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Health and Sanity Check-Ins

Things are crazy now. I think we are all trying to stay healthy and maintain sanity as well. I thought I would start this thread so folks can check in and discuss how they're doing. I want all my BIC friends to be okay. I will kick this off with a first post. Take care of yourself lovelies.

I hope they let you bring them stuff, @MissPuff!

I hope they let you bring them stuff, @MissPuff!

Re: I hope they let you bring them stuff, @MissPuff!

@curlychiquita  They LOVE me bringing stuff to them, but then also want to go out, or want me to come in and hang (never mind that I'm still actively working since I'm in food manufacturing). They were better this weekend, the news is starting to freak them out. 

I'm with you @MissPuff. I told my mom whatever she needs...

I'm with you @MissPuff. I told my mom whatever she needs I'll get to her. She lives about 15 minutes away. Tomorrow after work I'm dropping of Sudafed to her door in a sack because our allergy season is in full swing in Louisiana. I told her if I don't have it, I'll get it shipped to her, so please stay indoors. She's a gym addict at 76 years old and truly feel bad or her home alone, while I at least have my husband, but at least I can say she's still here and I'd like to keep it that way. I would like to reiterate what MissPuff said, please stay at home and encourage others also.

Stay on them however you get it accomplished! This articl...

Stay on them however you get it accomplished! This article is enough for me to tell my mom anything to keep her home!

Re: I'm with you @MissPuff. I told my mom whatever she needs...

@Luvstravel  My dad's a gym rat too so this is grating on him so much! Ugh, I can't imagine allergies on top of this! Luckily/erm, or not, it's SNOWING right now, so I think we'll be spared allergy season for another couple of weeks.


I've resorted to guilt-tripping my mum to stay indoors 🙂 What if something happened to you, I'd never forgive myself! THINK OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. (sounds nuts, but it oddly works on asian parents).

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

Definitely feeling you on this @MissPuff my parents are in their lates 60s and both diabetic. My mom went volunteering on Monday and my sister had a meltdown over it. My entire immediate family including me is diabetic. My sister and her husband work in healthcare and have urged us to take this seriously and stay in. They keep going out.

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

@sprocketta  Oh man! That would give me a heart attack! Are they better this week!? My dad was all, we're not that old, and I had to break it to them, that YES, they are that old. 

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

@MissPuff it is not better. They went grocery shopping Thursday. Okay, 1 day a week is okay. Then yesterday they went for a drive to Costco for gas, and decided to go in. I was questioning why they did that and then my mom let it slip that they went to another grocery store as well. I know they only go to that store for special things, so I asked what they went for. My mom's answer was, "Fresh garlic and the ham patties your dad likes." I got really upset. Those are not necessary items. I gave her a hard time and then got off the phone because I was so upset and yelling at her wasn't going to be productive. It kept me up late last night and I had nightmares all night of them getting sick. They seem have this idea that because it's okay to go to the grocery store that they can just go a lot when they want to get out. My sister and I are very frustrated and upset. I don't even know what to say to them anymore.

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

I’m supposed to go back to work in a week. I work in the administration of a large hospital with corona patient(s). I’ve heard admin nurses have been called to the er. I got shingles in February so I know my immune system isn’t up to par. I’ve asked to telework but my boss is playing it coy. I strongly suspect she’ll let me, but it’s giving me anxiety that she didn’t just say yes. Anyway. I’m not going back in and she can try to replace me if she wants. Good luck interviewing right now!  😤


had to vent. 

my other concern is how long can you reasonably expect anyone to self quarantine when they’re not even sick?!  My socially responsible friends are already starting to crack!  My husband has a colleague who’s become a hypochondriac. I honestly don’t know how long I can do this. I’ve already been home with the baby self quarantined more or less for 12 weeks. I need a break and was really looking forward to going back to work. 

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

Oh @itscarin, I've heard having the shingles can be really painful!  😞  I am hoping that you get the approval to work from home!  I think with everything going on right now, if it is at all possible for a person to do their job from home, they should 100% be allowed to do that.  It not only helps that person, but helps everyone as there is less chance of spread if less people are in contact with each other.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

@mrsmouse Fortunately, a letter came in from HR saying everyone who can should telework so it’s out of my boss’s hands!  😎. Looks like I’ll be working from home. Commute time: 0. 🥳

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

Yay @itscarin!!  That is encouraging for sure!  This is how it should be until things settle down.  

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

@itscarin  Aww I’m so sorry. I hope everything settles down!! 

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

I hope your boss let you work from home so you can stay safe with your baby.

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

Ooh, @itscarin, shingles?!  That's rotten.  And I can understand why you'd be ready for a break; I still go to work during the day but I'm not spending *quite* as much time out in public (let's face it, there isn't much entertainment out there) and I'm already feeling stir-crazy.

@itscarin, I know it's disturbing when the news media rep...

@itscarin, I know it's disturbing when the news media reports a daily tab on deaths in each country, but with Italy passing China's death rate, (and we thought China was bad on it's outbreak numbers) the U.S is so much larger. It's enough to scare me, I'm done going anywhere, but home and work (which I hate I have to go to work but being a fire dept dispatcher, it's mandatory) stay safe and keep your family safe!

Re: @itscarin, I know it's disturbing when the news media rep...

@Luvstravel Thank you for your service. I don’t track the death tolls I’m just looking at what the experts are saying and they all seem really scared. The talk about having to decide who gets a ventilator is scary. 

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

@itscarin Oh no you got shingles. I hope you are recovering from that. I have had it too and it’s the worst. At this time even though you want to go back to work and have a break it’s best to stay at home with the baby.  Plus they grow up too fast.   

@itscarin, I always felt a lot better when my boys hit 8...

@itscarin, I always felt a lot better when my boys hit 8 months. At that age they can't talk yet, but they can sit up and their facial expressions are developed enough that you can tell when something is really wrong. It won't be too long. ❤

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

@SportyGirly125 I can’t complain. It was just itchy for me but I was terrified I was going to pass chicken pox on to my baby. Thank god it was on my back and he didn’t catch it!  I might be the only person who wants the baby to hurry up and grow. I’m not a mind reader and I want to know what he’s going to look like. I wish there was a spoiler for kids!

Re: Health and Sanity Check-Ins

Hopefully she lets you know soon @itscarin!