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Holiday Bonus 2018

Holiday Bonus FAQs.png


EDIT: There has been an update that will affect VIB and Rouge. To learn more visit this thread:


Clear your cal, fill your basket, and get ready to shop because Holiday Bonus is right around the corner. Here’s a breakdown of the promo:


Rouge, you get TWO exclusive weekends of savings: Fri 10/26 – Mon 10/29 and Fri 11/2 – Mon 11/5. This means you get 20% off on the hottest beauty products before anyone else.


VIB and Insider, you will each get four days to shop. VIB will get to save 20% off Fri 11/9 – Mon 11/12 and Insiders will save 15% off from Fri 11/16 – Mon 11/19. Can’t wait to see you all there!


The holidays are quickly approaching and that means that more people will be stepping out and running to Sephora to play with products, indulge in a service or pick up a gift. We want to ensure our Beauty Insiders have time to get all the gifts they need (and something for yourself) in time for the holidays! As we end this amazing year, we look forward to growing with you in 2019!


Want more details? Check out our FAQs:


What is the Holiday Bonus promotion?

The exclusive, once-a-year promo for Rouge, VIB, and Insider—and the best excuse to splurge, restock favorites, and start stocking up for the Holidays.


What’s the offer?

  • Rouge get 20% off, unlimited online and in store.
  • VIB also get 20% off, unlimited online and in store.
  • Insiders get 15% off, unlimited online and in store.



What’s my code to shop?

  • Insider: BIBONUS


Dates, please?

  • Rouge: Fri 10/26 – Mon 10/29 and Fri 11/2 – Mon 11/5.
  • VIB: Fri 11/9 – Mon 11/12.
  • Insider: Fri 11/16 – Mon 11/19.


Wait, why are the Rouge dates split?

As a benefit of our top tier of membership, Rouge gets two weekends to shop before VIB and Insiders.


What if I like to order online?

That’s cool. You can redeem the offer on both US and CA sites


I’m Rouge! Tell me about Bring a Friend, please.

We’re glad you asked. For one day only, 10/26, all Rouge clients get to bring a friend to shop with them in-store and share their 20% discount. Your friend has to be enrolled in the Beauty Insider program and you both must be in-store for your friend to receive 20% off. Not only will your friend get to experience Rouge early access with you but they will also receive the sample bag, while supplies last.


Can I redeem the offer more than once?

If you forget something the first time around, don’t even stress. The offer can be used as many times as you want. Just one catch: One sample set per Rouge client on 10/26 while supplies last, in-stores only.


Is this offer available in Canada?



What about Sephora inside JCPenney?

The offer is valid in Sephora inside JCPenney stores however, the offer is not valid on


Are there any exclusions?

In one word, yes. In lots of words: The offer is not valid on Google products. Not valid on previous purchases, purchases of gift cards or eGift cards, FLASH, PLAY! by Sephora, gift wrap, taxes, or shipping & handling charges. Clients are limited to the purchase of one Dyson item, three Drunk Elephant items, and three Tatcha items per SKU per transaction. Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion codes or Rouge Reward.


I’m Rouge! Can I see the sample set?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s a picture of the samples included. Cute huh?Holiday Bonus Bag.png



Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

Hi all 🙂


Thank you for the valuable feedback as we will be forwarding this to the appropriate channels for review so improvements can be implemented. If you still need further assistance please feel free to send me or any other MOD's a PM so that we can assist you further! Thank you.



Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

Hi Helen,


I did not receive any samples in store and I shopped all three weekends. What gives? Certainly spending over $600 warrants some freebies?




Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

Hi @ohadriana


Sorry to hear that you didn't receive samples. Prepackaged samples are not always available in store at checkout as they are for online orders. You are always welcome to ask a Cast Member to make you custom samples for you to take home. Hope that helps to clarify. 😉 Feel free to PM me if you need further assistance with anything.



RE: Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

What a nice surprise. Thank you.

Re: Holiday Bonus 2018



I am a VIB member and I do not feel like I had enough time to shop using my 20% discount.  Can you please allow this to be used again before christmas? also there were quite a few things that were out of stock which I could not purchase using my discount.


please let me know.

Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

Hi @Ezzyboo,


I recommend visiting > for updates regarding our Holiday Bonus sale! 🙂



Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

Thank you soooo much!!!!! God bless! 

Holiday Bonus 2018

Hi, can I still use my vib rouge for this Nov 16th weekend? Thank you!

RE: Holiday Bonus 2018

Is it true that vibs can get 20% off this weekend too along with insider’s sale? Because i went to coquitlam centre sephora today and one of the staff members told me that our 20% is to be honoured this weekend too. Because otherwise i would be upset as i still have to lots of my Christmas shopping and i was so busy last weekend and couldn’t get everything done. Also most of the things were out of stock online or near me then. I mean 3-4 are too less to do some proper shopping as i got the email on friday when the sale started and i didn’t had a proper list or enough time. It was a long weekend and I was working too. I mean at least we should get 2 weekends as well that well and fair. Also, one of my friend called sephora customer service and they were to honour her discount today morning on phone but I wouldn’t get time until this weekend and I would very much prefer to shop in store as i want to buy many new gifts sets from sephora that I haven’t tried or tested yet and i am a new member starting this year so. Please if you could help me in some way that will be great. Thanks

Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

As a longtime Rouge members, I always love and appreciate Sephora's promotions and activities. However, for the Holiday Bonus event this year, I could not say I love this time's promo policy.


Don't get me wrong, I love the promos in August and early October, which made me feel like a real "Rouge" member. However, when the time turned to November, I am totally unhappy and disappointed by the event. First, I always wanna buy Dyson Airwrap. The truth is, the Dyson Airwrap remained out of stock during the two rouge-exclusive periods, but returned back to in stock before the vib-exclusive period. What's worse, Rouge members could not enjoy 20 % discount on that period. It seemed not fair for Rouge members, who spent around triple money on Sephora than VIB members.


Second, after the Rouge sale ended and right before VIB sale started, there were dozens of new items launched on Sephora website, including Tom Ford Eys Color Quad (6 new shades), Pat McGrath Labs BlitzTrance Divine Lipstick Duo, YVES SAINT LAURENT Lip Showroom Vault., and the last straw- a new Sephora Favorites value set! In addition, most Viseart eyeshadow palettes went on the discounted prices. 


Based on the above descriptions, I believe that you could understand that I am a truly Sephora fan that refresh your product listing almost every 2 horus per day to see if anything new to buy. I tried to call the customer service hotline to know if there's any possibility that Rouge members could have the 20% discount. However, the rep. replied that only VIB members, who bumped up to Rouge status, could enjoy the 20% discount by phone, not the original rouge members. 


I didn't get it! Would Sephora really wanna disappoint rouge members and discourge them from shopping with Sephora? I have to say, my VIB friends were also annoyed because they can not make online orders anymore because SPENDING TOO MUCH to become Rouge members. As my personal opinion, that is riduculous.... Sephora shoudl make every effort to enouge customers "to buy" instead of "not to buy" 


I hope Sephora could figure out a way to make Rouge, VIB members happy again during the next promo period, which was BI members-exclusive periods.I love Sephora and hope Sephora continuously grow and beat other competitors. However, with regard to the Holiday Bonus promotion this year, I really worry about Sephora will lose many loyal customers, who spent the most on Sephora. 


Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

I think VIB and Rouge should have more than 3 days to shop, they should allow rouge to buy with the 20% the whole month and Vib from the day discount to the end of the month or 2 week not everyone is able to shop in 3 weeks i know this era is all about online shop but come on!!! you dont want to look like a clown buying makeup that is lighter or darker than your skin color 

RE: Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

So true. I am a Vib and all i just got was a weekend of sales when i was swamped up with my work stuff. I still have some things to buy but guess what I can’t get discounts anymore because its only insiders now. I mean during this weekend all rouge and vib members should be allowed as well because certain things were out of stock last weekend and they just restocked them. And its not fair that i have to pay the full price now.

Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

Given the new policy preventing rouge members from enjoying the holiday bonus offer past the first weekend of November, there seems to be no substantial benefit to maintaining rouge status. As a rouge member for many years, I am very disappointed and feel taken for granted by Sephora.


Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

@Sett11 You may want to check out the page on your account that shows all of the differences between the tiers. You'll find all the Rouge benefits there. 🙂

Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

Hi all 🙂

Thank you so much for your sharing your valuable experiences and feedback regarding the Holiday Bonus promotion. If anyone needs assistance, please send myself or any other MOD a private message with the details of your inquiry. Thank you!


Kind regards,


Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

Where do we apply our discount code at checkout?

Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

Hi @makeupobsse,


You will be able to apply the discount where is says 'Promotions' under your estimated total. Happy shopping!



RE: Holiday Bonus 2018

Disappointed to be unable to use the bonus code as a rouge. I love the holiday bonus, but was hoping to get some online only pieces during this special time!

Re: RE: Holiday Bonus 2018

I was a VIB member until earlier today when my most recent purchase bumped me up to Rouge status. Then when I went to place another order, the VIBBONUS code would not work. However, I just called the rouge hotline, 1-855-557-6843, and they honored the 20% off code and were very kind and helpful. You can place your order over the phone with them. Hope this helps! Happy shopping!

Re: Holiday Bonus 2018

I just became rouge 2days before after I placed an order online with VIB status. Then I still want to buy something else and I found that the promotion code doesn't work for me, because my current status is rouge and this week's promotion is only for VIB and BI. Although I can go to store to have 20% discount, I can't order the stuffs online which are showing out of stoke in store even the store can't help me to solve this problem. This is so strange, I missed rouge sale and I will miss VIB sale as well. I don't know what status I am. Where's the respect sephora shows to every rouge? Is this the way you welcome a mew rouge member? I'm so disappointed. 

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