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Thinking of becoming a Blue-nette

Hi. I'm new to this part of Sephora but I'm hoping someone can help me out.


I've never been one for going wild and carefree with my hair. In fact, for the past 29 years I've either been "too young", attending private religious boarding school, or working in a job where I need "professional" hair color. I would have to say that the wildest things I've ever done in my life were a few blonde highlights, bangs, and a daring pixie cut when I was ten.


Now, however, I am no longer bound by the social and work environment that has been keeping me from experimenting with my look and I am thinking of dying my hair blue! It was the first color I wanted to dye it when I was 7 and would watch Sailor Moon on the Saturday morning cartoons.


I'm a natural redhead with "Porcelain" skin and a Color IQ of 2R05. My eyes are a greenish hazel, I guess? They tend to change color depending on what I'm wearing and have red freckles in them. My hair's currently really short due to a misshape involving an unattended child and superglue (long story), but I'm thinking of growing it out a bit before dying.


Thing is, I'm not sure what shade and possible cut would be best for me. Would anyone be able to help? I'm thinking a rich dark blue, but I'm getting conflicting advice.
 Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated! 

Re: Thinking of becoming a Blue-nette

Hey! I dyed my bleached, but grown out hair an indigo/ultraviolet in November. My colorist used a mix of Pravana Violet and Redken Broadway Blue. Like others, I definitely recommend staying away from anything that has a green base, as it will wash out in not the prettiest way. I think if you use a purple based blue, you should be fine. I would also think it would help make your eyes pop.Honestly, your colorist should be able to help you with this and with finding a color that compliments your skin tone.


As, you can tell from the ends of my hair in the last picture, I would also recommend bleaching out as much (residual) color as you can. My hair is light-to-medium brown with some auburn undertones. I only bleached it once, but it probably could have used another bleaching, or more bleach at the bottom of my hair. As such, when I bleached my hair, there was a decent amount of yellow left at my ends, and it has come through as my hair fades to make a weird bleached seaweed color. The rest of my hair has faded to a bluish silver or is still blue. For full disclosure, the parts of my hair that are super faded, got bleached by the sun. As you can also tell, the color didn't stay really at all on my natural color roots.


FWIW, my color IQ is 2Y04-06, depending on how tan I am. I think this means we are equivalent fairness, with different undertones. Also please note, I was testing out a foundation that oxidized like crazy in the middle photo, but the other two are with my bare skin. I really like how the dark color contrasted with my pale skin. I maybe changed up my makeup a little, but not much. I did avoid wearing certain purple lipsticks to avoid looking too matchy-matchy, though I never felt the need to start wearing foundation daily. At any rate, it's fun hair, you should have fun makeup, too if you want.


(I'm sorry for the quality of the photos; I never expected anyone else to see them....)





If you do go the bleach route (which you should), please make sure you go to a salon that has the Olaplex or Redken pH bonder available. It really does help keep the integrity of your hair better in tact, and is worth the extra charge. If you aren't sure you want to go full on head of blue, I would recommend getting some face highlights or the tips of your hair done. Also, if you want your color to stay any decent length of time, get used to washing your hair in cold water, with a sulfate-free shampoo, and as seldom as you can tolerate. I have really thick hair that I don't really apply any product to, so I wash my hair once a week to 10 days. That's the only reason my color has lasted as long as it has. I really hope you take the plunge; I waited almost a decade before going through with crazy color hair, and it makes me so happy. I wish I would have done it sooner.

Thinking of becoming a Blue-nette

Sounds like a great idea! As a fellow pale girl who has had most hair colours under the sun, keep in mind that the darker you go, the greater contrast with your skin, and the more any imperfections will stand out. I don't recommend anything with greenish undertones unless you want it to fade out sickly seaweed green. To get the richest colour you'll have to bleach your natural hair first, so make sure to have a good colour-safe shampoo and conditioner that will deal with the inevitable dryness. Personally I'd go with royal blue over dark blue, slightly less harsh against the skin, but you should do what's fun for you!

Re: Thinking of becoming a Blue-nette


I was honestly thinking something like this- with what my hair stylist said would be a black "smudging"?


Anyways, I really wanted to do this rich, dark blue, but I was concerned it might not look good with my skin tone.

That is really beautiful. It's not that it won't look goo...

That is really beautiful. It's not that it won't look good with your skintone so much as you'll have to change up what makeup you wear and the contrast will make any teeny zit look like a red spotlight. I find when I have dark hair I have to wear foundation to even my skin out, but when I'm blonde you just don't see the flaws as much. I say go for the colour you love!
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