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What's on your plate?

Hello there, ladies and gents!


Keeping in line with all the fun and interactive threads asking about your most recent halls, items you have your eyes on, what you're currently wearing, what's your hair routine, and more, I've decide to branch out and ask:


"What's on your plate?"


The beauty world doesn't just stop at skin care and cosmetics, it also goes hand in hand with your overall health and well-being, so with that, I'm curious to see what we're all chowing down and snacking on be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or inbetween!


For those with apps that help count calories or to those who just want to keep a log, here's a place to share, possibly find and share some recipes, and even tips on maintaining a balanced diet.


Don't just share food items, but even drinks! I'm a huge fan of tea and at least have a cup of green tea a day (anti-oxidants) and drink plenty of water.


For lunch today, I had:


-Brown rice

-Steamed egg

-Steamed red snapper with green onion, sesame oil, and black pepper

-Gai lan (it's a type of Chinese vegetable/greens)


Now, tell me, Beauty Talk world, what do you have? 😄

Re: What's on your plate?

My son wanted his Grandmas mac and cheese for his birthday dinner. It was very easy to make but I am sure it will not compare to Grandmas.


Re: What's on your plate?

@Mellmars1185 I bet that was delicious,  happy birthday to your son

Re: What's on your plate?

@CorgiMommy Thank you so much! I have to admit it was one of my better batches ☺️

Re: What's on your plate?

@Mellmars1185 @That was so sweet of you to make him that. 

Re: What's on your plate?

@SportyGirly125 Thank you! He enjoyed it but his eyes were bigger than his stomach ☺️

Re: What's on your plate?

Your such a sweet mama @Mellmars1185 I bet he was so happy!  There's something special about being a kid and your mom making you your favorite dish. 

Happy birthday to your son! 🎁🍰( It's a fun coincidence my kiddo turned 13 a few days ago, looks like thier Birthday's are not to far apart. 🥳)

Re: What's on your plate?

@CynthieLu Aww thank you so much! Happy birthday to your little one too! The teenage years! How exciting! April is a big birthday month in my house. My SO's is the 21st.

Re: What's on your plate?

Miso salmon bowl for lunch 



Re: What's on your plate?

This must have been so tasty and win, totally healthy too. @SportyGirly125 😊

Re: What's on your plate?

@CynthieLu @It was delicious. 

Re: What's on your plate?

@SportyGirly125 This looks colourful, delicious and healthy! I like bowl meals.

Re: What's on your plate?

@Mellmars1185 @Me too. It’s close to the studio for a quick lunch which I love. 

Re: What's on your plate?

Very yummy,  enjoy!

Re: What's on your plate?

@CorgiMommy Thank you 

Re: What's on your plate?

A little snack, courtesy of Trader Joe's

4.2024 TJ’s Kimbap 2.jpeg

Photo credit: traderjoes(dot)comPhoto credit: traderjoes(dot)com

Trader Joe's Kimbap ($3.99) have a cult following and is nearly impossible to find. If you can find them, there's a limit (at least here in SF) of 2 per person, to allow everyone an opportunity to buy. One of the best items I've had from Trader Joe's.


Cross-posted to The Trader Joe’s Thread 

Re: What's on your plate?

@itsfi This looks very tasty. Next time I am able to go to a Trader Joes, I will try to get this.  Can you eat right out of the package? Does it require any heating?

Re: What's on your plate?

@Mellmars1185 @You have to heat it up. I tried it and my Mom, Dad, and I thought it was okay could be better. 

Re: What's on your plate?

@Mellmars1185, the one from Trader Joe's has to be heated in the microwave. When I pick up kimbap from the Korean market, I can just pop 'em in my mouth straight from the tray. There are usually usually dipping sauces for kimbap (or a package of soy sauce with the ones from the Korean markets), but they also taste delicious without.


Okay, now, it's stop by the Korean market and pick up Korean tofu stew on my way home today. My goodness, it seems that more than just by beauty shopping list gets longer thanks to the lovelies here on BIC! 😉 @blackkitty2014 

Re: What's on your plate?

Well I try to distract you from the beauty sale @itsfi 😘

Re: What's on your plate?

lol, you're doing a magnificent job @blackkitty2014! A++ 😘 


I have a small list with products I give myself permission to purchase when I'm on a no-buy if the item releases or comes back in stock during a no-buy period. I will be re-working that list this weekend; it's, errrr, gotten a tad longer than it's supposed to be. 😅 


btw, if you make hot pot or go out to Korean food, post pics, blackkitty2014! 

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