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Bath and Body Works

I've mentioned Bath and Body Works in a few other posts today, so why not start a thread on it? lol.  I'm sure I'm not the only person on here who loves that store lol.


Anyway, one of my favorite scents by them is Sweet Pea.  I currently have it in a body wash, and I love how one bottle of their body wash lasts a good while.


I love their hand sanitizers.  They're not as drying on my hands as other brands, and they smell good.  With the little holders you can buy, I have it attached to my backpack so I know to use it lol.  I currently have one in Nectarine Mint.


I love the various seasonal items they put out throughout the year.  Last winter, I fell in love with Winter Candy Apple.  I bought a bottle of lotion in it for myself, and gave it as gifts to my boyfriend's mom and one of my cousins.  They loved it as well.  I still have my bottle of it since I put it away when winter was over, but I hope they bring it out again.  Their Halloween stuff is adorable, too.  I have one of the Wallflower bulbs that's decorated in Skulls lol. 


I also like their lip products, especially their Lip Licious Glosses.  I've finished off a couple, and the ones I currently have are Pink Grapefruit, Fiji Passionfruit, Butterscotch, and Vampire Vixen (black Cherry).  C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries' My Favorite Night Balm is also amazing.

vampire.jpg     night.jpg



Please say I'm not the only one addicted to this place as well? lol

Re: Bath and Body Works



Re: Bath and Body Works

Does anyone know when they'll be getting in their "new" stuff?  I know it's their semi-annual sale right now.  I'm hoping to get together a Valentine's Day package for my sister, and need a lot of lead time.  She's living on a military base right now, and the package will take weeks to get there.

Re: Bath and Body Works

@greeneyedgirl107 The Valentine's and spring items are starting to trickle in now. I've seen a few people post finds from their local stores over the last two weeks over on the B&BW reddit page. The website has just a couple of new things up now, so I'm thinking they'll be releasing more very soon. Hopefully you can find what you need in time for the care package! 

Re: Bath and Body Works

@quspork Thanks for the info!  💝  

Re: Bath and Body Works

Love their set up and the cute stuff they have for the holidays 





Re: Bath and Body Works

Ughhhh so cute!!! @SportyGirly125 who could resist that set up??

Re: Bath and Body Works

@lmaster I want it in my home.

Re: Bath and Body Works

@SportyGirly125 I’m so tempted by the Christmas candle holders, they’re all so cute. The ones they had for Halloween this year were really cool.

Re: Bath and Body Works





Re: Bath and Body Works

@lmaster @itsfi @eshoe Look more avocado goodness 



Re: Bath and Body Works

Ohhhhh yes!! @SportyGirly125 🙌❤️

Re: Bath and Body Works

I wish I could do fragrances! Unfortunately, the smell of that store is too strong for me and I can't shop in there without an awful migraine. But it is one of my favorite spots to buy Secret Santa gifts and easy birthday gifts for friends I *kinda* know because almost everyone loves BBW. 🙂

Re: Bath and Body Works

I love BBW! Love their vanilla bath products, wallflowers, room sprays, hand sanitizers, & candles.  I guess I love it all.  It's nice that they always have coupons and they make nice gifts. 

Re: Bath and Body Works

I love that store, I have the sweet dream peony but in perfume, it does smell good 🙂 I also have the cucumber melon lotion , my mom uses the cherry blossom perfume c:

Re: Bath and Body Works

I absolutely love Look Ma, New Hands from the True Blue Spa line.  It is the only lotion I've found that keeps my hands soft all winter long.


I also love their Wallflowers! Perfect for making my apartment smell delicious.  I can't wait to pick up a few holiday scents, like Gingerbread and Twisted Peppermint.

Re: Bath and Body Works

@lovelyheather  I love the Wallflowers, too.  I've already got one Christmas scent put back for when that time rolls around.



Speaking of Christmas, I am so glad Winter Candy Apple is back out!  I LOVE that scent!

Re: Bath and Body Works

I must admit.. I love the holiday Noel Vanilla or Vanilla Noel/Vanilla Bean (I entirely forgot the name!!) soap! I bought the lotion.. lipgloss.. scrub.. nothing compares to the ani-bacterial hand soap with the vanilla christmas scent!! That is my all time favorite and I do wish Sephora had one close to it! 


I went to visit my sister who lives in Portland Oregon and when she ran out of soap during my visit.. she brought out a brand new bottle of the Vanilla hand soap! Very tempted to sneak it away with me on the plane back to San Francisco! hahaha 😉

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Bath and Body Works

@diana- haha! Maybe you should hint around for some of the Vanilla hand soap from your sister for the Holidays....

Re: Bath and Body Works

I have the driest lips in the world and I swear by mentha!

Every time I go to the mall I go to bath and body works!

When we went on a class trip to Washington DC we all went to a real mall. It was fun because there were all the DC merchandise, the hats and sweatshirts and everything. My friends are not into girly stuff at all. They can't pronounce Sephora and rarely put on lotion. I didn't care! They were coming in Icing and Sephora and Bath and Body works whether they liked it or not! I bought a mini fourth of July hand sanitizer and eyeshadow in Icing (I forgot all my makeup, there was a dance the following night, and I was freaking out). I still have the eyeshadow, it is a beautiful pink and purple duo which I used on my cheeks lips and Eyes, so I was all set. Whoo. Saved.


Yeah anyways, the moral of the story IS I can't be near a bath and body works without going and spending!


The most embarrassing thing is, I can't help but confusing the name with bed bath and beyond! I ask a staff in bed bath and beyond was once and he just looked at me. When I realized what I said I turned bright red and I was like OMG I'm so sorry blah blah blah. I then corrected myself, "Im looking for Bath and BODY WORKS" and he told me where was. My mom was laughing hysterically at me.


~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: Bath and Body Works

@berniebeauty  You're not alone, I also get the names mixed up at times lol.  When I get tongue tied as to which one I'm about to say, I'll say "the store with all the good smelling stuff" or "the store that has pretty much everything" lol. 


@geminibreeze  Glad that you liked it!  I think it'll come in handy for winter as well.  B&BW should make some sort of gift set with that product.  Perhaps a bigger tube of it for the holidays lol.

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