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Bobbi Brown Thread

The Bobbi Brown thread.  Bobbi Brown was the first brand that got me excited about makeup.  So I'll always have a soft spot for BB.  And now Sephora has the amazing 25 year year palette.

Note, the holiday lip shade is sold out on Nordstrom.  I'm going to be watching for it on Sephora's site.



Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Added this to the brand list on Beauty news 🙂 THX!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@veronika23  Thank you!  You're so organized!!!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

You are welcome @meganlisa.  I sometimes forget which brand thread is on BT so might as well have links to them in one place. 😄

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

That is a beautiful palette, I just wonder what the price point on this will be, this is one that I would love to get.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@obnurse86 The palette is $200. You can see Tati's review of it on Youtube. 🙂

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Just saw this at Nordies, thought it might interest the BB fans here 🙂

Bobbi Brown lip set.png

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@meganlisa  FYI- I saw on another site that someone called Nordstrom and discovered that the size of these lipsticks is .07 oz.  The size of the regular ones is .12 oz. 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Ispend2much6 Small!!!  I guess for that price...

I did call BB direct and they will have it in October but don't know when.  Cutting it close with that coupon.  I might just take that chance.

Or, look at the lip palette @TriesToBoClassy mentions below.

I don't "need" more lipstick...

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@meganlisa, I want to be honest when I give my opinions about products, taking into consideration that everyone's needs are different.

I purchased the University Lip Palette last year, and promptly sent it back.  The quality of the lipsticks is not the same as the ones that come in the tube.  Very waxy and not smooth.  They even smelled differently.  Maybe I got a dud, but I have found that more often than not the palettes that manufacturers put out do not match the quality of their individual items.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Ispend2much6 I tend to be pretty honest too and, if I offend someone, well it is just my opinion.

I normally avoid lip palettes (like the plague) though I did just order a Cle de Peau one (so pretty).

I'm going to see if I can use my BB code on this...and hope that it's on the site before it expires.  If not, I'll get something else.

Thanks for the honesty!!!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

A lot of these shades should be in the Bobbi Brown University lip palette ($60). It's one i go back to regularly.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Oh, wow!  Her lipsticks are my favorite of her products!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@DaintyDiva This does interest me.  That is a lovely set.  Not sure I can justify it (do I have any Nordstrom notes hanging around?) but I still remember the original BB line and this makes me nostalgic.  

Are you getting it?

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@meganlisa no... but I think it's beautiful, it would make a nice gift.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Oh no :0  not another anaversery lip many lip sets...

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@meganlisa  Just so you know the vouchers expire October 9.

I don't have enough points for the BB reward, so I'm hoping for Hourglass. 

I did have a giftcard to Bloomie's, so I'm expecting the Union Jack eyeliner any day now.  Since I wear mostly neutral eyeshadows, I really like the idea of wearing more daring eyeliners.  I can always pare it down by applying it on top of a black liquid liner if need be.  Love that trick!

And, I'm thinking that it will match well with YSL's Faux Cils mascara in blue.  I like to add that on top of black mascara, but just from the underside of the base of my top lashes to halfway up the lashes.  I think it adds a brightening effect without being too much (I like subtle makeup.)  Sorry for writing a novel!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Ispend2much6 I like more subtle makeup too. Occasionally I go a little wild but mostly it's more muted.  When busy, easy and natural (idiot proof) looks save me.

I totally get your point on mixing the bright eyeliners/mascaras/black.  What a great idea!  I have a bright shu uemura I don't wear often and i should try it with a black liner.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

It's not my idea; I actually got it from Trish McEvoy (not Trish herself, from a video or one of her kits.)  In case you thought we would just be hanging out one day, talking about makeup. 😉

I was too lazy to even do easy makeup last weekend and I went to return a Lancome (gasp!) lipstick.  I was in very casual clothing, no eyebrows enhanced, hair wild, and lashes not showing very well.

The cashier suggested that I might like Butter London because it was a good lipstick and it doesn't cost a lot of money like Lancome!

Maybe she was trying to be helpful, but I do wonder if I just looked like I couldn't afford Lancome.  The power of makeup... 

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

@Ispend2much6 People treat us differently based on what we wear.  It's such a sad reality but is so true.  I'm So California based so it's especially true here.  What amazes me is that if I head to Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive they always treat me well...regardless of how I'm dressed...because it's the Disneyland of shopping and they act accordingly.

I'm going to try your Trish tip!

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

That is surprising!  What you say is true.

Re: Bobbi Brown Thread

Hi meganlisa,


What a great idea to start a Bobbi thread! I too have a soft spot for the brand. I just loved those rectangular shimmer brick palettes and would ask for them for bday gifts back in the day 🙂 


I love these Shimmer Bricks we have on the site now and I loved using the Illuminating Bronzing Powder over the summer.


Anyways, thanks for posting!