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🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

I just received the most wonderful Holiday SURPRISE!

Thank you soooo much Sephora, The BIC Team and @KatieBT, First aid Beauty Herbivore, Kate Somerville, NARS and from the bottom of my heart to my dear friend @tsavorite for nominating me❣️❣️❣️That was so nice of you to think of me <3

I’m in love with all these new launches of skincare and makeup that I received as gifts!  I can’t wait to try them all out and report back on how wonderful they are.F472985E-EFAC-45F4-AE3C-0037F70CB6F4.jpegSephora Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis box



41D19363-3276-4B15-8634-A3A99DFBDDC6.jpegAn amazing collection of new launches to try


B61C990F-FB48-46BC-B6C9-826ECE852A1E.jpegIt’s all so BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank You!!!

 First Aid Beauty berriAir Cream: A light moisturizer that provides adaptable hydration to normal, combination and dry skin


Herbivore Emerald Oil: This is a glow inducing blend of cannabis sativa hemp seed oil, squalane and adaptogens to calm and nourish the skin.


 Kate Somerville Liquid ExfoliKate: This nightly leave on peel resurfaces and renews while you sleep to reveal smoother and more radiant skin 


NARS Ignited Pallet: This is a limited edition Sephora exclusive eyeshadow palette featuring a lineup of 12 blazing eyeshadows in a versatile range of Matte, Shimmer and Glitter finishes 


Such an Amazing lineup of high quality products!!!

I’m so very grateful 💝 Many many Thanks❣️

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Mine is doing that too @lyravega!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@veronika23 Well, it is kind of good to know it's not just me. But... it's not good. My cream is disappearing real fast. And not because I am using it so much. 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@lyravega  yeah I think we just need to use it up fast so it doesn't vanish into thin air.

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@veronika23 I wanted to leave it for the summer because it is just far from enough right now ( no matter what I do )... But I guess I will have to keep experimenting and try to find a way to use it. And I do want to use it because I really like how it immediately calms my skin down, evens out my skin tone, and diminishes dehydration lines around my eyes. So... gotta keep at it. Before it's gone. I'd buy it for the magic it does on my dehydration lines around my eyes alone... IF they change the packaging! 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@lyravega  yeah it would be nice if they would change the packaging. I'm sure you'll find a combo that works for you!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

NARS Ignited palette update, and a cross-post from the Deeper Hues thread: 
I forgot to post this a few days ago, when I swatched the whole palette on my arm with a dry shader brush. Each swatch is partly on NARS Pro-Prime eyeshadow primer, and partly on my bare skin. I added a second daylight photo to show some shadows’ color shift.  
NARS’s shade descriptions: 
1. HAMMAMET I (matte beige)

2. ST-PAUL-DE-VENCE I (shimmering nectarine)

3. LIGHT UP (sparkling pink pearl)

4. ATOMIC (sparkling bubblegum pink)

5. SOPHIA (matte rich cool brown)

6. SUPERNOVA (metallic coral with pink)

7. IN HEAT (sparkling magenta)

8. IGNITION (sparkling rose)

9. NOUMÉA (matte sienna)

10. FIRED UP (metallic rust)

11. FUSE (sparkling purple with blue)

12. PONTE NOIR (sparkling eggplant with pink) 

Overall, this palette would be a good travel companion for someone who loves neutral looks but wants the option to spice/smoke things up a bit. There aren’t big punches of color here, especially on my skin tone. That’s not a bad thing for someone wanting more of a subtle smolder. 
Detailed thoughts: 
Unsurprisingly, Hammamet I is invisible on me. 😂 But it does blend nicely with the other 2 mattes, and it’s a good base coat when I want to lighten up part of my crease. 
One metallic, Fired Up, swatched pretty well on my arm with a dry brush. But for my lids (primed or not), both Fired Up and Supernova need a wet brush. Once they’re wet, they don’t want to blend at all—so I must add a light dry layer to soften things up. Supernova is nice for lightly smudging/smoking out my bottom lash line. Elsewhere, it requires more building up than Fired Up. 
As for the shimmers/glitters, I wish In Heat was more opaque. It takes some buildup to make its color shift noticeable. Ignition has a subtler shift effect, but it’s less sheer than In Heat. Atomic is kinda chunky, resulting in the most fallout on my face. Really though, all the shimmers left some glitter on my under-eyes and cheeks. Ponte Noir is my favorite shimmer, as it’s much more opaque than the others and the easiest to work with. For me, it blends very well. It’s probably my favorite shade in this palette (maybe tied with Fired Up), though it doesn’t look “eggplant” on me at all. 
Fuse gave me the most trouble. It takes a lot of effort to build up with a dry brush or a finger. What you see in my photo is a 5-layer swatch. (I didn’t use that many layers for the other swatches.) A wet brush makes it very patchy. It blends fine for me but honestly, it’s so sheer I wouldn’t waste time/effort blending it. I’d only use it as a sparkly wash, not so much as a color, if that makes sense. 
I’m still patch testing the Kate Somerville and FAB items, so I can’t say much about them yet. I’ve tested the Herbivore oil on my very rough elbows for a few days and it’s definitely helped them feel better. I’ll try it on a couple of my face’s dry patches next. Smiley Happy Thanks again for all the gifts, Sephora! 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

These are great swatches @WinglessOne!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Thanks @veronika23!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

After using all of these products for a few weeks, I think I can confidently review them! I've been using the Emerald oil for over a month as I purchased it when it was first released from @Herbivore.


HERBIVORE - Emerald Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Deep Moisture Glow Oil:

 This is my new HG face oil! I usually get a few hormonal breakouts on my chin and by my mouth at least bi-weekly. Since I've been using this oil. I've only had 1 tiny pimple in a month! My skin is much more even, even around my nose where I usually get dry or flaky. My pores, especially in my t-zone where I get oily, seem tighter and smaller as well. In general, my skin is glowy and calmer than it has been in years, and I will repurchase this for sure! I'm dry combo in winter, and this oil works on my whole face so well.

FAB skin barrier cream: This cream is super light, and moderately hydrating. It worked very well during the day, and under my UD BB cream, but it didn't seem hydrating enough on its own. I used it with my ELF hydrating essence, and layered the emerald oil over it on days I didn't wear makeup. I think it would work for someone with normal skin best, but it's a good day cream option for me now, and would likely be perfect in summer when i'm more oily! I love most of the FAB products I've tried and enjoy this as well.

KATE SOMERVILLE - Liquid ExfoliKate® Triple Acid Resurfacing Treatment:I was afraid this would irritate my skin, because the exfolikate scrub can be too harsh for me in winter, but I was pleasantly surprised by this! I started using it every other day, and have worked up to daily use, with no irrittation. I do love liquid exfoliants as long as they aren't too harsh, and this fits nicely in my routine. It helped keep flakes at bay, on the sides of my nose particularly, and I definitely see myself using this regularly. 


Thanks again to @Tamara76 for gifting this to me, and to @Herbivore@katesomerville@firstaidbeauty, NARS, the BIC team and @KatieBT for sharing these lovely products with us!!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Yayyyyy!  I am so happy to read your updates, @unfungirl !!!  I am loving all 4 products, too! <3 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@Tamara76  So glad you like them too!! I’m such a fan of all the products!! ❤️

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@unfungirl Do you get a slightly almost minty cooling sensation from Emerald? 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@GG84 Yes, sort of! It’s very soothing and calms my skin down, even in the areas that get extra dry. How are you liking it?

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Great reviews @unfungirl! I just started using the Herbivore Emerald oil and am that much more excited to use it after reading your thoughts on it. Thank you so much! 😊

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@itsfi My pleasure!! I’m so glad you’re liking it and can’t wait to hear your final thoughts!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Thanks for your review @unfungirl!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@veronika23 Of course!! Have you tried the products yet? Smiley Happy

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

I've tried the FAB and just trying the Herbivore now. The KS will be in a while though lol.  So far I am liking the Herbivore just don't have enough thoughts to post something yet. Smiley Very Happy  @unfungirl

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@unfungirl Thanks for your reviews! The more I hear about the Herbivore oil, the more interested I am in trying that out. It sounds like a great product! 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@quspork I really can’t say enough good things! I use several of their products, and I’m in love with the brand!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

I've been using FAB Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream and Herbivore Emerald Oil for little over a week now. My skin is so dry and uncomfortable right now, I am looking for a new moisturizer, something that would help, because nothing is. So I dived right into trying these, even though I originally wanted to do it more slowly. I was hoping one, or both of them, would be it. They are both super light, but both surprisingly hydrating/moisturizing! But, alas, not nearly enough for my skin right now. I first tried them each on their own to see how will my skin react to them. ( So far so good. ) And then I tried to layer and mix them. With each other, and with some of my other stuff. While I can clearly see/feel they are pretty hydrating despite them being so super light, they are simply not enough for my skin right now. I still wake up with some flaky, dry, areas on my face. And if I use them during the day, after an hour or two of wearing them, my skin becomes dry, tight, and uncomfy. But, I think they might work once the winter is over. So, I will pause using them, and resume come warmer weather. I'm really liking them for what they are, and definitely want to make them work. And I think they could work. Just not right now. ( Raw, unrefined, shea butter overnight is the only thing that helps right now. )
I like how the FAB moisturizer evens out my skin tone, and so beautifully diminishes dehydration lines around my eyes making them... gone. Gotta love that! But that texture... I don't think that is something that should be in a jar. The texture is light and airy, like a thick, whipped, airy, foam. And just like foam, when exposed to air.... it starts to disintegrate, disappear and wither into this foam... dust. There was plenty of moisturizer on the inside of the cap, so I was using that first. I used it twice, and had for at least twice more. But when I wanted to use it on the third day, it was all gone! The same thing happens with the very surface of the moisturizer in the jar, it turns into very light, see-through foam lace by the next day. Air tight pump, FAB?
That being said, these two products must be super amazing for normal-oily skin! Especially now, during the winter. I am kind of jelly. Smiley Tongue
KS Liquid ExfoliKate Triple Acid Resurfacing Treatment is still working amazingly for me. ( I've been using it ever since I got it a few weeks back. ) That is probably the biggest surprise. And the product I love the most. So far. I do see some instant results and loving them so! I have some acne scaring and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks, and my skin is, well, quite see-through because I am SO fair. So there's always a lot going on on my face. This treatment evens out my skin tone beeeeeautiflly, even my scars and hyperpigmentation look a bit diminished. I also think it helps a bit with flaking right now, too. The day after I use it, my skin just looks so, so, so much better! I just keep staring at it in any mirror that comes my way. Smiley Very Happy I wish I could use it every day. I don't know if that is ever gonna be possible, but for now, I am using it twice a week. Don't want to push it. But I am thinking about starting 3x a week, as I had zero adverse effects so far! Say waaaah?!!! A product of this sort that doesn't bleep my skin off?!!!! 'Tis a miracle! 
Thank you, again, for the opportunity to try all these products @angel7594 , @SephoraBIC , @TeamBIC , @KatieBT !
Edit: I mentioned it before, but it won't hurt to do so again: my skin is normal-dry, dry during the winter. Super dry right now. It hates exfoliation of any and every kind. It is very hard for me to find something of the sort that works. And don't bleep my skin off, too!  
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