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The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

*new group located here: Deeper Shades


Have a deeper hue and want to know how a product might look on your skin tone?  This is the place for you!


Image result for shades of brown


Several ladies expressed interest in having a BIC group dedicated to WOC.  Such a group would serve as a central reference point for swatches, color matching and the like, which can often be difficult to find.  While I have no idea whether such a group will ever be created I figured it would be nice to at least have a thread.


It should go without saying, but  **Ladies (and gents) of all hues are more than welcome **


Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

Natasha Denona Golden Eyeshadow Palette, Natasha Denona Golden Glimmer Gloss Shimmering Lip-Plumper Golden Gloss , Natasha Denona Golden Highlighter Trio Multi-Use Hybrid Glow Palette 


Indoor Warm Palette and Highlighter, Bottom 2 - Indoor Fluorescent



Palette shades in order is left to right, top to bottom, starting at Mliko and ending at Alchemist.

Gloss is to far left, 2 and 1 layers respectively.

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

@danielledanielle those look really pretty on you! I think the palette could have used another deep shade but maybe pairing it with a brown pencil liner will do the trick.

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

Swatch Quest or Mess?




NARS Powermatte High-Intensity Long-Lasting Lip Pencil 

Top to Bottom 

Midnight Ride

Viva Las Vegas @jaaayp 




NARS Powermatte Long-Lasting Lipstick 

Highway to hell

No satisfaction 


NARS Total Seduction Eyeshadow Stick @makeitup305 

Top to bottom 






Daylight, overcast 


The eye pencils DO NOT BUDGE.  I swiped my arm four times.  No smudging, Nars came to play and stay! (Mambo was blended out on the right after application)



I swatched nearly the entire Fenty Line up.  One blush light was missing.



Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter 

It's Bak'd peach and Fresh peach.  Juicy was missing.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Oil Luminizing Lip Oil 'N Gloss

The gold one, bronze one and copper one, left to right



Daylight Blushlights

They have a peach, gold shift.  It reminds me of one of the older sephora highlighters or Nars orgasm or Patrick Ta She's Adorable .  They are really pretty, but not a must, given the peach gold shift exists in so many other products.


R/T lip oils...Obvs, didn't put it on my lips, but I like the feel of the lip oils.  They feel more gloss like, but it didn't feel sticky on my arm



Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Glitty Lid Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner Ritzy Rose on right

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Glitty Lid Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner Boozy Bronze on left


Oh, and then I swatched Dior Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss 062 Bronzed Glow ,(lower left) HOMG, I didn't need to do that because I want it now and Dior Lip Glow Oil 20 Mahogany (lower right)

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

@danielledanielle thanks for all the swatches! NARS did a great job with all their new releases. I held back during their recent sale but it was tempting. I love the color of those Dior lippies, too.

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

@danielledanielle the color looks fabulous on you. I think we need to buy (did you already buy?!?!) And do a "same shade, different hue" post 😂 Viva las vegas is bottom left for me and it's much pinkier on me? I personally like yours better.. it reminds me of the Urban Decay Vice Hydrating Lipstick 1993 ... which reminds me.. I have this somewhere. Gotta dig it out..




Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

🤣, I'm up for that test.  Color theory is a fun thing @jaaayp 


Yesterday was a pure swatch day only, so no purchases.  TBH, I was more interested in NARS Powermatte High-Intensity Long-Lasting Lip Pencil Midnight Rider - 195 , but now that I've swatched it, it's a pass.  If something's too pinky-mauvy, it gives me this weird overblown lip effect.

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

Should I give it a try then @danielledanielle because my tiny lips can use a overblow..... 🫠


I agree. Color theory IS very interesting. It looks so different even when just skin tone is different 😶

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

@danielledanielle  Good to know NARS’s new shadow sticks are budgeproof. I still have a few of their old shadow sticks (which I should declutter soon) and the new ones sound like a big improvement. I hope to see some fun shimmery or metallic shades soon. 

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

So, the Korean brand TirTir expanded their shade range. It's still very limited in terms of depth but I figured I'd post in case anybody was interested in trying it. I've never tried it because I've heard it's more suited for oily skin. 


As for blushes, if you're interested in trying a Korean blush that will actually show up, I recently picked up some Fwee Lip & Cheek Pudding Pots and they are quite pigmented. The line has 30(!)  shades, including deeper shades.

makeitup305_1-1715056913399.png makeitup305_2-1715056928761.png

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

Those look cute!! @makeitup305 

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

@sister13 they are sooo good! I picked up 2 shades and they are pigmented and blend so well. A lot of times Korean blushes are more of a wash of color but these are full pigment. 

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

Has anyone been following the Youthforia situation? I didn’t follow Golloria before, but I do now!

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

@sister13 , yeah I was wondering where to post this.  It's pretty ridiculous.  Like @WinglessOne , I'm not surprised anymore, but also very much like..🤬, oh this is still a thing? Why? Why. Don't. People. Know. Better.


I'm also annoyed because I busted out my blushes this week to use them since it's AAPI month and I'm like, I've paid for them, so throwing them away is silly, but I also don't want to acknowledge them in ANY CAPACITY.

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

@danielledanielle  I hear you on not wanting to acknowledge the brand, even with products already owned. One of their lip glosses in my latest Ulta order, and now I’ll probably return it when it arrives. 🤦‍♀️


I know some people don’t want to see the brand punished to the point of no return; as a person with high empathy (sometimes to a self-annoying degree), I totally understand that. And part of me does feel awful for the brand founder and the rest of her team. Also, I personally cannot, in good conscience, use this brand’s products without feeling terrible about them. Back when J* was still relevant in the beauty industry and people were all “he apologized for the racist bs so y’all need to cut him some slack and get over it,” and I loudly said nope, someone asked me what I’d do if it turned out Pat McGrath or Francois Nars were bigots. “Would you toss your $1000s of PMG or NARS products?” Yes. Yes I would. Actually I’d probably try to resell or otherwise rehome some of them, though even then I’d feel like I was passing along bad omens to someone else. 


I’m not saying you or anyone else should follow suit. That’s just how my particular brain is wired. Like J*, Youthforia could make the world’s best [pick a product] and I still wouldn’t buy it now. Though I do get the feeling Y’s brand founder didn’t mean to offend; to me, she falls into the “look at these racist thoughts I honestly didn’t know I had” category, and there’s still hope for her if she lets herself really learn from this. 

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

@WinglessOne, I would call myself an empath, but I've been budgeting my empathy because today's world might run me into debt.


I also had a response that was a little more thought out yesterday, but then I of course, didn't post.   Aaaaanddd of course when I tried to post later, got that MISSED TICKET AUTHENTICATION and poof!  I was basically saying, don't feel bad for the brand.  They don't deserve it.  I think you'd agree or at least concur on a level that if you run & market on a social media, you need to have a good strong team reviewing content and have a diverse team, not just in ethnicity (but yeah), but ages, backgrounds, cultures, etc etc.  Someone would have caught this.  I read a lot of comments where people said no decent chemist would have let this be, and I feel slightly inclined to believe it.


Also, if you release content with the plight of "look I couldn't find anyone to match this, OhMYGooDness, I'm stressed bestie!" then match poorly, and still release'am you are doing this to be performative and she's not truly deserving of yours or anyone's gaze or empathy.  That's why I don't feel bad if the whole brand tanks.  (Aside from core workers, not anyone at the top).

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

Ohh, man, yes that is super annoying!! Well, none of us would judge you but I see the awkward timing! 

I had been wanting to check in on this thread and this topic seemed appropriate! @danielledanielle 

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

@sister13  Not following, more like can’t help but hear about it thanks to YouTube’s algorithm. 😂 


I’m half surprised and half not that there are still brands who claim to be inclusive while releasing a limited range of complexion products, and then claim “it costs money to create more shades, we were planning to expand the range later,” and other excuses once they’re called out on their bs. I’m not in the deepest/richest skin tone range, yet sometimes there aren’t even shades that’d work on me. Anyway, that part of this fiasco doesn’t shock me. 


What does shock me is this brand’s “solution” after getting called out for the above. 🤦‍♀️ I assume the brand’s founder thought she was being truly innovative and uber inclusive by offering a shade darker than any other brand ever has. And I mean sure, she achieved that… 😒… but, um… undertones, man. Un. Der. Tones. And it’s very telling that she didn’t also release a true white shade as her lightest foundation—because I dunno, maybe she knows that no living person’s skin is actually stark white. Yet she didn’t have the same realization about jet black. Huh. 


Something tells me this will tank that brand. Not only does Youtube keep recommending videos about it to me, it’s also made national news. I’m surprised Ulta hasn’t pulled the foundation yet. 

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

I saw the national headlines, and I think I saw Credo Beauty dropped the line, so others may follow. I was actually surprised to see so many comments that echo the lame excuses from some of those brands and basically saying “maybe it’s for someone darker than you” or “maybe it’s for mixing to deepen other shades” (without recognizing then there would likely be a true white for mixing, except mixers are usually colored pigments). It does show how far we still have to go! @WinglessOne 

You’re probably right about them thinking it was breaking me ground but, ugh!

Re: The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.)

@WinglessOne It was all over my fyp for a while. If she had released a pure white I would have considered that she just doesn't know how color theory works (ridiculous for a brand owner but whatever) but the owner's behavior just proves the contrary. Professional makeup brands release pigments in primary colors, including black and white, but this isn't that.

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