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This thread is dedicated to all things Hourglass! One of my all time favorite brands Heart 


Direct Link to Hourglass Product Page 



Velvet Story Lip Cream: Hourglass Velvet Story Lip Cream 



Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Just a word to anyone interested in ordering an Hourglass Palette from Ulta.  I received my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Leopard Palette from Ulta yesterday, and it arrived in a bubble bag without any other protective padding added.  It somehow managed to arrive intact, but I certainly was worried until I got it open to inspect the inside.  By contrast, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Jellyfish Palette (with the Owl case) that I ordered from the Hourglass site came reassuringly wrapped in a bigger box and had extra padding surrounding it.

Good luck with your gorgeous Palettes!

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Great to know @tsavorite , and I’m so glad yours arrived ok considering the bubble bag. Ugh. I’ve had some stuff arrive that way from them and I open them with trepidation that’s for sure! I understand them wanting to use them but more inner packing bubble wrap etc  is definitely needed! Did you mention to them by any chance? I did with mine. Most of all, enjoy your beautiful palettes! 🥰

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Thank you, @Sunnysmom !  I will enjoy!  I love the artwork on the covers, too! 

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Hey, all!  I received my 2023 Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked palette today.  I ordered the owl case with palette 1.






Outdoors direct late afternoon sun.

Starting at the top:  top row left to right; bottom row left to right.




Outdoors indirect light 



Outdoors direct late afternoon sunlight 

Side swatches are the blushes from last year's butterfly palette.  Top swatch is from the top row; lower swatch is from the second row.



Outdoors indirect light 

With butterfly palette swatches



Bonus pic:  my assistant, Ivan. 😘


Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

@Titian06  beautiful palette, and beautiful swatches! I'm so excited for my palette 😁 And hello handsome Ivan! He looks almost exactly like the cat my family had when I was growing up, except that our Algernon had a pink nose. But I always have a soft spot for those dapper tuxedo kitties! 

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Thanks, @caitbird !  I hope you love your palette as much as I love mine!  Ivan is very handsome if I say so myself--thanks! 💖💖💖

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

You’re killing me with the swatches @Titian06!! They look beautiful. I must resist. Must. Resist.


omg, can Ivan be any more photogenic?!! Adorbs! And the camera loves him!!! 😍

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Of course you don't *need* this palette, @itsfi ! 😁  It's similar to last year's butterfly palette; but to be honest, I like it better.  Maybe consider getting it during Sephora's sale?  (I'm sure your list is already long like mine!)


Thanks for the wonderful compliments about Ivan!  He's my sweetheart! 🥰

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

@Titian06 ,

With an assistant like Ivan, you can't fail!  Your palette is gorgeous!  Inside and out!

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Thanks, @tsavorite ! 💖💖💖  Ivan's the best! 🐾

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Hello Ivan, you’re sooo cute. Your mom did great getting that beautiful palette 🥰 @Titian06 👏

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Meow (thanks), @blackkitty2014 ! 🐾💖🐾

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

@Titian06  Thanks for the swatches!  They seem to be leaning warm a bit on you; would you say so?  Please say so- I won't be tempted then.

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

You're welcome, @Ispend2much6 !  I'd say the colors are neutral to coolish.  I'm straight up neutral.

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Beautiful palette and I love Ivan, @Titian06!

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Thanks, @curlychiquita !  Ivan says "meow!"

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Beautiful on you @Titian06 ! 😍 Do you love it?! Oh Ivan you cutie ! Such a good helper! 🥰

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Thanks, @Sunnysmom !  I'm looking forward to trying it out tomorrow!

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

Does anyone know when the holiday palettes will be for sale on Sephora? TIA! 🙂

Re: The HOURGLASS Thread

@Harobedb - @Sunnysmom said September 22, so hopefully around then. 🤞

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