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🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

I just received the most wonderful Holiday SURPRISE!

Thank you soooo much Sephora, The BIC Team and @KatieBT, First aid Beauty Herbivore, Kate Somerville, NARS and from the bottom of my heart to my dear friend @tsavorite for nominating me❣️❣️❣️That was so nice of you to think of me <3

I’m in love with all these new launches of skincare and makeup that I received as gifts!  I can’t wait to try them all out and report back on how wonderful they are.F472985E-EFAC-45F4-AE3C-0037F70CB6F4.jpegSephora Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis box



41D19363-3276-4B15-8634-A3A99DFBDDC6.jpegAn amazing collection of new launches to try


B61C990F-FB48-46BC-B6C9-826ECE852A1E.jpegIt’s all so BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank You!!!

 First Aid Beauty berriAir Cream: A light moisturizer that provides adaptable hydration to normal, combination and dry skin


Herbivore Emerald Oil: This is a glow inducing blend of cannabis sativa hemp seed oil, squalane and adaptogens to calm and nourish the skin.


 Kate Somerville Liquid ExfoliKate: This nightly leave on peel resurfaces and renews while you sleep to reveal smoother and more radiant skin 


NARS Ignited Pallet: This is a limited edition Sephora exclusive eyeshadow palette featuring a lineup of 12 blazing eyeshadows in a versatile range of Matte, Shimmer and Glitter finishes 


Such an Amazing lineup of high quality products!!!

I’m so very grateful 💝 Many many Thanks❣️

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Lovely! I felt that barriair cream in the store today and it felt SO unique and so nice and creamy! Really excited for you to try them all! @Shosh85 💗💕💗

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Thank you, @sister13! The FAB Cream does feel pretty unique, light and airy in the jar but rich and creamy on the face! Definitely great for dry skin! 🤗🙌

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Awesome! Congrats on getting to try out all these goodies, @Shosh85!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@quspork Thank you so much! The best part was being able to choose someone else to receive it! 👍😊

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Congrats @Shosh85 Smiley Happy Enjoy your goodies, nice to hear your initial thoughts on the skincare, super cold winter is finally hitting new england and i'm keen to hear more about the oil and cream. Have fun! 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@MissPuff It does seem to be getting colder and colder and the cream and oil have felt so good on my dry skin! So far, I think I've really loved using the oil the most! It has been so effective in soothing my skin and even got rid of some dry patches I had going on! – and it really does give a nice glow! I've already decided I'm buying this one again when I'm out! 😉👍

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

yay, congrats @Shosh85!! can't wait to hear your thoughts!!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Thank you, @unfungirl!! Can't wait to try them out more! Hope you're having fun using yours as well! 👍😉

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊


Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@Samtian Thank you!! 🤗

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Yay! Congratulations @Shosh85! 💗

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Thank you, @bakeamuffin!! So happy you received this gratis as well! 🤗

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@Shosh85 So glad you received these great products to try!! That palette looks so pretty!! Look forward to your reviews and have fun playing!!😊

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@yankeefaithful Thank you so much!! Excited to use them some more! 👍

Congratulations, @Shosh85! It's really great to hear that...

Congratulations, @Shosh85! It's really great to hear that so many people with sensitive skin can use these products!

Re: Congratulations, @Shosh85! It's really great to hear that...

Thank you, @curlychiquita! I was mostly surprised about the ExfoliKate! It's nice that it's gentle yet effective! 🙌

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Yasss!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I am soooooo happy you received this, @Shosh85! Thank you for sharing this amazing gratis with me - so extremely generous and thoughtful of you! 🤗🤗🤗 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

So nice! @itsfi 💗💕💗

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@itsfi When asked who I thought went "above and beyond for their fellow community members," you came to mind immediately – I didn't even need time to think about it! This was such a nice way to show appreciation to others!! You definitely deserved it! ❤️🙌😍

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Yesterday evening I received a delivery of this fabulous set of gifts! Opening them felt like a second Christmas, I really love the wrapping and evident care that is put into these gifts ❤ Thank you team BIC @KatieBT, @Herbivore, @firstaidbeauty, @katesomerville, and Nars. I'm excited to have been selected to try these products! 

20190108_152715.jpgThe care that goes into these gifts is so appreciated, it always makes me smile yo unwrap them!

 I have alread played with some of the items, but I'll use them all more and share my experiences and thoughts back here! 


20190108_153703.jpgSuch a fun selection!


20190108_153730.jpgI love this colour story, I had fun using the palette for a simple look today and look forward to playing with it more!


20190108_153234.jpgI searched for this on and cannot find it, I think it's not available in Canada yet so its really awesome to try it out when I wouldn't have been able to otherwise!





It was really lovely to have been given the opportunity not only to try these myself, but to have been able to chose a friend to also receive them. I'm so glad that the joy can reach many wonderful BIC members ❤ The connections I've made in this community make me so happy, I hope you all had a really nice holiday season and look forward to catching up on the discussions! 💗💖 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Awwwww, congrats @bakeamuffin

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