale. 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Everything sounds interesting, @itsfi!

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@curlychiquita, thank you. Pretty much everything in this bunch is replenishing a staple or what has become a staple products for me. We’ll see how I get on with the stamping tool - now that should be interesting! 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@itsfi I love the touchland sanitizer. I didn't realize they had come out with new scents.


I'm interested in the microfiber facecloths. I can't tell from the photo, but is a certain color meant to be used on the face? I've ordered some from amazon before (not this brand), but they were a bit too abrasive.

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@PrettyPaint, I don't think there's a specific color for the face. I tend to buy white washcloths for my face; the idea being that I can see if I've removed everything. I hear ya - I've used some pretty rough towels and my face was not happy! These are one of the softest towels I've used. One side has a very soft feel; the other is also soft, not as soft as the one side. Here are pics:

This is the softer sideThis is the softer side

The "less soft" sideThe "less soft" side


Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@itsfi Those looks really soft. Thanks for taking the photos. Are the white ones the same brand as the others (like the Salux brand?). 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Oh shoot, I forgot to include the product name in my last post; sorry about that @PrettyPaint

  • The microfiber facial towels are from Sinland - they come in a pack of 6. Size is 12 x 12
  • The Salux are exfoliating towels (or I think they are sometimes called shower scarfs?) for use on the body, not the face. I like that they are stretchy - I’m so much less flexible than before so these have come in handy for reaching parts of my upper back. 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@itsfi Thank you, thank you! I'm going to copy you and order both, if that's okay! 🙂  I'm glad I didn't attempt to use the Salux on my face. 

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