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Missing items and Sephora refusing to refund or reshipment the items.

I am honestly so beyond upset, I have been a loyal Sephora customer for years and most of those years I have been a rouge member and have spent thousands and thousands of dollars at Sephora. I have had 3 orders that have went missing and Sephora is refusing to replace the items or refund me for them so I can go buy the items in store, they said they are unable to reship or refund due to previous accommodations on my account, which those previous accommodations are 2 of the same orders I never received the first time and still havenโ€™t received them the second time and the 3rd package was a new order I placed that I didnโ€™t receive either. I contacted the delivery company and they told me that I have to speak with Sephora and that they will have to take care of it. I have also contacted Sephora and the delivery company the last time my order was missing asking them both to make a note for the delivery orders and ask the delivery driver to please place the packages on my porch over to the side where they are out of sight to the public, as they just throw the packages at the top of the steps or right in front of the door in plain sight to the public to see from the street or sidewalk! They donโ€™t even place it over to the side out of view, I also have a bbq on my front porch and had asked them to also let them know they can put the package in there so that it is hidden. However they did not do that. So now I am losing $434.70 because of negligence on behalf of Sephora and the delivery company they use. I had asked for them to do certain things to prevent these issues but they donโ€™t and now Iโ€™m the one who is out all that money! Obviously Sephora can afford to just throw money away but I canโ€™t and I shouldnโ€™t have to even be in a situation like this. I asked them to take precautions so something like this could be avoided but they didnโ€™t, so how is that my fault? Why do I have to lose out because of it. Not to mention the boxes also have a giant Sephora written across them and most people know what Sephora is and that itโ€™s not a cheap place to shop. So with placing the packages in plain sight to the public with the Sephora name across it they are basically asking for it to be stolen. I live in a city of over 1.5 million people itโ€™s only common sense to place someoneโ€™s order over to the side out of sight, unless they physically canโ€™t. But my front porch has more than enough room for them to place the orders out of sight and hidden. In all of the years I have been a Sephora customer this is the first year I have ever had anything like this happen to me, and Iโ€™m not even asking for a refund I would be perfectly happy with having it reshipped to the store even so I could pick it up, Iโ€™m wouldnโ€™t be spending my entire day trying to get this figured out if I had received my orders, nobody in there right mind would do something like that and I understand that there may be people in this world who do lie and try and say they have not received something when they have, but that is not the case for me. I would never do something like that and I definitely would never. And if they think that I am why would I ask to have the items replaced? Youโ€™d think I would be pushing for a refund not replacements of the orders. I honestly just donโ€™t even know what to do at this point, I canโ€™t afford to lose $434.70 and not receive the things I paid for. And I specifically asked for it to be noted that they place my packages out of plain sight but they didnโ€™t, so thatโ€™s no my fault. I tried to have something done to prevent this issue and it was ignored and now I have to suffer. I guess this is how you get treated by Sephora when you spend an extreme amount of money at their stores and have for many years. I honestly just donโ€™t even know what to do about this. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can/should do? Please let me know! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ sephora 

Re: Missing items and Sephora refusing to refund or reshipment the items.

I was also told I have reached a maximum of Accommodations for reporting all the missing samples on all my orders.

Re: Missing items and Sephora refusing to refund or reshipment the items.

Hi @stephaniieelee 


I'm sorry to hear about this! I'll send you a PM.



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