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Sephoria 2021

I am curious, what is/was everyones thoughts on the virtual sephoria event?




My opinion of the event was that it was a bit of a let down for me. I expected more, especially considering how they were saying that it would be interactive, and have game(meaning more than one) to win swag. Some of the videos were interesting to watch, but honestly nothing too special. The loft was my favorite out of everything, since there you can actually ask questions and communicate. Also there were a lot of issues, even with the photo booth, where it would say "demo" over the photos, however it was fixed later, but that was towards when the event was almost over. 

Re: Sephoria 2021

@SportyGirly125 Well now the mystery deepens... I'll let you know when it arrives tomorrow if I do get the EB (or some random online order that I have somehow forgotten I'd placed LOL). 

Re: Sephoria 2021

If you won something at the Sephoria game you should receive a Fedex tracking number if you are signed up to get shipping notifications.

Re: Sephoria 2021

So I love the idea of virtual events because of access. As an academic, I've attended A LOT of virtual events and conferences this past two years, so I've seen a lot of different platforms. This overall wasn't my favorite.


The masterclasses that I attended were all good and the accelerate roundtable was great. As were the videos I watched. The fact that I can go back and watch most of the content is fabulous. 


Areas for improvement:

1. So since this was virtual, why was this limited in terms of number of attendees and geographically? I definitely watched the event, but I felt weird attending from Canada. The in person event isn't constricted, so it just kind of felt sad. I'm not sure if it was because of prizes or something? 

2. Lack of interaction. There wasn't really any place to meet with other attendees. I was really looking forward to that. This was also the case for products/brands. Without a back and forth, I could have just watched brand videos on YouTube or Insta or even the Sephora app. 

3. Technical difficulties across platforms. Obviously things happen, but the photo booth wasn't consistently working and numerous videos stalled for me (the accelerate in particular). 

4. Overlap of classes. Since we can watch back it's less of an issue. But, like, have parallel streams. I don't mind choosing between one and the other, but they should be the at the same time, so we don't miss 5 min of the start or end of one. 

5. One prize draw? 

6. I wish beforehand there had been a chance to suggest brands and discussion topics. I LOVED the accelerate roundtable. I need to go back and watch the session on mental health. I would have loved a discussion on sustainability in addition. 


I think it was an okay event. I'm glad it was free and a lot more people were able to attend. The kits added a nice add on, but it would have been cool to have an add on class where it was discussed how to use all of the items in the kit to work together or something. Some integration of the kits basically. 

Re: Sephoria 2021

It was a bit disappointing. I couldn’t get any of the videos to work on my phone but they worked ok on my laptop. I definitely thought it would be more interactive and that there would be more games. My favorite part were the masterclasses, but I wish they were longer. The kits were great and I think they were a good value. I’m glad we can go back and access content. Hopefully next year it will be in person 🤞

Re: Sephoria 2021

Thanks for starting this thread, @Anastasiya13! I found the whole event pretty underwhelming if I'm being honest. Like most everyone else has said, the lack of interaction was unexpected. I went into it thinking that most of the sessions (panels, masterclasses, etc) would be more interactive with chats and such, more like the classes that they've been offering over zoom for the past year. While I enjoyed certain aspects of the various pre-recorded content (mostly seeing certain programs promoted and being able to put faces to names of different brand founders), not having more opportunities to chat and send questions was a huge failing in my book. 


I also think it was a bit of a let down as far as the "fun" side was concerned. There was all of one game and you could only play it once! I would have loved some other games to play around with, even if prizes weren't part of deal. Having a beauty-related trivia game or even having participants do a "this or that" like they did with some of the brand founders would have been fun. 


I also would have loved to see some actual new release information for upcoming holiday products or even an incentive to purchase items. I understand that additional samples and such may have been too much to work out with shipping and all that (outside of the original kits that could be purchased in advance of the event), but offering a percentage off for select items or a particular brand after that brand's masterclass would have been nice. It honestly would have enticed me to actually purchase a couple of things yesterday. 


This really just missed the mark for me. 


ETA: I was also very disappointed that the after-event survey didn't really give us the option of elaborating on any of this in the hope of offering real, genuine feedback. 

Re: Sephoria 2021

I agree with you, they made it seem like it would be a lot of fun, and interactive. It would have been even fun if they added like a little questionnaire that we filled out, to decide what type of scents/lipsticks/makeup products we should use. I agree, the zoom classes have been way more interesting, considering they were more interactive too.

Re: Sephoria 2021

Okay so my feedback for virtual Sephoria is that a conference style event is missing THE key element of a conference without social interaction.  A chat room or interactive avatars would’ve made it a much more enjoyable experience.  Anything at all to indicate other people were sharing along in the experience would have been appreciated.  
Without that social element it made it all the more apparent how little entertainment there was navigating the event.  They ought to have had a new game appear hourly to keep people engaged, or to have a challenge to complete every activity at the event for a 10% discount on Sephoria  purchases or something.  

The masterclasses were enjoyable.  I didn’t see any issues with them besides the fact there was no necessity for them to be both scheduled and overlapping.  There’s no excuse to have to miss out on a masterclass at a virtual conference due to timing when they’re mostly prerecorded.  
I enjoyed the Obe workout with Spencer and sweating it out in the kitchen with 5lb weights and  taking breaks to sip on the chamomile matcha mocktale I whipped up following the yttp video promoting their new exfoliating product.   It felt akin to a wellness retreat. 
I thought at the very least there would be avatars we could name and give makeovers to using Sephora products and so we could run around with our makeovers spotting other members of the community and perhaps promoting the products we were using.   

Or a wall we could sign.

I did end up winning hair product at the spin which was a nice surprise.

I didn’t bother putting makeup on or brushing my hair for this cause i honestly wasn’t planning on actually getting access given I had to sign up through a friend in the US.  It was alright but nothing exceptional.  The swag bags made it worth it but really I was expecting a lot more.  





Re: Sephoria 2021

I love your look, @heartsmyface! I agree with everything you said.

Re: Sephoria 2021

Those shades!! And your Sephoria swag!! @heartsmyface!! Totally agree

Re: Sephoria 2021

@heartsmyface You don't need makeup with all that style swag.  😍

Re: Sephoria 2021

@SportyGirly125   No better time to pull out the swag!  
I’m still waiting on this years swag to be brought up over the border so I made due😜

Re: Sephoria 2021

Maybe my experience was due to not using Chrome, but I was not able to find much content etc. I kept trying to get the proper bra fitting session to work but never succeeded. I didn't see many "circles" to click to get interactive content.  I never found the game. Following links from the email didn't help me.

Having said that, the set-up was really cute! I have a lot of respect for all who contributed to creating a virtual Sephoria.

Re: Sephoria 2021

@Ispend2much6  It didn’t work for me at all on my phone but it worked well on safari desktop.  

Aw sorry you never found the game.  Perhaps next time they can have links directly on the event layout for quick access to wherever someone wants to go.  

Re: Sephoria 2021

@heartsmyface   Seems like the desktop was the way to go. I used my laptop, and usually don't have issues but I did forget to use Chrome.

I did see the spin game, but I couldn't access it with my cursor.

There was an upside- my husband made me laugh by doing a goofy dance to the background music of the dj at one of the rooms. 🙂

Re: Sephoria 2021

@Ispend2much6 I was on my laptop using chrome and it was fine.  I saw the spin wheel and didn't know how to access it.  I had to ask BIC members on instagram.  You had to go on the white circle to spin it.  I think you can spin it till the event is over on Monday.  It didn't let me spin it again since I already won something from it.

Re: Sephoria 2021

@SportyGirly125  You were right; I totally missed the white circle in front of the game! 

Re: Sephoria 2021

@Ispend2much6 Yea I missed it too and I’m sure others did as well. 

Re: Sephoria 2021

@SportyGirly125. Thanks for the info!

Re: Sephoria 2021

@Ispend2much6 I originally joined on my laptop in case I needed a camera, and some functions worked poorly on my laptop. Once I realized I wouldn't need a camera, I switched to my desktop.  I used Chrome on both but it worked better on the desktop. Maybe because of the laptop wifi or the fact that my laptop is old?

Re: Sephoria 2021

@curlychiquita   I can see that, the desktop working better.  My kids built their own desktop computers for the purpose of being able to play video games more easily and have a better experience with online classes. 

Re: Sephoria 2021

@Anastasiya13 @SephoraBIC  Since I've never been to Sephoria in person, I wonder how masterclasses and discussion panels at the in-person event are usually scheduled, compared to this virtual event. I think I saw a survey link somewhere during virtual Sephoria, and I'll fill it out when I find it again. My responses will look something like this: 




  1. Not enough time between sessions. I sometimes felt like I was running between high school classes in the 1980s. 😂😓 It'd have been nice to have a breather between some sessions so I could explore the house. I was in the backyard for just 2 minutes, and luckily I noticed the game while I was there. 
  2. Too much session overlap. I wound up spending most of my time in the home theater, breaking away only to see the Accelerate roundtable, part of the DDG session, and the wellness session, and to very quickly check out the backyard. 
  3. Some rather short sessions. The Fenty masterclass was just 10 minutes long. I didn't see the "beauty for all" Fenty + Amika session (because of session overlap) so I dunno, maybe more Fenty makeup technique was shown in that session. I'll find out when I go back to watch content on-demand. But yeah, some of these sessions were surprisingly short. I skipped the influencer/content tips session which was 25 minutes long; I'd have much rather seen the Accelerate session extended to 25 minutes, or even 30 minutes. (No offense to Sephora Squad members. I'm just more interested to hear about the Accelerate program from participating brands' perspectives.) 
  4. Not enough interactive sessions. I'm sure this was due to participants' availability, so I understand why more sessions were pre-recorded. Still, I'd have loved to be able to ask Danessa Myricks and Patrick Ta questions during their masterclasses. 
  5. Only 1 game? Awww... Even if more prizes couldn't be won via more games, it would've been fun to at least have something like a pre-recorded beauty trivia game video or, I dunno, something where attendees could interact via a quick simple board game. 




  1. Content's available on-demand after the event. Yay, I can watch some of what I missed! 
  2. Overall, the Sephora hosts did a good job. So far, I can only speak for the sessions I watched. But y'all did good! 
  3. A few interactive sessions. I caught the interactive DDG session but didn't stay for the whole thing. (Too. Much. Session. Overlap.) But the ability to ask questions is always a nice touch for these sessions. 
  4. The quickfire this-or-that video clips were fun! I was able to catch a couple of those with Danessa Myricks and Shani Darden. If there are more of those available on-demand, I'll watch 'em all. 
  5. Mental health & wellness session was greatly appreciated. One of the 2 illness I advocate hardest for is anxiety disorder (yes, I know "anxiety disorder" actually covers a wide range of separate illnesses; I have one of them), so I'm always glad to see mental health discussed in a non-judgmental way. I especially appreciated the tips for folks wondering how they can help those of us with mental health issues without fearing they'll say the wrong thing. Honestly, some of us (especially members of my anxiety tribe) have the same fear when we try to help others whose illness is different from ours. Thanks for featuring this entire topic—and not overlapping it with any other sessions. 🙂 


Eh, I might have more feedback after going back to watch what I missed and re-watch a couple videos. 

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