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Show Me Your Declutters!

I received an order today with four new lipsticks,

(Lancome L'Absolue Lacquer...I will never ever stop mentioning these every-dang-where πŸ˜„πŸ˜)

but had absolutely no room for them in my containers. While the thought "buy more containers" crossed my mind for a brief second, I quickly dismissed it as I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with too much stuff. I'd been pulling out one or two here and there, but today was the big reckoning!IMG_20180706_201441032_HDR.jpgSorry I didn't stage a better pic, but that's 55 lip items that are now gloriously gone from my stash!

This is only the stuff I pulled today; I have a small train case packed full of the other lippies (and some palettes) that I've been slowly pulling over the last couple of months. Do I still have more I could get rid of? Yeah, most likely...if I was on the fence, I erred on the side of keeping it rather than tossing. And I didn't swatch every single keeper to weed out similar shades, so there's probably still a good bit of overlap in my berry-heavy collection. But my oh my, I feel soooo much better now. I found not only things I had forgotten about, but things I really had no clue I even owned in the first place 🀣 you have too much too? Ready to clear up some space and salvage a little sanity? Share your declutters with us; we wanna see it! 

Re: RE: Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

Also, just remember when you get near the end of the tube, or it seems like the end, you can pop out the ring at the top pretty easily and you will seriously get another few weeks out of it. @eshoe

Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

Ohhhh - So glad you found a new holy grail, @eshoe


I like the NARS eyeshadow base, but love Urban Decay Potion Primer even more - have you tried that one? 


I also sometimes use NYX Milk stick on top of my primer potion if I want my eyeshadow to pop even more. <3

RE: Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

@Tamara76, it was seriously between the Nars and the UD. Then I read something about the UD applicator being annoying, and with no other first-hand knowledge, bought the Nars. All I knew is that anything had to be better than what I was usingπŸ™„

Re: RE: Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

@eshoe Oh yeah, the UD Primer Potion doe foot applicator stinks - I just don't use it and instead squeeze a little out of the tube and use my beauty blender micro mini to apply. <3

Re: RE: Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

Ooh, thx for the tip, @Tamara76. I have never used nyx, I just did a quick search on another site and they have a cottage cheese in addition to milk stick? Laughing but I will have to try the milk now.

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Still have SO much to go through, but here is my first declutter pile: 




πŸ‘‡ Surprisingly enough, these are all samples I didn’t ask for, haha! I actually think a lot of these smell great, I’m just pretty sensitive to perfumes and heavy fragrances. These will probably end up going to my sister and  teenage niece- they are always willing to take these things off my hands πŸ˜‰



Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@Shosh85  Ooo that’s a lot of lippies that you de-cluttered! πŸ‘πŸΌ Which colour is the INCredible lipstick? Did you dislike the formula?

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@Guessgal The INCredible lipstick is actually clear with a pretty little flower inside.

I really only got it cuz it was pretty– but it smells and tastes awful, like plastic and chemical. 🀒

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@Shosh85  Oh goodness, thanks for letting me know. I'm going to make sure to steer clear of this one!

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Great de-stash, @Shosh85!!!   Sorry the Tarte Shape Tape doesn't work for you - it is my all time favorite concealer! <3

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@Tamara76  I actually reeeally loved it at first, until I started noticing it dried me out too much and accentuated my fine lines. πŸ˜•

Still on the search for my holy grail!

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@Shosh85, I'm the same way with certain scents.  I allergic to vanilla scented items so I need to get rid of anything with vanilla scents.  In addition, places keep sending me men's cologne, even though I'm not purchasing any men's items (why??).  I give them to my husband but he never wears them - I need to just get rid of them.

RE: Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@curlychiquita, there should be a pet peeve thread for those who receive men’s samples but have no one to pawn them off on🀨

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@curlychiquita I also can’t have any fragrances that have a strong vanilla scent, they give me migraines that seem to last forever and nothing works to get rid of them! My mom can’t tolerate vanilla either! 🀯

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@curlychiquita Allergic to Vanilla?! That stinks! – do you like the scent?

I really wish I could wear different fragrances, but I just end up getting bad headaches and migraines. My husband doesn’t like perfume or cologne either, so it works out well! πŸ‘

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

 I can eat Vanilla,  but I'm allergic to something in synthetic scents.  I get hives and then my blood itches under my skin, if that makes sense.  Like if I put vanilla scented purfume on my wrist it will itch under the skin up my arms - the itch isn't on top of the skin but underneath.  I can usually avoid it but sometimes it's sneaky, like in hotel soaps. @Shosh85Unidentified @keana1

RE: Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@Shosh85 I feel your pain about scents sensitivity. It seems older I get I become more sensitive to perfumes or perfumed products. Recently Im really enjoying light, fresh, crisp scents with notes of lemon, grapefruit or/and tea. Out of all the perfumes in your picture Dylan Blue from Versace is probably the freshest, lightest scent. I’m sure your sister and niece will find a number of wonderful parfumes here

Re: RE: Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Thanks for the pointers, @Zvezdochka!! Most perfumes and colognes give me headaches or migraines. I usually use things like β€œbody splashes” that have light scents. I am currently using DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. It’s the only actual perfume I’ve tried that doesn’t give me a headache. It has a crisp, fresh, fruity and floral scent. Even my husband who is also sensitive to scents likes this one and encourages me to wear it! 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

So these are the first things I'm getting rid off. Just have to get myself to stop procrastinating and find them a new home!20180711_200703-1.jpg




Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Ohhhh - These will make someone very happy, @mganeshaly!!!! <3

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@mganeshaly, I have that Kat Von D Studded Kis sampler, too, and I can't figure out what to do with it!  I think I'll have to declutter it, too.  Great set of declutters!

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  • Sorry I didn't stage a better pic, but that's 55 lip items that are now gloriously gone from my stash!
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  • And the base was packed carefully back in the box, just in case it might be useful someday :p
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  • I'm quite impressed there were only 4 of about 50 lip products, that means my collection is filled with things I Love!
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