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Chanel Updates


Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up?

Share your Chanel finds, reviews and loves!

Re: Chanel Updates

@blackkitty2014 Here are my swatches of new Luminous Intense lipsticks in 847, 857 plus Gel Moisturizing gloss in 826. And eye quad. All very smooth.  Maybe I’m so used to it but I think the fragrance in lips is much less pronounced. The gloss is quite opaque too, I’m impressed. More so than in past so I’m glad for that change. Quad is soft but not too. Still a fan!  😊Wish Sephora had it as select Ulta do. Grrr. @TraceyEB @Ispend2much6 @Luvstravel 



FAF03614-7D62-49F2-83BD-BDEE75DAD49A.jpegLip 847, 857, gloss, eye quad

Lipstick case is so pretty with the gold piping! Heavy and luxe! 

Re: Chanel Updates

Thank you @Sunnysmom   I had been averting my eyes from this release but 847 is right up my alley. Just the excuse I needed to also try Rouge Allure Ink Fusion formula. 

Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom   Thanks for the tag!  I was hoping one of the reds would work for me, but I can tell they won't, especially after seeing them online.

But I LOVE the quad!  I saw someone on YouTube do a tutorial with it.  She has pale skin, maybe neutral toned but not sure, and it looked really good.  Her name is Angela Van Rose. 

Re: Chanel Updates

Aww that’s a bummer @Ispend2much6 .  Mine are very berry but others look more true red or pinky too. I thought you’d like the rosebud 807 for sure. I’ll look for the video! It’s so pretty. I can see myself using it a lot because I love the olive topazy goldeneye kind of tones so much! 

@Sunnysmom, Thanks for posting your swatches. They look g...

@Sunnysmom, Thanks for posting your swatches. They look great. Love the gloss swatch❣

@Sunnysmom, Just the quad and it shows it is arriving tom...

@Sunnysmom, Just the quad and it shows it is arriving tomorrow! My UPS usually delivers after 5pm, so I hope he makes it there before I leave for work at 6 😲

Re: @Sunnysmom, Just the quad and it shows it is arriving tom...

Me too @Luvstravel ! Paws crossed! Know you’ll enjoy it! 

Re: @Sunnysmom, Thanks for posting your swatches. They look g...

Did you say you were picking up any lippies or just quad @Luvstravel ? Didn’t look back lol . 

Re: Chanel Updates

Really pretty, @Sunnysmom!  I wish Sephora carried Chanel makeup, too.  

Re: Chanel Updates

😢 @curlychiquita . 

Re: Chanel Updates

Thanks for the beautiful swatches @Sunnysmom. Enjoy your purchase! That sounds promising about the lesser fragrance in the lip products. Do the RA lipsticks still contain the ingredient BHT?

Re: Chanel Updates

Hmm now I don’t know @Winthrop44 I do smell it but still seems less so. Don’t want to lead your incorrectly. Maybe my sniffer is off today also , hope not. 😕Yes I see BHT listed. Sad. Why Chanel why. 

Re: Chanel Updates

Thanks again @Sunnysmom. I know....scent is all in the nose of the beholder, lol. And I’ve even smelled JC blushes in the same shade where one had noticeably more fragrance than the other  too!

Re: Chanel Updates

Yup so true @Winthrop44 . And there are many I can’t tolerate scents of too. I seem to react more to a chemical kind of way vs floral or fruity if that makes sense. I don’t know why they have to have any to be honest! Some don’t! 

Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom - Thanks for the swatches!  I love the lipstick and gloss colors!  I'm not a fan of lip gloss, but that color is gorgeous.

Re: Chanel Updates

*Grenat- typo. I don’t read that description on site , must’ve been elsewhere. @Titian06 

Re: Chanel Updates

I’m not either @Titian06 ! This one really surprised me! Glad I risked it. Think description said brown red maybe? Maybe I am recalling wrong. Which I wouldn’t say it is at least not on me. I almost didn’t get it because of it but color said Garnet so that to me meant gorgeous. Lol. 

Re: Chanel Updates

Thx so much for the swatches @Sunnysmom .  Love your lippie choices there.  I think i want that gloss.  Hopefully it wont sold out by Nov Smiley Wink Edit: mine are coming tomorrow.  I'm so excited Smiley Happy

Re: Chanel Updates

I’m sure it won’t @blackkitty2014 .  Wonder if a way to get Chanel with 20% Ulta btw?! Call em?! 🤔. Wish they had holiday!! Can’t wait to see yours and what you think. Smiley Happy. I now want the other basic red lippie too. That case... swoon. Smiley Happy Too pretty to use. (Now we hoard backups... 😳). 

Re: Chanel Updates

swatches of the holiday collection from Silverkis

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.17.47 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.17.54 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.18.01 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.18.08 AM.png

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