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Bringing out curls

I have 2c/3b hair and i currently have a hair routine but i don’t think it’s working, my hair tends to fall out of the curls and become a frizzy mess! I need help finding a affordable and not too long hair routine for me, a student, so my hair stays curly and not frizzy

Re: Bringing out curls

So I’ve learned that figuring out your porosity is super important and is really what decides what products you will use. So test it out, put your hair in water (cup of water, one little curl will do) and if it sinks, that means your hair absorbs water quickly and can also lose water quickly (my hair is this way). If it floats, your cuticles are so good that it’s not allowing water in. If it’s in the middle, means your hair is super healthy. 

so if it sinks, u need products that seals ur cuticle well to allow the water to stay in. But first of all, the key to taking care of your hair is your shampoo, conditioner and co wash. You should be washing your hair every 3 days roughly. Shampo/conditioner. 3 days, only co wash. But u know how dirty ur hair is. Basically just only use co wash, but when u feel u need a deeper clean, then use shampoo and conditioner instead. I use As I am pomegranate shampoo. It’s not too drying. I feel many curly shampoos are extremely drying and just cause me more frizz. I’m currently using the conditioner as well, it’s not moisturizing enough imo so I’m gonna try Shea moisture conditioner next. I use the as I am coconut co wash, the humongous thang. It’s wonderful. Highly reccomend. Then I use a double better afterwards to lock in that moisture since my hair sinks in the water, and just use Mielles pmogrenate mouse. AND THATS ALL I NEED. I use to use a lot of stuff, but learned it’s not needed. Now let’s say ur hair floated, a simple leave in conditioner and the same mousse should work. Or a light oil (argan oil that’s for light. ). Hope my novel of a post helps. 

Re: Bringing out curls

Thank you! I will try that!

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