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Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

So, it's time to go on an extended no buy. I have more than I could ever enjoy for quite awhile.  However, if you have gotten to know me a bit- it's going to be easier said than done!


So, this thread is hopefully going to be a support group for me- and anyone else who wants to join me in a summer of no buy.


The tricky thing is that I've got about 40% of my toner left and maybe 20% of my daytime moisturizer- and I see pan on my HG concealer.  I have to buy the concealer since it's a staple product (and I have used up all of the other concealers that match my skin). I'd like to use up some skincare before repurchasing my daytime moisturizer- but if my skin reacts, I'll revisit the issue.


When will the no buy end?  I'm not sure, but fall collections will be on counters, if not on the leaves!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

dont do it. something will come along this fall that is an even better deal

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I was going through my emails and saw a Kate Spade flash sale announcement I meant to click on this AM- I spent my LMdB money on the very ring I was looking for at the outlets over the weekend, on awesome sale.


So, yes, you're right!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

What's LMdB stand for???  I never know what anything stands for...

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Le Metier de Beaute- awesome, under-the-radar brand that's at a handful of Nordstroms, Neimans, and possibly Saks. Prices are equivalent with Chanel/Dior.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I'm doing a no buy for May, and it is super difficult. I'm also doing clothes, shoes, and accessories. I had to go to Target to get a few cleaning supplies, etc, and there, right on the end cap, was a dress I had been eyeing for a while, but on sale! (I almost always wait for clothes to go on sale at Target before buying them, because they always do... then more money left for makeup, ha.)


I'm not sure how it is only the 15th because it seems like it's been forever. Smiley Sad Smiley Sad


But good luck @starletta8! You can do it!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Well, the end of my haul (except one box) arrived today and reinforced my need to be on a summer of no buy!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

OMG Starletta8---  you put my makeup funds to shame.  I thought I spent a lot, but I can't keep up with all your hauls, I'm so jealous.  When i look at your stash, I keep seeing things I should have, but I def cannot afford it right now.  I'm trying to hold out for the sun safety kit and thats it for a while, hopefully.  


My weakness will be when a VIB promo comes out and I'll need an excuse to redeem it.  I mean, a true VIB cannot just let a VIB promo code go to waste. 

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

HA! Well, I have a budget each month for "entertainment". I consider beauty part of my entertainment- so it just means I trim from other activities.  I'm working more hours and packing more lunches, so I have less of a need to devote that money to eating out, etc.  Plus, I wasn't into the latest fall/winter collections, so I had a slush fund sitting around I put to good use.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Cool, I do that too! My monthly budget for movies, eating out, etc. also includes makeup! It actually helps me stay thin lol

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I'm so in on this. When i first saw this i was like oh idk if i want to do this, i haven't been shopping that much. Uhm i just looked at all my recent orders and calculated how much is spent since Jan, Uhmmm I didn't realize just how much it was. I have two reasons to stop spending for the Summer at least. 1 It will be good to use up the things i currently have and use up samples, most of what i buy is skincare and i have more than enough for months to come. And reason 2, My sister is Pregnant and she really wants a Coach Baby Bag and I already promised i would get it for her. So that something i could save up for since it's $400. I will hopefully not buy anything from Sephora, The Sun Kit doesn't count though...I Need it..Lol But that will be it!! I hope i won't be tempted with Promo codes!! Or Perks!! 

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