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Awful experience at local Sephora...

When I came in, I had originally come in to return a Naked Basics palette that I bought a week prior and when I opened, I saw it had been used. I wanted to return for an unused one. I went into the store and saw that every one of the palettes had been used.


I asked a sales associate, Nia Kelly, if they had any in the back. She asked why I needed one and I explained that I had one in my purse that I needed to return that had already been used when I purchased it. She insisted that it was the packaging of the Naked Basics that caused this, but it is was clear that the one I had in my purse had FINGERPRINTS in it. She called another associate over, whose name I did not get, who agreed with her.


I found another display and checked those. The same unnamed associate from before came over and told me I was compromising the items. Unfortunately, the items I checked ALL had fingerprints, and not from me, but from other customers. I found one that was UNTOUCHED (Not even from "packaging"!!) and went to checkout.


While waiting, I saw the clearance end cap and decided to check it out. Nia Kelly was now talking to another associate, Brittany Thacker, about me. I heard Brittany Thacker loudly exclaim, "SHE TOUCHED THEM!?" I went over and explained again, that I did NOT touch them and I was looking for one that HAD NOT been used like the one I bought the first time!


I do not think it is good customer service, especially for someone like me who has a VIB account and shops at this store frequently, to hear your associates badmouthing customers. Both of these associates went out of their way to come over to the checkout counter to argue with me loudly after I had gone to complete my transaction.


This experience has disgusted me from ever shopping at Sephora again. These two associates were very rude and unhelpful. This store (Town Center Mall, in Kennesaw, GA.) has USED items out for sale, and this is unsanitary. I am very disappointed, because I used to love this store, but this experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth. I used to come in here every week or two and never left empty handed, but I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Re: Awful experience at local Sephora...

Last update: Received a call today from Nina and the employees are being addressed. Thanks Mia and Janine!

Re: Awful experience at local Sephora...

Wanted to post a quick update:


It has now been 15 days since the incident, and I haven't heard a thing from my Sephora. Not even an apology phone call. I am beyond disgusted. I was told I'd be contacted, and of course, nothing.


I'll just shop at ULTA, but since I believe in good customer service, and believe no customer should ever suffer the embarrassment I did that day, I will not cease until this issue and these employees are addressed. If anyone has the number for CORPORATE (NOT the 1-800 number) or the number of someone that will actually take action, I would like you to send it my way. Thank you.


Re: Awful experience at local Sephora...

I'll send you a message now SalemCat.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Awful experience at local Sephora...

Hi SalemCat,


I'm so sorry to hear about your experience!   I'm happy to reach out to the Store Director on your behalf to pass along your experience and feedback.  We certainly want all of our clients to feel welcome at all times & it sounds as though you experienced the opposite!   I will send you a message for a bit more info.


On a side note,  It's very odd that every single one you opened had finger prints on them!  We definitely do not re-sell returned products, and we receive all products directly from our manufactures, so I'm not sure what exactly happened to the Naked Basics Palettes at the location you visited Smiley Sad  


xo, Mia

Re: Awful experience at local Sephora...

They have never had a tester model out whenever I've gone to look at this palette, so, I think that people just open them on their own to test. I've always wondered why there was never a tester out. I understand that while they can't prevent customers from doing this, they can certainly lessen the possibility by placing a tester out for people to use.


Also, trying to tell me what is clearly a fingerprint is a packaging issue was rather frustrating. Here is a photo of the one I returned. If you take a look at W.O.S. and Naked 2, you can tell that they do not have the texture that new eyeshadow has, but a fingerprint down the center of the shades. It is more visible in Naked 2.20130623_223951.jpg

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