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Ride the WAVE with me

Hey all,


My hair was a beautiful 3B my teen and college years. After issues with hormones and kids I have only wave left. It is frustrating not knowing how to style your hair anymore. My hair is now 2B, 2C would be an excellent day.


I plan to have a no-buy for makeup for one year (started Nov 2018) and focus on finding the right hair products. I want to take the process gradually and give things time.


I started using Devacurl in Spring 2018. I had low-poo, one condition, and arc angel gel. My hair looked and felt like straw and was not getting any curl back so I stopped using all three products.


In October I chopped off a lot of hair for donation and hoped to get some bounce back. The stylist (Deva certified) recommended no-poo, one condition, coconut styling cream, and b-leave in gel. The routine was okay but I wanted more out of my hair.


Over the past week I changed my styling product to arc angel gel. I know, I know, the stylist and others have already said it was too heavy for my hair. I just wanted to experiment and find what product caused my hair to turn to straw in the spring. Arc angel seems to be in the clear. But since it isn't helping with any curl, I will pass it on to my 3C/4A mom.


I plan to resume the last routine and see how it goes or if it still seems lackluster. My one condition is almost out but I have a one condition delight. I want to see how my hair reacts to this.


I also have samples of Decadence. I believe it will likely be too heavy but it is time to find what works and what doesn't.


So here begins my hair journey. Hoping to either learn to ride the waves or return to curl.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@GG84 That is very good information. I did not know that. Good to know. Since it says apply on clean hair, In the past, Couple of times, I have applied Olaplex after shampooing and then just left it to air-dry and then rinse it out next day. Will that be harmful (leaving it overnight, leaving it till hair dry all the way)? 

Otherwise it becomes long process, Shampoo hair then apply Olaplex, keep it for 30 min and then shower again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@naturalooks15 Olaplex is only active as long as the hair is wet. So unless you are continuously spritzing your hair, it stops working once your hair is dry. It's not harmful, it's just no longer active. 

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@GG84 Any thoughts about the shampoo & conditioner (4 & 5)? 

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@GG84  Thanks for the info. I bought it without knowing much about the product and how it works. I guess I was expecting it to be a bit more slippy. I think I might try shampooing first since I go 3-4 days between washes and getting rid of all my tangles before applying it next time. How much product would you use for thick waist length hair?

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@GG84 I did but you hair just eats product. Maybe I overused it and I could do with less but it just didnโ€™t feel very saturated when I was applying it. 

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Day 2 Hair - wetted and a little b'leave in20181127_122201.jpg






The wave fell a bit by the afternoon but okay.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Your hair looks lovely in the photo @ShortErica. I still feel that your hormones are was is causing your curl pattern to not quite work to your satisfaction.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Hey there @ShortErica. Iโ€™ve been reading this thread for a while and thought Iโ€™d finally throw my two cents in. ๐Ÿ˜


I blew my hair out for years thinking it was only mildly wavy. A few years ago I noticed that no matter how I styled my hair and how much product Iโ€™d use, about 15 minutes after styling it would start blowing up and out. So I decided to go natural and, tada! I found out my hair had become CURLY. 


So the last several years have been of hair exploration. The curly products that work best for me are Deva, although I recently tried Mixed Chicks conditioning cleansing co-wash and like the results I get with this. 


I personally think the Deva products youโ€™re using are a little heavy for your hair. My hair looks curlier and fuller than yours (although my hair is fine) and some of those are too heavy for mine. Right now I use Noo Poo and One Condition, but sometimes Iโ€™ll use No and Low Poo mixed to wash. Low Poo alone doesnโ€™t feel conditioning enough for me. I also rinse out One Condition since leaving it in weighs it down too. While itโ€™s soaking wet I use Bโ€™Leave In on my crown where I need thickening and then work in some Ultra Hold Gel. Iโ€™ve tried Archangel but that leaves my hair unpleasantly dry and crunchy. Then I plop my hair for about half an hour while I do other things, and that helps to suck some water out if it and define the curls on top. Next (yeah I know โ€” lots of steps) Iโ€™ll diffuse and then put some clips in at the top of my head to give some lift. Right now thatโ€™s the routine that seems to work for me, but sometimes Iโ€™ll tweak and add something or switch up my shampoo. 


Has your stylist suggested some some additional layers to take some weight off the top? Iโ€™m thinking that could give you some extra curl and fullness without sacrificing too much length. Anyway, I feel your pain. Everyone thinks curly hair is so easy. I feel like thereโ€™s some sort of alchemy that goes into making it look right and then all you need is a drizzly day to ruin it all. 



 Hereโ€™s a recent pic of my hair:3F1ACBDD-5905-4DED-88A5-28E354193400.jpeg


And for giggles, this is about 5 years ago when I was blowing out my hair:





Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Thanks for sharing @jozkid. It was the first time I saw this stylist but surprisingly she listened really well. I've had lots of poor experiences with hair cuts. I think I will give her more leeway at the next cut. I just really wanted at least shoulder length and an easy ponytail hair style.


I plan to retry using low poo. And thanks for the styling products and feedback. I think my hair looked similar to years when I last did a chop. I will have to find a picture.


That's interesting about your hair change. You definitely rock the curly look!


I keep hoping for an easy routine. I used to just apply gel, air dry and boom curls and now it is all much more complicated. I've really appreciated everyone's comments and think that this will be an insightful year.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@ShortErica Iโ€™ll bet your stylist was taking baby steps with your cut. Itโ€™s easy to alienate a client by taking too much off, especially since you asked for being able to put it up in a pony tail. So she really was listening to you! You can always ask her what she envisions for your hair and then you two can negotiate. 


And dont feel bad about not finding the right mix of products yet. Iโ€™ve found that Deva products in particular can be mixed and matched in SO many ways itโ€™s maddening. Iโ€™m just finding the right mix and Iโ€™ve been at it for a long long time. Geez I feel like I own most of their products!


Actually most days are pretty easy for me hair-wise. I usually just have to dampen it and reactivate the gel (sometimes add a little extra), then clip and let it dry. Itโ€™s just wash day thatโ€™s more complicated and thatโ€™s getting easier. 


I wish you lots of luck with your hair adventure. Youโ€™ve got lots of good recs and suggestions. I know youโ€™ll find the right mix for you!  ๐Ÿ‘

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Thanks so much @jozkid!


This isn't the best picture quality but your curls on top reminded me of when I had some short pieces too.




It will be a learning process and I'm hoping the stylist is a keeper!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Holy guac @jozkid! Seriously a whole different person! I love your curls so much, they've become such a defining feature for you (at least in my mind) that it's so crazy to see you without! Both looks are nice, but I have mad heart-eyes for your beautifully curling hair!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Itโ€™s been a real learning curve for me @NotCrocker!  Lol! I blew out my hair for decades. I had NO idea it was this curly, but I also suspect the increasing grays were coming in coarser and curly

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

My mom had some serious curls as a kid (I have a pic of her looking like a perfect curly-sue doll), but has blown out her hair for most of my life. I wish she'd give into her curls too! My hair has curl-ambition but straight/coarse reality. It's a frizzy/crazy mix! It's definitely a surprise how greys come in @jozkid! Mine are all just around my face, and seem to prefer to stay short and so far very straight. 

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Mine are mostly around my face too @NotCrocker. I look like I have a completely different hair color in back. My grays are crazy. Some are curly, some are straight. All are coarse and unruly. ๐Ÿคช


It does amuse me though. I get a lot of random compliments on my hair from strangers. โ˜บ๏ธ

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@jozkid I just did a double take at this thread, I almost didn't recognize you!!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Crazy huh @GG84? ๐Ÿ˜

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Wow you look different with straight hair @jozkid. Do you ever let your hair completely air dry?

on a different subject my Shiseido order which shipped from Ohio just turned in the opposite direction. It took a 8 hour trip to the next large town to the west. 


Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I do sometimes @Loretta55, but it gets fuller when I diffuse. Curls stay more defined when I air dry. It really depends on if I have time to let it air dry. 


Shiseido is just playing with you now. I never understand the shipping patterns

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I have the same experience with my hair @jozkid. I am getting my hair colored and cut this week so I am letting my hair air dry today. It probably will not be dry until I am ready to go to bed. We have heavy rain today. I did do a deep conditioner with Devacurl Heaven in Hair. I sat under a heat bonnet for about 45 minutes.

RE: Ride the WAVE with me

Well, I guess determining which products *donโ€™t* work together can be as helpful as which ones do ๐Ÿ˜‚ Todayโ€™s second-day hair is not working for me. Deva Delight shampoo and conditioner, Deva volumizing foam on the top 1/3rd, Amika gel on the bottom 2/3rds. (Picture deliberately lightened to get a better view of the mess that is my head)

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