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BB, CC, and now DD cream

So everybody knows what tinted moisturizer is, and now we've all got comfortable with BB creams which is suppose to do more fancy things, then CC cream comes along and claim to do every more things. Guess what? DD cream is now here! Not a April fool's day joke, but Julep just came out with Dynamic Do-all cream. And there's these DD cream from dozen other brands


DD cream


Lol, by the time we get to MM cream, it better be so awesome it will do my manicure for me. Better yet, if/when we reach ZZ cream, let cancer be cured.


Anyways, that was just something I saw today and thought was amusing. #Random, #NoPoint

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

I think at a certain point the executives sit around and say, "Okay what else can we get people to buy?".  I am still getting around to trying BB creams. 

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

Oy. I've tried 2 TM, and own 1 BB Cream. I haven't tried a CC cream yet. I don't think I can keep up anymore >_<

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

I saw Julep in a magazine somewhere....a celebrity raved about their TM.

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

I got this DD Cream and it broke me out in hives for TWO DAYS. After only wearing it for five or so hours. Not only did it break me out in hives, but it had absolutely no coverage, and the medium shade gave me black face. This product is going in the trash.

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

I also found the "light" shade WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY too dark- i think they are a full shade off in their formulation. I actually wrote them about it.

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

i guess im glad i didn't get it. My cc was renewed this year so i had to update my info online, they sent me an email but  i guess i didn't catch it in time 

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

I've never been happier to take the lowest value box (It Girl) ever.

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

@mafan I knew it!!!! can I get royalties on it or something? You know someone from the marketing department was stalking this thread Smiley Wink  

& If it includes "everything your skin wants" does that mean it has glycolic, retinol, hyaluronic, salicylic, benzoyl, Vitamin C, E... 

Re: BB, CC, and now DD cream

Fell for the hype and tried Bb and CC creams.  Of which all were wastes of moo-lah.  Don't fall for it, people!

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