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🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

I just received the most wonderful Holiday SURPRISE!

Thank you soooo much Sephora, The BIC Team and @KatieBT, First aid Beauty Herbivore, Kate Somerville, NARS and from the bottom of my heart to my dear friend @tsavorite for nominating me❣️❣️❣️That was so nice of you to think of me <3

I’m in love with all these new launches of skincare and makeup that I received as gifts!  I can’t wait to try them all out and report back on how wonderful they are.F472985E-EFAC-45F4-AE3C-0037F70CB6F4.jpegSephora Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis box



41D19363-3276-4B15-8634-A3A99DFBDDC6.jpegAn amazing collection of new launches to try


B61C990F-FB48-46BC-B6C9-826ECE852A1E.jpegIt’s all so BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank You!!!

 First Aid Beauty berriAir Cream: A light moisturizer that provides adaptable hydration to normal, combination and dry skin


Herbivore Emerald Oil: This is a glow inducing blend of cannabis sativa hemp seed oil, squalane and adaptogens to calm and nourish the skin.


 Kate Somerville Liquid ExfoliKate: This nightly leave on peel resurfaces and renews while you sleep to reveal smoother and more radiant skin 


NARS Ignited Pallet: This is a limited edition Sephora exclusive eyeshadow palette featuring a lineup of 12 blazing eyeshadows in a versatile range of Matte, Shimmer and Glitter finishes 


Such an Amazing lineup of high quality products!!!

I’m so very grateful 💝 Many many Thanks❣️

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

I've been using these products for a week now and I love every single one of them!


I already shared my thoughts on the first time I wore the shadows (some glitter fall out, but still happy overall), and my experience has been similar, with slightly less fall out, when I used my setting spray.


Here are my thoughts on the skincare:


1. Kate Somerville Liquid ExfoliKate



I was a little nervous about this because regular Exfolikate tends to irritate my skin a little, but I have used this every other night with zero irritation. I haven't noticed a super dramatic difference in my skin, but it definitely leaves it smooth and soft.


2. Herbivore Emerald:


OMG this stuff is amazing!  It made such a huge difference on any little dry or red patches on my skin!  I love, love, love it and will probably purchase when it runs out!


3. First Aid Beauty Ultra BarriAIR Cream:


If I had to describe this moisturizer in one word, it would be delightful! The texture of this cream is super fun because it feels really spongy, like mousse, but then when you rub it into your skin, it is actually quite rich and luxurious.  It leaves my skin feeling sooooo soft and moisturized - It is amazing!!!!


Overall, I really love all four of these products!  Thank you again to Sephora, @KatieBT , @TeamBIC and the brands!!!!!


Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊


Thank you for your photos and thoughts on these products!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

WOW! Great pics T!!! Thanks for your thoughts!  Just started to use the FAB and hopefully the oil this week! @Tamara76

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@Tamara76 Yay! So happy you were chosen for this as well! Glad to hear you've had fun trying out the new goodies!! Thanks so much for such great reviews! 👍🤗

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Thank you, @Shosh85!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

This is such a detailed review, thanks @Tamara76! Also these pics look like ads, especially the emerald oil. someone at herbivore marketing needs to hit you up!!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Awww you are so sweet, @cianni!  Thank you! <3

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Update on NARS - Ignited Eyeshadow Palette

I've tested out  on 3 seperate days. I tried just using it on its own the first day but found I had to layer quite a bit to see any colour and there was a lot of fall out. The shimmers didnt show up at all over the mattes, I had to go in and add some Natasha Denona on top. 
Day 2 - I used some Mac Fix +. This helped the pigmentation show up but blending became an issue. 
Day 3 - I was determined to make the shimmers work. I used Natasha Denona as my matte shades and tried used Fix + then went in to shimmer. It worked better but it was still a lot of work. 


Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@GG84 I have to agree with you on the shimmery shadows. I’ve tried them with a wet brush, over a few different bases and applied them with my fingers, and still couldn’t get great pigmentation. They work well as a topper, but the matte shadows have much better pigmentation. I do like the palette now that I’ve figured out what to expect though!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@unfungirl Yeah! I like them as toppers also. I think i'm just used to more of a BOOM she's wearing make up - type look. I like mixing the mattes together. 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Aw sorry to hear that. Smiley Sad @GG84

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

I got goodies today! 😍 Thank you @TeamBIC@KatieBT@firstaidbeauty@Herbivore@katesomerville, and NARS for these fabulous gifts, and the wonderful @RGbrown for choosing to share them with me! 

After unwrapping everything tonight, I couldn’t resist playing a bit with the Ignited palette on one eye. I originally wanted to use every shade, no matter how the final look would turn out, just to see how well they’d play with my skin tone and one another. 😂 But I wound up using only 7. Interestingly, my camera picked up almost none of the shimmers until I sat in front of a beauty light. The shimmer is very visible in real life. 


5317BB4D-0E80-49C7-84B0-C22ACA523545.jpegInterior lighting, fairly high res camera.

AAE2C096-B0E1-4F83-8194-112C8F459148.jpegSame look with beauty lighting: why hello there, pretty sparkles!


The mattes sit and blend well. So do the others when used dry. Even with eyeshadow primer (which I forgot to include in the photo, oops), it took a wet brush to make the metallics really pop on my lid. The shimmers are sheer enough to create a nice sparkly wash over everything, and they’re buildable to an extent. The shimmers performed better with a dry brush.

This month I’ll play more with the palette and try the other goodies. I’m excited to try everything! 


Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Yay for your Gratis Surprise @WinglessOne!!! That sparkle looks great on your eyes. 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊


Congratulations on  being included in this Gratis!  Thanks for your thoughts on the NARS Ignited Palette and your photos!  @RGbrown chose well!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@WinglessOne Congrats on the gratis! How nice of @RGbrown to nominate you!! I hope you're having fun playing with everything! The eyeshadow looks lovely on you! Love that shimmer! 😍🙌

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Thanks everyone! ☺️ I never expect to receive gratis, so being chosen for this was such a nice surprise! I’m especially glad that several other folks received this gift! 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Congratulations @WinglessOne. The palette is lovely on you! 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

These look gorgeous  on you! Congrats, so nice of @RGbrown@WinglessOne 💗💕💗

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Congrats @WinglessOne! So nice of @RGbrown to have picked you! Great look!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Congrats, @WinglessOne

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