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How-to: Hearts

What are Hearts?

Hearts are a content rating system that lets you vote for the messages you think are the most useful or important.

When you give a Heart to a message, you are offering a thumbs-up for good content and a pat on the back to its author. Your Hearts help to boost the value of certain messages and enhance the reputation of their authors.

How do I give a Heart to a message?

You can give a Heart to any post in the community except your own.

 To give a Heart to a message and its author: Click the black and white striped heart on the right side of the message.


If you change your mind about the quality of the message, you can revoke your Heart. To revoke the Heart you've given: Choose Options > Revoke My Hearts.

The Heart count is updated and the Heart badge shows that you can now Heart the message again.

How can I see who gave Hearts to my message?

You can see who “hearts” your message in the “Hearts From” section of your profile page. You can also see Hearts activity for other community members on their Profile pages.

To see who has given you Hearts:

Click your login name to go to your Profile page.  Your Profile pages shows the messages you’ve given Hearts to, the names of the members who gave you Hearts, and the names of the members who you’ve given Hearts to.

  • To see all of your recent Hearts activity in an area, click the view all link at the bottom of the list.
    Your Hearts Activity page shows the recent Hearts you've given or received.
  • Click the tabs to see more info about your Hearts activity.

How can I see which members have received the most Hearts?

On the Beauty Talk homepage, The Top Contributors box rotates to show the members who have the most hearts in the following categories: Makeup, Skin, Fragrance and Hair.

Why can't I give Hearts to some messages?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to give Hearts to a post.

  • You've already given Hearts to this message (you can only give them once).
  • You wrote the message (you can't give Hearts to your own messages).
  • Your Hostess has turned Hearts off for a message or a forum.
  • Your Hostess has frozen Hearts for this message. You can still see how many Hearts the message has received, but you can't give it any more Hearts.
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