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The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Unless I’m mistaken, we don’t yet have a thread dedicated to this amazing brand and Founder/CEO, Danessa Myricks. She launched her line at Sephora in February 2021. I have been so impressed with everything I’ve tried from her brand! I have been following her on Instagram for many years prior to that and was so excited for her to come to my favorite beauty retailer, Sephora. As a makeup artist, she always seems so genuine, warm and positive, and her line was founded on inclusivity and creativity.


On her website, she has instructional videos, some free and some for subscribers or purchase. She does incredible looks with color, but I’ve always been impressed with her complexion looks on all skin colors, tones, and textures. I started following her when I was working part time as a makeup artist at Sephora and I wanted to become more familiar with makeup colors on darker skin tones.


My first purchases from her line were the Colorfix pigments, which can be used anywhere, can be mixed together, and are incredibly versatile. They come in mattes and shimmers/foils in a massive range of colors. Most recently I have absolutely fallen in love with herDanessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette - Illuminating Eye & Face Pigments . It is a phenomenally stunning palette with shades that are guaranteed to turn heads!


Even though I’ve even on a foundation no buy, I couldn’t resist her Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Serum Foundationand Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Glow Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide .


I’ve added a pic of my current DM collection below. I’m missing a couple items from this pic, so I’ll update once I have everything together. 


So, please join me in sharing your loves and observations and pics from this great beauty line! Please post here and tag me if you catch announcements of any beauty releases or other news!


DM Sephora Brand Page:



From the DM Website:





Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Part two of my Danessa Myricks collection: 


Found my missing Metals Pigment, and my new Yummy Skin Flushed balm & Dewy Cheek/Lip palette arrived.Found my missing Metals Pigment, and my new Yummy Skin Flushed balm & Dewy Cheek/Lip palette arrived.

(Part one was posted earlier.)


Photo contents: 

Colorfix mattes, metallic creams/foils, and glazes: pigments for use anywhere on the face and body. The mattes are good as cream eyeshadow, though they do dry down quickly and require fast blending. I like to mix the mattes with a tiny bit of Aquaphor Ointment to create creamy custom lipstick shades, and sometimes I do the same to customize blush—though I’ve also used the mattes as-is for blush. I’ve had some of these for a few years and they’ve yet to dry out in their tubes. Ive actually used entire tubes of the black, white, and 3 primary shades (red, yellow, blue), and repurchased them. But some of these will take a long time to use up since I don’t use ‘em as often. I might swatch all of them later tonight. 

Dewy Cheek & Lip, Dew It Undercover - from my latest Sephora order. These are 4 emollient multi-use creams. Surprisingly, I chose the neutral nude palette over the more colorful one. Eh, I wanted to try shades I don’t have many of in my collection, to encourage and inspire me to find different uses for each nude shade. I’ll cross-post my swatch photo (from the hauls thread) below; the deepest shade looks more purple in that photo than it does in person. It's more of a deep rich brownie batter shade with a purple undertone.  
Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Flushed, Golden Hour - also from my latest Sephora order. Feels and applies just like the original Yummy Skin Blurring Balm on my skin. I had no trouble building it up, sheering it out, and blending it with my fingers on one cheek during my short wear-test. It seems pigmented enough to work as a tinted balm on my lips, so I’ll try that sometime soon. 

Metals Pigment and Glitter: the 3 jars of multi-use loose powder pigment. I use them primarily as eyeshadow and eyeliner. As with any loose pigment, these work best with a mixing medium like Mehron Mixing Liquid, Inglot Duraline, etc. I’ve mixed a couple of them into Colorfixes for blush and eyeshadow. Cherry Moon is a red metallic holo. Fairytale is a warm purple metallic holo. Daydreaming is an iridescent blue to purple metallic. 
Colorfix Magic Set & Seal - a mixing medium similar to the ones I mentioned above. A friend gifted me this and I haven’t used it yet; I’m waiting til I finish my current bottle of Mehron (almost empty). 
Infinite Chrome Micropencils, shades Emerald and Lemon Quartz: duo/multichrome gel eyeliners. Pricy compared to some indie brands’ multichrome liners, but I like ‘em. They’re very smooth and don’t crumble during application. They’re not fully waterproof: when my eyes are in irritation mode, tears sometimes smudge these liners in the outer bottom corner. But they do hold up well otherwise. Here's my old swatch photo from elsewhere on BIC: 


I might still have a jar of Evolution Powder somewhere, and I could swear I have a Power Bronzer. Still haven't found my clear Dew Wet Balm either. Maybe they’ll pop up as I continue to randomly find misplaced makeup at home. 😄 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Part 2 of your collection is impressive!

@WinglessOne. Like wow!

Thank you for sharing everything 🙏 ❤️ 


I like her micro pencils too. I hear people find they use up quickly but they really are so smooth and vibrant, I think they are pretty fun.


I haven't run out yet thou 😋


I could be wrong but I think they are safe for the waterline? But I'll research that a bit, I could be totally wrong.


I think during the upcoming sale I might grab a full size blurring balm, I love it as a primer but I don't know if I'd stray away from universal or try for the colored options. Decisions 😅 they are not available in my area to check out in store and blind buys are hard.  

Are you still enjoying the dewy lip/cheek palette?

How is the blush blurring balm holding to wear?

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Another look today with the Lightwork IV palette





Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Oooh, I love the tropical/mermaid/unicorn vibe! Beautiful! @AznAngelLiz 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

I'm splitting photos of my Danessa Myricks collection into two parts. Here's part one: 
Photo contents: 
Waterproof Cushion Color: the 7 little jars at the bottom of the photo. Each jar contains a cushion loaded with color that dries to an unbudging matte finish on skin. As of last tonight when I checked, some shades—mostly blues—are still available at Danessa’s site and Beautylish. 

Shades pictured from left to right: Liquid Lilac, Bluejay, Atlantis, Kandy Apple, Electric Sun, Pretty Pumpkin, and Cloud Control. Bluejay's my favorite of the bunch and the one I use most often as eyeliner. 
Twin Flames shade Crazy 4 U: liquid duochrome eyeshadow. I havent used it much at all... gotta keep it out on my eyeshadow palettes shelf so I'll remember to use it. 
Lightwork palettes II, III Mini, and IV: the original I and II are powder highlighter palettes. The full size III sold out faster than I could order it, so I’m glad Danessa released a mini version, even if it’s missing a few of the original palette’s shades. (It seems she cut problematic performers from the mini, based on customer feedback she received.) And IV is crazy fun. Yes yes, “but indie brands have already done most of these duo/multichrome shades!” Didn’t stop me from supporting Danessa’s brand. 
Illuminating Veil: cream highlighters. The texture is a smooth thick gel that’s not chunky glittery. I like to mix these with facial oil, but I’ve also used them as-is. Mine are shades Attraction and Serenity. These come in an airless vacuum pump bottle, so you can tell I havent used up much product—because a little goes a very long way. These 2 will probably last me years, especially considering how many other highlighters I own. 😄 
Dew Wet Balm: a highlighting balm, kinda similar to RMS’s Living Luminizer. It gives skin a naturally dewy look. The shade in my photo is Hot Water. I also have the clear shade but can’t find it right now… I’m still in makeup moving & reorganization mode, so a few things are scattered about and apparently I don’t recall where I temporarily put ‘em. If I find my clear Dew Wet Balm soon, I’ll include it in the part 2 photo. 
Vision Flush shade Sugar Plum: semi-matte liquid for pretty much anywhere on the face. I’m not a big fan of these because they’re too heavily fragranced for me, so I rarely use Sugar Plum. I keep saying I’ll declutter it, but something makes me hold onto it. 
Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder: the mini is the Universal shade from my Sephoria kit. After using it a few times on my forehead and oily nose area, I bought a full size of shade 7 to use on and around my nose. It helps mask my redness and control oiliness. 
Swatches (these are all old photos I've shared on BIC before, so they may look familiar): 
I lightly finger-diffused the left end of each swatch.I lightly finger-diffused the left end of each swatch.1 Inglot cream shadow and 2 Danessa Myricks cream highlighters.1 Inglot cream shadow and 2 Danessa Myricks cream highlighters.Danessa Myricks Lightwork vol. III Mini. Couldn’t catch the duochrome shift on some of these swatches very well in my bathroom lighting.Danessa Myricks Lightwork vol. III Mini. Couldn’t catch the duochrome shift on some of these swatches very well in my bathroom lighting.

The aqua chrome shades will take some playing around to figure out.The aqua chrome shades will take some playing around to figure out.

Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion LinersDanessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Liners
I’ve misplaced one of my 3 Metals Pigment jars, so I’ll put off photographing all my Colorfix tubes until I can group them with the loose pigments. Hopefully I’ll remember to include eyeliner pencils in that photo. (Accidentally left 'em out of the part one photo.) I also have two new-to-me items en route from Sephora (the new Yummy Skin blush and a Dewy Cheek & Lip Palette), so... maybe I’ll hold off on the part two photo til those arrive. 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thank you for this detailed post @WinglessOne I loved reading about everything, and seeing the swatches 😄

I hadn't seen her Waterproof Cushion Colours before, they look excellent 👌 


I just check into her site quickly, every so often, to see if the palette I'm hunting for is coming back 😋

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thanks @CynthieLu ! The Waterproof Cushion Colors are worth trying. A couple of the lighter shades, Kandy Apple and Electric Sun, are patchy (as evidenced by my swatch photo) and need building up. Surprisingly, Cloud Control doesn't. 


You're in Canada, right? (Lightwork IV is still available on the US side of Sephora, assuming that's the palette you're after.) I'm sure you'd rather avoid duties, but consider getting on Beautylish's email list: IV is OOS there, but they do have a "returning soon" note on the product page, so you might wanna get on their restock notification email list. Do the same at Danessa's site, if you haven't yet. 🙂 I assume IV will return, perhaps as a mini version that might be missing the aqua chromes and/or pressed chrome flakes. In fact, I suspect the reason IV hasn't sold out yet at Sephora US is some folks are waiting for a less expensive mini version to be released, because that's what happened with III. Anyway, I hope you can get your hands on it soon! 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

I am trying to avoid duties @WinglessOne it's not available on the Canadian Site, and it was removed entirely (instead of the out of stock, it's just gone)

I was thinking that too, maybe a smaller version will be released and that's worth waiting for I think 😅

Buuut I had signed up for notification emails on the DM site in case it comes back, I'll probably head over to beautlish and do the same, thanks for the heads up on that one. 

The colours are just sooo gorgeous 😍 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@WinglessOne What a wonderful collection. I am yet to try the eyeshadows. Soon, I hope. I am a big fan of the Yummy Skin blurring balm. Once, I forgot to wash it off after a late night, and it still looked amazing in the morning, and my skin wasn't bothered.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thanks @Mellmars1185 ! I hope you can get your hands on either of the eyeshadow palettes! 


I have Linda Hallberg's pressed blotting powder that contains Upsalite. Using that on my sweaty forehead and oily nose helped convince me to try Danessa's Yummy Skin balm. Good to know it survives overnight wear! 😄 I wish the tinted versions had mini sizes for travel and on-the-go purposes. Eh, I guess I could scoop enough product out of my full size into a small jar or compact to last a trip. 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Amazing collection and thanks, as always for the detailed and helpful reviews. Those cushion colors are beautiful! I can’t find my clear dew wet balm either, lol! I haven’t had luck yet with the Yummy balm universal as it seems to separate but I want it to work, so I’ll keep trying, though I absolutely love the Yummy skin serum primer and foundation serum. On her last masterclass I attended, she says she is use the Yummy balm powder on her eyebrows to keep oil from coming through and keep color in place all day. Can’t wait for the rest when it turns up! @WinglessOne 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thanks @sister13 ! Bummer about the Yummy Skin Balm... could just be that your skin prefers the 2 liquid/cream products over the balm, or maybe the balm doesn't play nice with one of your other makeup products (if you use it under or over makeup). I've put a powder foundation over the universal shade on my forehead and that went well. I haven't tried using the balm under my eyes because I don't wanna lose what little natural oil I have there, but now I wonder if it'd get along with my concealers. Might do a little experiment with that on my cheeks soon. 


Hope we both find our clear Dew Wet Balms! 😄 I keep finding more makeup scattered throughout my apartment. Today I randomly found my missing Hourglass Scattered Lights, after I'd spent 30-60 minutes looking for them yesterday. They were in one of the kabillion makeup bags I've gotten as GWP from Ulta and elsewhere, along with—surprise surprise—more lipstick. 🤦‍♀️ I'll probably just kinda happen upon my missing Dew Wet Balm the same way. 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Yeah, I haven’t used it consistently enough or experimented enough to figure out what might not be working with it! That December challenge made me realize how things were organized sort of piecemeal and then I added things in drawers where there was room but not necessarily with its counterparts, so I need to work on re-organizing one of these days! @WinglessOne  

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette - Illuminating Eye & Face Pigments 

Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Flushed - Matte Color for Cheek & Lip 



Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

That green, that palette! 🤩💚

These look great on you! @AznAngeLiz

That looks so fun to wear too, was the Blurring Balm on both your lips and cheeks in this picture? 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@AznAngelLiz Stunning look! I am also curious about the blush.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Oh wow! Gorgeous - those greens! How do you like the Yummy cheek and lip? @AznAngelLiz 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Here’s my thoughts on the Yummy lip and cheek - super pigmented! It felt so smooth/thin that I made the mistake of thinking I needed more and I had to tone it down with some powder foundation on top. The color lasted all day but I noticed it moved downwards by the end of the day. 

The texture of this balm and the universal balm makes me want to try their colored balm. Thinking I’ll pick one up during the spring sale. 

@sister13 @CynthieLu @Mellmars1185 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Aha, great to hear! I’m looking forward to try it! @AznAngelLiz 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@sister13  Thanks for starting a Danessa Myricks thread! She definitely seems like the kind of person you could sit and chat with over coffee and tasty snacks. And I love that so many of her products can be used anywhere on the face and body. 


A couple of Colorfix shades were my first brand purchase, too. I went on to buy more of those, plus shades of Vision Flush (not a huge fan, mostly because of the heavy fragrance), Metals Pigment, Waterproof Cushion Color, and Illuminating Veil. I also have 2 shades of the Dew Wet Balm and a Twin Flames liquid eyeshadow, and I've tried Danessa's Evolution Powder in a couple different shades. My most recent purchase was probably the Yummy Skin balm. And I have Lightwork II, III Mini (missed out on the full size), and IV—which I agree is absolutely stunning. Might have a couple other products I'm not thinking of right now... I should pull all my DM stuff together for a collection photo soon. (Note to self!) 


Some of those products aren't available anymore, at least not direct from DM's site. I think you can still find a few shades of Metals Pigment (loose pigment) and Waterproof Cushion Color (liquid liner) at Beautylish. Some older Colorfix shades have also been retired, so I've been rationing the heck outta my Galaxy metallic Colorfix. 😄 


And I gotta say: Danessa always strikes me as genuinely positive. You know how some people are a bit... too positive, to the point where it feels forced and fake, and you know they're putting on an act or wearing a persona for some kind of personal gain? I never get that vibe from Danessa Myricks. Sure, I don't personally know her. But she's one of the very few makeup artists I'd enjoy meeting and spending a little time with, I think. 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

I think you are totally right @WinglessOne her smile is so friendly and just makes you want to smile back 😊

I second that, if anyone did make the master class, please share, what was it like? I'm soo curious but I was back to work 🍽


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