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Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

Hey guys, i have a curling iron at my house that i sometimes use, but i doesnt work that great on my hair. I was wondering if a curling wand is better or just a different method. My hair is fairly straight, a little wavy normally and its pretty longish. Thanks!

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

I prefer curling iron, since it gives more control. It can give a tight curl as long as I set the right temperature and do not roll up from the bottom part of my hair. 

I'm using T3. 


Curling with straightener def. gives more control and tighter curls.  

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

My Favorite is Karmin Smiley Happy

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

It depends if you hair needs the amplified heat of the wand. Be sure to use a heatproof or silicone glove when using to reduce burns. My daughter uses the inverted curlipop want and her curls last for 2 days. Just be sure to use a heat protectant spray before hand. 

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

I prefer to use a straightening iron to curl my hair :-)

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

I think that curling wands do work better, because they make tighter curls in my opinion. I have the karmin g3 clipless and it's amazing so check one out!

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

WAAAANNNNNDDDDDDDD!!!!!! (not picking favorites or anything)

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

Depends on what you mean by doesn't work that great.


Essentially they are the same, if the problem is your hair not holding a curl, it will be the same in both cases.


I think the biggest difference is which one you are more comfortable using. Second biggest difference would be the barrel size.


I use a 1 1/4" curling iron to "straighten" my hair, because I find the results I get with a flat iron to be too flat and boring. The downside with this is, the iron clips onto the end of your hair, meaning the ends get a lot more heat/damage.


I use a curling wand when I wear my hair curly to fix up curls that are slacking. I've found the same tapered iron works very well in a huge range of curls-waves. The downside is it is tricky to use. My hair is always slipping down to the small end, they give you a glove to protect from burns but it is awkward, being right handed doign the right side involves all sorts of strange arm angles.


So, if you want to smooth out your hair and add some bounce, a large curlign iron should be able to do that for you. If you want to bring out your waves, try a smaller tapered curling wand. They make ones with ridges, which might help the slipping issue. If your hair just doesn't respond to heat, it is probably a produst issue rather than a tool issue.

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

For me, I have long straight hair and I prefer a curling wand because it looks really bouncy and super curly when I use it. For a curling iron it looks kinda non-natural. So yeah! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

I like the clipless curling iron, it's easy to use and it's similar to a curling wand. I have the karmin clipless too and it makes beautiful curls. I love it. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

I prefer the curling iron, specially the clipless one, I have the karmin g3 clipless and it's easier to use and makes long lasting curls. Smiley Happy

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

Clipless irons are the wands Smiley Happy

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

My hair stylist gave me great advice when he told me to just unscrew and remove the clamp from my curling iron.  I already liked the barrel size so it worked perfectly.  Even better - nothing new to purchase.

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

I'm with lylysa about doing research before purchasing either. But it also depends on what you want it to actually do. Are you going to use it more for waves, curls or the all of the above?



Wands are good for nice waves with not indentation marks but thats basically it. You can use a curling iron to make waves curl the ends and straighten.


I personally have all both and sometimes it can be a hassle to use them at the same time but I love my wand to make those nice soft waves that i really can't get from a curling iron. And I am able to do a large portion in little time. I have thick long hair so a wand does it for me but have to use a curling iron for my bangs. 


Hope this helps you... and good luck

Re: Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands

Which curling iron do you have?


I started using curling iron as a curling wand ages before the "wands" came to be popular, it's an old styling trick that gives virtually the same look.


The only thing I will say that is with a wand, because you don't have the clamp, you also won't have the worry about getting that line or indentation in the hair if the section of hair is thinner, thus giving a smoother curl. I've never had this issue as my hair is thicker, but I hae seen it come up before.


The best thing to do is do you research, find the proper barrell material and try to find either a wand or iron that has a variable temperature control option so you won't just have it on one super high heat setting and end up burning your hair.


Always prep with a thermal protector regardless of what heat tool is used.


You really can go either or, I like the iron option because you can use that as a curling iron or a curling wand, but a wand is always just a wand, you won't be able to clamp hair into a tight curl to roll down.

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