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Bobbi Brown Thread

The Bobbi Brown thread.  Bobbi Brown was the first brand that got me excited about makeup.  So I'll always have a soft spot for BB.  And now Sephora has the amazing 25 year year palette.

Note, the holiday lip shade is sold out on Nordstrom.  I'm going to be watching for it on Sephora's site.



Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

The Friends and Family Sale with 25% off sitewide is on now through January 28; exclusions apply (see below). There are makeup and skincare gifts with purchase with an $85 spend (use code BBTrio for the makeup gift and Vitamin for the skincare gift) and an ice roller with $100+ purchase.


Note: exclusions include new products like the Vitamin Enriched Serum, new formula powder blush, new formula bronzers, and gift sets. Excluded items are not discounted.

Screenshot (452).pngScreenshot (451).png


Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

I think this might just be available in the US. I’m in Canada and don’t see the sale or offer on their website 😭

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Beauty event - today only : 25% off with code EARLY and BB Access members get 2X points when logged in to their account.


Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Rose Glow Collection Spring 2024.




Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

What pretty shades @TraceyEB ! Is the highlighter a repromote or new one? Looks different to me. 🤔 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Sunnysmom, the shades are so refreshing! The highlighter looks like a new shade (knock me over with a feather)!  In fact, this collection offers a lot of new shades. The repromotes I see are the Incandescent and Opal long-wear cream eyeshadow sticks (Incandescent was also a Luxe eyeshadow single) and the Cranberry lipstick.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

About time right @TraceyEB ?! Cool! Also not cool for a low buy spring! 😭

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Sunnysmom, finally a collection that doesn't repromote Pink Glow! Except for the highlighter, this would be the collection I would wait to come to the Company Company Store at a big discount.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Great idea @TraceyEB ! 🥰

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

This is crazy! The Glow With Luck blush/highlighter duos and Luxe eyeshadows that just launched are 50% off in the Last Chance section on Bobbi Brown US (sorry, not discounted on the Canadian site).


Also, the Light Bisque Color Corrector is back in stock in the Last Chance section.






Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Glow With Luck collection available now on BB US and Canada. You may need to search for the products (luxe eye shadow, soothing oil, pink glow for the blush/highlight duos) as the collection is not yet showing up in the menu.



Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Lunar New Year Collection Glow With Luck is available at Selfridges. No ETA for US/Canada release. The Luxe eyeshadow singles are the stars, particularly Garnet, featured in the campaign photo below.





Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@TraceyEB, will you pick up anything frim this collection? 


Garnet is a beautiful color. Sadly for me though (or perhaps not so sadly 💸), those types of red shadows do not play well on my lids. 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@itsfi, I'm planning to pick up Garnet. The others are tempting - I think the campaign photo is also showing Sparkler on the eye lids. Red eyeshadow is not for everyone, for sure. Wayne Goss  advised wearing brown eyeliner with reds as it cuts that sickly look one can get and that helped me wear it though not as boldly as one shadow all over the eye!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

I am going to live vicariously through you with Garnet @TraceyEB. Excited to see how it looks on you. I have a feeling it will be fabulously festive! ❤️

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Bobbi Brown has put more of its Holiday Collection into the Last Chance section at 30-50% off. The advent calendar is half price at $90!

Screenshot (428).pngScreenshot (429).png

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Love this palette! The shades and the color pay off are amazing! #bobbi brown 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

A few interesting new additions to the Last Chance 50% off sale: new formula skin corrector and concealer sticks, popular brightening blush, and 2023 Holiday Luxe lipsticks (Parisian Red and Afternoon Tea are in gorgeous LE packaging).

Screenshot (423).pngScreenshot (426a).pngScreenshot (427a).png

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Thanks, @TraceyEB !  My colors in the stick corrector and concealer were already sold out.  Not surprised since the lightest shade(s) usually go first! 😄

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Titian06, if these products are being discontinued, we should see them discounted at other retailers. The lightest shades tend to go first, unfortunately.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Thanks @TraceyEB . Ooh gotta get another corrector and concealer stick! How I love it. Are these being discontinued or just certain shades?! 😱grr if so!! Of course I could have looked before I asked this question! Lol forgive! I will now! 😂 Edit- looks like just certain shades. Rats. Oh well! 

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