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Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Okay, BTers.  It's a busy day for me, but rote-work busy and my brain is b-o-r-e-d.  So I started thinking about revamping my wardrobe as it's time for some updates.  And then I started thinking about styles I like, people whose style I admire and those than I think are somewhat disastrous.  


There are a lot of famous women I admire for their style; however, my personal icons are made up of women who are, perhaps, not conventional beauties or dress completely outside the norm.  Some are inspirations for clothing and makeup, others are inspirations for their confidence and attitude.  Like...


Anna Piaggi,


Charlotte Gainsbourg,


and, Audrey Hepburn. 



Hopefully I won't get blasted for this but, for me, I see Kim Kardashian as a fiasco.  There doesn't seem to be an ease or organic sense of style and she doesn't dress for her body.  She often seems overly made-up and it seems she has also started playing with her face.  That's just my opinion, though.


I'm curious about other people's style icons and influences.  Who are yours?



Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I agree that's why one of my goals is "dressing to express yourself". I have the same ol' boring clothes and I would LOVE have money and shop in the mall for clothes, buy lolita dresses, and freaking goodwill. (You see old styles that pop up in there when it come back so why not?) I admire people who dress like that. 




Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Style Icons: 


Helen Mirren, if we could only all be so fabulous:


Helena Bonham Carter - because she does her own thing, whenever she wants:



Patricia Morrison (Vanian)
I tend to find more inspiration in individual looks or images, rather than a walking, breathing person. 

Like this picture of Scarlet Johannson:




Or this one of Christina Hendricks in a moto with a compound bow:


My favorite fiasco - I love some of the things she does but a lot of the time she's a hot mess: Beth Ditto



Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I was actually looking through pics I'd faved and realized that I draw a lot of inspiration from Sonlange Knowles,





and Lianne La Havas.


To me, they all seem to have styles that are unique, effortless, feminine (without being overly girly) and extensions of their creative sides.

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

For me right now, Lana Del Rey is tops. I can't get enough of her styles. Others seem to be character based as well; see all of the female leads and supports of American Horror Story. Namely Lily Rabe. Also, Krysten Ritter, Kate Maragrant.jpglana.jpegkrystenritter.jpglily.jpgmara.jpg


Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I absolutely adore Ms.Kat Von D. Her style is incorporated in everything she does. Her makeup line, clothing line, books, & even her tattoo shop. What I love so much about her makeup line is that she's 100% invested in it.

image.jpgEmma Watson is a total babe. Nuff said. & it's hard not to look at her if she's at any carpet event. 

image.jpgLana Del Rey - no explication needed. 

image.jpg& more Kat Von D, cause that's how much I love her. 


Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

love love love Lana

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I actually really appreciate KVD.  She's got ink, and she is still feminine.  I honestly think she is part of the reason tattoos on women in the corporate America are becoming more acceptable.  Of course, tattoos are like clothing and makeup: some are well-done and tasteful, others are just awful.  Unfortunately, they're not as easy to fix as clothing and makeup.  As a very-inked girl in a very corporate environment, I'm glad the attitude has become more accepting.

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Being a big chick myself, I'm happy that a thick woman like Kim Kardashian is seen as attractive.


That having been said, she is indeed a train-wreck. Somehow, despite having pleeeeenty of money, she manages to look cheap. 


Meanhile, I wouldn't call him a fashion icon, but oh dear god, I love Tim Gunn. I mean, seriously. Love. Him. 




Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

LOVE Tim Gunn! "Make it work!"


Anyone remember Santino's robotic Tim Gunn impression?!
SO funny!



Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

YES! He nailed it! Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

So glad I'm not the only one that remembers it! I still hear it in my head looking at the picture! haha. And thank you, Kittichick, you have given me my 1000th heart! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Holy moly! Sweet!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I'm slightly obsessed with Victoria Beckham (post Spice Girls).upload_4223057957557352040.jpg


And I love Sofia Vergara's style (maybe it's just because I think she's so stunning lol)



I would never dress like Helena Bonham Carter, but I love seeing what she's wearing. She's a beautiful fiasco IMO.





Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I'm a big Helen Bonham Carter fan and so is my boyfriend! Smiley Happy She's so fabulous and I love her acting. 

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I think Helena Bonham Carter is very pretty! She is a good actress too

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I think she's stunning! I love her attitude too--she wears what she likes and doesn't seem to care what anyone else thinks. And wearing different colored shoes at the Golden Globes? Yeah, she's amazing.

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Someone already mentioned Gwen Stephani, but also for me...upload_4134668164933649087.jpg

Shirley Manson from Garbage also stumbled into a similar fountain of youth

upload_348849785394549714.jpgHot mess from Germany, Nico RIP

upload_1557753925548250259.jpgAnother one of Andy's hot messes, Edie Sedgwick RIP

upload_5245948564852884101.jpgDebbie Harry forever


Tina Fey because of her humor and there aren't a lot of celebs I see in glasses often!

upload_2654652758431738859.jpgI don't care if you think she is a fiasco, but I love me some Lena Dunham, too! For her humor as well and representing non-model shapes!

upload_6617980789856165158.jpgJohn Cameron Mitchell played on Girls, but I love him as Hedwig! Not that I don't think Neil Patrick Harris will be amazing on Broadway, but I love the film version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch so much!

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Yes for Shirley Manson! Redheaded when it was seriously out, outspoken, and all around awesome. Smiley Happy 

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Debbie & Shirley!

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Tina and Leah are both great! Smiley Happy

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I wont blast you for seeing Kim Kardashian as a fiasco, I completely agree. She's been testing out the tensile strength of thread for years! Now I've been known to sport a bit of cleavage every now and again, but she's busting out of every ensemble she wears. Legs, muffin-top, breasts... everything is trying to escape all at once. She can afford a seamstress... she can afford to purchase clothes that properly fit her body.. but she chooses to look cheap (in my opinion).


I LOVE Grace Kelly! So elegant and gorgeous and still a bit carefree. Something about her makes me want to put on a scarf and drive around in a convertible (if anyone has any vintage scarves... send them my way! I'll work on the convertible part on my own. haha)





Also, I dream of looking like Bridget Bardot!



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