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Chanel Updates


Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up?

Share your Chanel finds, reviews and loves!

Re: Chanel Updates

It’s so interesting how they can look both cool and warm in different shots right @TraceyEB ?! I ordered Tendresse and keep going back and forth on the other one bec it looks so good too! But truly so much money even tho TF is same so …🤷🏻‍♀️. I am really trying to be more judicious in what luxe pieces I am choosing and it’s s battle! Lol My SA swears the darker is warmer and her pics reflect it but Erin’s pics also look cooler. It’s a mystery 🧐. Same with Baume. What you gonna get? 

Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom, these palettes can look different depending upon one's skintone. It's hard to choose between them! I'm leaning towards Caractere. I was looking at my other Chanel blush/face palettes like Voyage de Chanel, Coco Code, and Sunkissed Ribbons and they have 11g of product in a regular sized  palette. These new palettes have 12g of product in an oversized palette. I suspect the wells in the oversized palettes aren't very deep. 🙂

Re: Chanel Updates

Interesting @TraceyEB . I’m sure they’re quite shallow too! I chose the lighter one but I keep staring at the other shades too! 😭 Send help! Will be fun to hear what you get! 🥰 

Re: Chanel Updates

Swatches and prices from Erin Nicole's YT video. Not pictured are the nail polishes ($30).


Yeux et Joues/Eyeshadow and Blush Palette ($90): Tendress is on the left; Caractere is on the right.



Baume Essentiel Rouge Frais ($45):



The repromoted RA Matte lipsticks:


Re: Chanel Updates

Giant blushes



Re: Chanel Updates

@Mochapj  the blushes are made by whom they look gorgeous 🥰

Re: Chanel Updates

Erin Nicole has posted a reel saying the Spring-Summer Collection launches March 1 but may be in boutiques now.  Here's what she posted and screenshots from her reel. There are also 4 matte lipstick repromotes with swatches below;  she didn't mention the the shades but @Sunnysmom has a post with them a few posts down. More coming soon on Erin's YouTube channel










Re: Chanel Updates

@TraceyEB those swatches are so pretty!

Re: Chanel Updates

@CookieGirl1, aren't they! Can't wait to see swatches of the other pieces!

Re: Chanel Updates

It’s wild this collection came first @TraceyEB ! My SA says she has it in now also but not the other earlier Feb part with our blush etc! These all look quite warm. Will be good to see some swatches or in person. 

Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom, OMG, you are fast on it! Yes, another warm shaded collection. Has your lovely SA shared the price of the oversized eye and cheek palettes? It is odd not to have the more Spring-like release come out first. 

Re: Chanel Updates

Ha @TraceyEB , no I just happened to be chatting with her and she mentioned it had arrived as I’d asked if the blush was in yet etc. They’re $90 big ones. Better be a large one eh. lol. 

Re: Chanel Updates

@Sunnysmom, thanks for the pricing info! They look big at 12g. It looks like we're getting the weight equivalent of two regular blushes but spread across four shades instead of two, so I'm okay with that. I thought they would be more expensive; they're exactly two $45 blushes before the prices increased to $47.

Re: Chanel Updates

Yup you’re right @TraceyEB . I just had sticker shock at first like always. They look very large! Thankfully! 😃😆😭

Re: Chanel Updates

This may be old news, and I knew the Ulta near me had the Chanel No. 1 skincare a while back, but I just went in the other day and they had a full on new Chanel counter with skincare and color! There was a little sign that said they were doing complimentary 15 min makeup or skincare services.  Anyway, I haven’t been in store in a while and thought I’d share! 



Re: Chanel Updates

@sister13, what a stunning display!! I need to stop in to my Ulta to see what Chanel offerings they have.

Re: Chanel Updates

Isn’t that so fun @sister13 ! Cool pics of yours. Love they have it as well! 💞

Re: Chanel Updates

That's really nice, @sister13! My Ulta got a Chanel counter but it's not that big.  

Re: Chanel Updates

Ahh, good to know! I spent my Ulta points in some No.1 but this was a surprise (and a temptation I resisted- this time at least!) @curlychiquita 

Re: Chanel Updates

Wow!  Thanks for sharing, @sister13 !  The last time I went into my closest Ulta (December), they did not have Chanel in store.  Maybe mine will get a counter too. 🤞

Re: Chanel Updates

@sister13 Congrats! It’s nice to have for sure especially if you use staples from the permanent line. I wish they would carry collections or at least more of the permanent shades. My Ulta has maybe 4-5 shades each of the perm RAs and RAVs, for example. I’m not really complaining though…I am very happy to have any Chanel at Ulta! Hope you get a counter at yours too @Titian06 !

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