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Show Me Your Declutters!

I received an order today with four new lipsticks,

(Lancome L'Absolue Lacquer...I will never ever stop mentioning these every-dang-where 😄😍)

but had absolutely no room for them in my containers. While the thought "buy more containers" crossed my mind for a brief second, I quickly dismissed it as I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with too much stuff. I'd been pulling out one or two here and there, but today was the big reckoning!IMG_20180706_201441032_HDR.jpgSorry I didn't stage a better pic, but that's 55 lip items that are now gloriously gone from my stash!

This is only the stuff I pulled today; I have a small train case packed full of the other lippies (and some palettes) that I've been slowly pulling over the last couple of months. Do I still have more I could get rid of? Yeah, most likely...if I was on the fence, I erred on the side of keeping it rather than tossing. And I didn't swatch every single keeper to weed out similar shades, so there's probably still a good bit of overlap in my berry-heavy collection. But my oh my, I feel soooo much better now. I found not only things I had forgotten about, but things I really had no clue I even owned in the first place 🤣 you have too much too? Ready to clear up some space and salvage a little sanity? Share your declutters with us; we wanna see it! 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@RGbrown This thread is a great motivation! Gave me the push I needed to get rid of lippies that I was holding on to for no good reason. Most of these I dont like the formula or are just getting old. Out with the old and in with the new Smiley Happy20190204_161231.jpgDeclutter!


RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

Managed to declutter 25 lippies, hoping by removing what I dislike itwill make it easier to make use of what I do like. Top row is going to a friend, bottom row is super old or a formula that I wouldn’t want to wish on anyone (looking at you Vice Liquid Lipstick...)

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Some more old stuff I'm tossing. You can't tell by the pic, but the Pink Sugar Perfume is basically solid, that's how expired it is.


RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

Decluttering the samples I know I will never try. I’m gonna be that relative that says, “you can’t leave without taking a few things with you!” 😂 Probably should have handed some out to trick or treaters last month. My sample stash is still very respectable, but I gotta draw a line somewhere.

Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

@christyrc Donate them to a women's shelter! ❤️

RE: Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

Good idea, @fieldsofclover ! I’m new to my area, but your tip has encouraged me to seek out the local organizations that could benefit from my stash!

Re: RE: Show Me Your Declutters!

@christyrc 😂 I should’ve handed out samples last month, too! Especially all the Porefessional samples... I think we all have at least one of those. And see, that’d help kids with their Halloween costume makeup, so it’d be perfectly fine! 


I’m afraid to look through my whole sample stash. I try to keep it relatively organized by item type, but I need to start purging a lot of it. (Note to self: start with the haircare samples.) 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Decluttering dried liners and replaced lipliners. Gonna finish one eyeliner at a time, so once tarteist is done , I definitely want to get the Marc jacobs again. I might splurge and get a blue one too. All my lipliners have been replaced by bite beauty lipliners/primers. Smiley Happy20181101_181221.jpgSmashbox, Milani,Revlon,Loreal,Nyx, Marc jacobs,Covergirl




Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

Well looks like I wasn’t done. I don’t have any pictures this time, but it was a lot of Kat Von D stuff. I was buying some of the wilder colors, knowing I’m too old for that ish. I kept the black though. I still have some years left before I need to stop wearing that. 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@divaknits Ha, I’m almost 47 and still wear “wilder” lip colors. If I live past 90, I’ll still be the tattooed woman who says “screw pastel pink lipstick, gimme that bright fuchsia with the blue shift—or wait, you got a blue? Hand it over!” Smiley Very Happy


I’m not saying you have to keep wearing them if you’re really not comfortable with them anymore. I’m just saying there’s no rule that determines acceptable lipstick shades per adult age. Smiley Happy

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@WinglessOne If only they didn’t look so horrible on me I’d probably keep them. Smiley Very Happy I do like a good bright red, blue, purple, or black. I kept all of those. The teal and orange ones had to go. I didn’t swatch them before I bought them. Big mistake. 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

As I gut my lipstick hoard, I’m also downsizing other makeup items. Here’s my latest non-lipstick declutter batch. 


C575C3E9-A0E2-491F-9BB3-A5E827611700.jpegI’m FINALLY getting that Full Spectrum palette out of my home, so it can’t aggravate me anymore. Smiley Very Happy

Yes, that’s Tatcha Silk Canvas. It’s a sad sad situation: 



My skin reacts badly to the Too Faced Born This Way concealers, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, and Tatcha Silk Canvas. I spent 2 months doing product isolation patch tests to figure out what was causing my itchy rashes. These are some of the guilty parties. Silk Canvas particularly bums me out because it feels silky smooth on my skin—but within 10 minutes, I get bumps wherever I put that primer, followed by itchiness. So it’s gotta go. Smiley Sad 


The plastic bag’s full of mascaras (some are admittedly years old), in addition to the two I pulled out for display: Clinique High Impact and Too Faced Better Than Sex. My eyes are too sensitive for a lot of mascaras, and last month I finally decided to stop suffering through BTS. High Impact is a second chance mascara: I tried it years ago, wasn’t impressed by it, decided to give it another chance last month and still don’t like it. Oh, and special shoutout to Urban Decay Troublemaker (in the bag), one of the worst mascaras I’ve ever tried.

I’m going to wash all those mascara wands and donate them to Wands for Wildlife. Smiley Happy 


Too Faced Mascara Melt Off hurts my eyes even more than some of those mascaras. I know it works for some folks, but for me it’s terrible. 


The 2 powders are Laura Mercier. I’ve never loved them but hadn’t found powders that worked any better under my eyes, so I put up with them for a long time. This year I found something much better, so I’ll empty the LM jars and reuse them to travel with other powders. 


The 3 Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away concealers simply don’t work for me. Not only are all 3 shades a bit wrong, the formula really accentuates my under eye lines. I don’t freak out about my lines (psh, I’ve earned those lines!) but hate things that really chisel ‘em into my skin. That’s what this concealer does. 


The other concealers are just bad shades on me and I never returned them for some dumb reason. (I use other NARS concealers that are the right shades for me.) Plus, the ColourPop No Filter concealer is too drying under my eyes. 


The eyeshadow palettes are a combo of “I have better performing shadows than these,” “I’m bored/unimpressed by this palette,” and “I HATE THIS PALETTE WITH THE POWER OF 1000 SUNS” (glaring at Full Spectrum) so it’s finally time to ditch ‘em all. 


I can’t show my entire lipstick declutter because I’ve shipped 2 large chunks of it to relatives and friends, who are now picking out what they want. But here’s a box of mostly liquids. There are 73 lipsticks in there. The plastic bag holds any MAC lipsticks I’m ditching: I always save my MAC empties/declutter for their recycle program, so I can get free makeup. Smiley Happy 



Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

I’m especially sorry the CT didn’t work out, as I remember that was kind of a whim purchase and sounded like so much fun! The Tatcha...I have loved and struggled and it took me awhile...but it’s my HG now. But I have had to adjust everything in my routine around it😆 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@eshoe If I frequently wore foundation, I’d probably try to make Silk Canvas work because it’s such a nice primer. But honestly, I wear foundation maybe once every 2 or 3 months, so I can’t justify keeping this primer. Even though I like it so much. I’m glad you were able to make it work for you, even if it took a lot of adjustment elsewhere. Smiley Happy

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@WinglessOne even if you used this twice a day, it would probably last over a year. If you’re using it once or twice over 2-3 months...this could be an heirloom. You are a 😎 at lips, you don’t even need this.




RE: Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@WinglessOne I had to google “Wands for Wildlife” and very glad I did! Thanks for the tip!

Re: RE: Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

You’re welcome, @christyrc! It’s a great cause. Smiley Happy And it makes me happy that a product I didn’t like will actually do some good after all! 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!


What's the story on the Juvia's palette? That's one brand I haven't tried yet, and keep thinking I should grab something to try (but at the same time, I'm trying to not buy more palettes 😅)


And I have to ask about Full Spectrum. Why the hatred? It was on clearance when I first started getting into was too bold for me (I thought) at the time, but by the time I decided I might like it after all, it was gone, and I didn't feel the need to hunt it down. It's one of those, hmmmm, not quite a full blown regret, but one I kinda sorta wish I had every now and again.

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!

@RGbrown @PinkEvergreen Here’s the Full Spectrum tale of woe. 


Obligatory disclaimer:  

I’m aware that UD Full Spectrum works perfectly fine for some people, and that’s fantastic for them! However, I’m not one of those people. Certain products work great for me—yay for me!—but perform terribly for others. That doesn’t mean others are wrong for hating a product I like, and vice versa. 

Full Spectrum - my main problems: 


  - Colors aren’t nearly as bold as they look in their pans; some are pitifully faint 

  - Shadows are too chalky and/or dusty 

  - Some shadows “blend” into a muddy mess 

  - Others dust right off my face as I try to lightly blend them 




I bought this palette maybe a year ago. I’ve tried using it more than once. When my normal application method didn’t go well, I tried using a light hand, heavy hand, wet brushes, dry brushes, fingers, synthetic vs. natural brushes, no primer, various different primers, concealer as primer (lighter than my dark skin tone)... but nope, this palette and I were simply not meant to be. Trying to make it work was ridiculously frustrating. I’ve hated this palette ever since. It hurt my feelings, man. 


The Huda Obsessions Electric palette performs better than Full Spectrum. UD’s Electric palette also performs better—and that’s kind of a shame, because some of the prettiest Electric shades can’t be used on the eye. (They’re identified on UD’s warning label.) 

For giggles, here are some comparison swatches I did before I got Viseart Editorial Brights. These swatches were all done with a dry shader brush, and they’re all mattes except MUFE ME400, which is a metallic. You can also see how the JP Afrique yellow compares (kinda poorly) to others. 
D6A63736-A542-4A15-AA36-383DBDCB45C4.jpegFull Spectrum is the clear loser of the bunch.

Juvia’s Afrique palette: 


It’s not up to par with previous Juvia’s palettes. Even the shimmers are lackluster here. 


I have 3 other JP palettes. Of those, Masquerade is my hands-down favorite. But I don’t often use the mattes in any of these palettes, especially now that Viseart has spoiled me rotten in the matte category. JP mattes tend to be patchy. It’s their foils/metallics and shimmers that win people over, and with good reason—except in the Afrique palette. 


I’m sure some folks love that palette, and again, that’s fantastic for them! I’m just not one of them. 

Re: Show Me Your Declutters!


UD quality can vary wildly, especially in their LE palettes, so I understand not liking that one. Heavy Metals is my holy Grail formula, but the Basquiat palette I have is just pitifully patchy and a powdery mess. I use the lightest shade to set my primer if whatever palette I'm using doesn't have a suitable selection, but other than that, I don't think I'll use it again. 


Good to know about Juvia's...I don't do a lot of mattes anyways, so it's nice to hear their shimmers are (mostly) good. I'll have to consider one some day 😏

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