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Show Me Your Declutters!

I received an order today with four new lipsticks,

(Lancome L'Absolue Lacquer...I will never ever stop mentioning these every-dang-where 😄😍)

but had absolutely no room for them in my containers. While the thought "buy more containers" crossed my mind for a brief second, I quickly dismissed it as I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with too much stuff. I'd been pulling out one or two here and there, but today was the big reckoning!IMG_20180706_201441032_HDR.jpgSorry I didn't stage a better pic, but that's 55 lip items that are now gloriously gone from my stash!

This is only the stuff I pulled today; I have a small train case packed full of the other lippies (and some palettes) that I've been slowly pulling over the last couple of months. Do I still have more I could get rid of? Yeah, most likely...if I was on the fence, I erred on the side of keeping it rather than tossing. And I didn't swatch every single keeper to weed out similar shades, so there's probably still a good bit of overlap in my berry-heavy collection. But my oh my, I feel soooo much better now. I found not only things I had forgotten about, but things I really had no clue I even owned in the first place 🤣 you have too much too? Ready to clear up some space and salvage a little sanity? Share your declutters with us; we wanna see it! 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!


Congrats on the lazy purge 😄

It's a vicious cycle though, isn't it? Getting rid of it all just to start right back over. I'm hoping to break that cycle and keep new buys at a minimum...all this trash is so overwhelming and wasteful. ☹️

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Yes @RGbrown my goal is to use what I have without going crazy and buying tons more. Hard to say no sometimes though.

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@RGbrown What a great idea! I just did this the other day, I'll have to go through what I pulled & take some pictures Smiley Happy

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@ohheyitscindyk oh yay, can't wait to see more declutters! 😀

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

This is such a great thread, I declutter, but then I have a problem throwing some of the items away. I have too many darn lipsticks, but I just dont have the heart to throw them away. I just store them in a different area, and try to get around to using them

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@Anastasiya13 yep, just tossing them is hard to do. I'll probably have this box sitting around for eternity 😄

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

This is from back in March... I took the photo but didn't really know where to post it 😂 The first two were were well-loved but the Chanel is old and had turned and the Dior met an unfortunate death (open tube rolled off the dresser onto the carpet).


The rest are regular declutters... not oily anymore so half the Becca sat until way past it expired, and some colors that were no good for me.



Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@fieldsofclover Why did you declutter the Bite High Pigment pencil on the far right?


The reason I ask is because I bought several on sale and they don’t smell very nice... sort of like old mineral oil. I’m wondering if they’ve expired or that’s their normal odour. I don’t really enjoy applying them because of that, and because they have a slightly gritty texture. 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@PinkEvergreen That one was way too light for me... my natural lip color is close to Bite Sake or Thistle.


Sounds like yours might be expired... I got a few on sale and really liked the formula, just couldn't nail down a color. But there's no scent to mine and definitely no texture. I've wondered whether mine might die soon, I'm always suspicious about clearance like that 😂

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Ugh, looking at this photo made me decide I need to repurchase that Dior before buying another random high-end lipstick... I really love that shade (Avenue). At least it was almost done so it wasn't much wasted product, just didn't get the satisfaction of finishing it!

RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

I did a small declutter last night, I had no idea I had so many unused lip products. I didn’t want to toss the Chanel, but it makes my teeth look yellow, and I have other reds that don’t do that, so it was time to say goodbye. The “Temptress” shimmering powder is a few years old, and while I love the color, I never use it. Then I read the ingredients and it was a no-brained. Glad I hardly ever used it!! Ferric ferrocyanide?!?! 😳

Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

Oh no!!! I’m dreading to do this with my Tom Ford lippies too @eshoe

Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!


Oh, I'd hate to toss a Chanel too! Part of my phase two purge will entail having to decide about some of my higher end stuff, and I dread that. I don't have anything quite that expensive, but I do have some NARS and such to go through.


I'm no ingredient expert, but I did a quick recon on ferric ferrocyanide. It was one of the first synthetic dyes, accidentally discovered in 1704 by two Berlin chemists, and is also referred to as Prussian Blue or sometimes Berlin Blue. It was first used to dye the Prussian Army's uniforms since it was much cheaper than other dyes available at the time. Even though the chemical name sounds awful, it is not toxic as the cyanide is tightly bound to the iron, and has been permanently approved for use in cosmetics by the FDA since 1978. ☺️


It also has an interesting medical application, treating people who have been contaminated with radioactive cesium or thallium, or non-radioactive thallium; it binds to those metals in the digestive tract to keep the body from absorbing them. Fascinating!

RE: Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

@RGbrown, wow thanks for the info! Glad it sounds worse than it really is. Now I want to go dig through my trash 😆 but I will resist!

Re: RE: Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

@eshoe you still made the right choice if you never used it anyways. Stay strong! 👏

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Not products per se, but definitely reclaiming some sanity... I did a big organizing sweep the other night and had accumulated all this in various storage spaces. Some part of my brain thought I should be keeping this, but it's now gone to the big recycling bin in the sky!



Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Ugh, that reminds me I should take a look at my boxes too. I keep the boxes of all my limited edition products 🙈 Some are just so cute!

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@fieldsofclover 😄

That counts!

I'm usually good about tossing my boxes pretty much immediately, sometimes before I even try the product. I've had a few instances where I realize "dangit, I should have kept that one so I could return this". Not sure that's a rabbit hole I need to allow myself to open though 😝


My grandfather used to keep every single box for every single thing he ever bought, and he'd update them with notes over the life of the product. I had the task of cleaning out some of his basement after he passed, and found things like this gemIMG_20180711_111906298.jpgAnd the base was packed carefully back in the box, just in case it might be useful someday Smiley Tongue


Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@RGbrown Omg that is so sweet ❤️ I don’t know why but I would love to read little notes like that. 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@RGbrown That's wild! My parents wore out two of those, but neither met quite that dramatic of a death.


I have those same box-saving genes on both sides of the family, though. I need to figure out how to level up my decluttering skills another notch or two. 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!


It's definitely tough to find that perfect balance of keeping enough without keeping too much. It seems most every time I clean stuff out, I regret getting rid of it later. A couple-ish years ago I tossed my backup hairbrush. It was probably 10 years old, but hadn't been used all that much because right after I bought it, my puppy chewed the handle up pretty good. I had wrapped in tape so I didn't get splinters, but wound up buying a new one because, well, you worked fine but looked like carp lol. I finally decided it was spare and unnecessary and taking up too much room in my one and only tiny bathroom drawer, so I tossed it. Not two weeks later, my good brush broke, and I had to make an emergency Ulta run. 🤦 No wonder I can't let stuff go 😄

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