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Pet Paradise

Show off pics of your pets, tell stories, anything you want to share about those special animals in your life 🙂 Post as much and as often as you want!

Here are are my fluff babies DJ and Gunner (also called Lulu or Lou). They are mother and daughter. DJ is my baby and Gunner is a daddy's girl. They are approximately 9 years old and very spoiled!

This is DJ. She loves to be near me.

Miss Gunner Lou loves her catnip carrot


Re: Pet Paradise

They’re both gorgeous @ather ! I’m glad that you rescued Peach, she deserves a loving home ( Chanel also ) ! Kauai and I send our love to all of you! 😻😍

Re: Pet Paradise

@keana1  Aww thank you!! Kauai is beautiful too and lucky!! Our neighbours cat is black and his name is Onyx and he always sneaks in my house and hangs out at my door. I have a special spot in my heart for black cats!! 

Re: Pet Paradise

Thanks @ather ! 😻

Re: Pet Paradise

@ather ,

No, she loves you!  Cat in your face- I can identify with that.  Peach is such a beautiful kitty!

Re: Pet Paradise

@tsavorite  Aww thank you!! She actually lays on my chest and licks my face she’s so funny. 

Re: Pet Paradise

She such a pretty kitty, @ather!

Re: Pet Paradise

@curlychiquita  Thank you!

Re: Pet Paradise

She is so pretty @ather!💕

Re: Pet Paradise

@faeriegirl  Thank you!! I still can’t believe someone would throw her outside. She’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever had. So loveable. 

Re: Pet Paradise


Aww of course she does!! How cute 💕

Re: Pet Paradise

@GG84  99% of the time she’s on my chest or in my face. She’s so sweet 

RE: Pet Paradise

At my mom’s for the holidays! She has four sweet doggies! 💕💕💕

Re: RE: Pet Paradise

This is amazing! I love golden retrievers! They are all so cute @sister13 ! 


Best Wishes,



Re: RE: Pet Paradise

@sister13  Omg soooo cute!

Re: RE: Pet Paradise

@sister13 What cute babies! 💕💕

RE: Pet Paradise

Aww adorable

Re: RE: Pet Paradise

Hi @sister13,


They are too sweet! 



Re: RE: Pet Paradise

They really are such sweeties, @sister13!  I'm glad your mom is getting better.  I hope she's home soon!

Re: RE: Pet Paradise

@sister13 ,

Aw!  They are the sweetest dogs!!

RE: Re: RE: Pet Paradise

They are! TheJack Russell, Tucker is a recent addition, a family friend couldn’t take care of him anymore. Mom’s been in the hospital for two weeks, so I’m staying with them! She’s finally doing better, so we are Hoping she’ll be out in time for Christmas! 💕💕💕 @tsavorite

Re: RE: Re: RE: Pet Paradise

So glad to hear your Mom is doing better too, @sister13 - very cute pups☺️

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