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Sephoria 2021

I am curious, what is/was everyones thoughts on the virtual sephoria event?




My opinion of the event was that it was a bit of a let down for me. I expected more, especially considering how they were saying that it would be interactive, and have game(meaning more than one) to win swag. Some of the videos were interesting to watch, but honestly nothing too special. The loft was my favorite out of everything, since there you can actually ask questions and communicate. Also there were a lot of issues, even with the photo booth, where it would say "demo" over the photos, however it was fixed later, but that was towards when the event was almost over. 

Re: Sephoria 2021

Aw, thanks, @WinglessOne! I only found out where they were because @Anastasiya13 and some other folks helped me on Instagram. I only found the one with the ball pit that never worked on my own.



Re: Sephoria 2021

@curlychiquita There was one in the backyard and the ball pit one. I couldn’t get the ball pit one to work for me either. I don’t know where the one with the grass is. 

Re: Sephoria 2021

@SportyGirly125 the other two were in the backyard.

Re: Sephoria 2021

@curlychiquita Thanks. I got to go look for it. 

Re: Sephoria 2021

It was fun, but I needed more!!  I thought there would be more games in regards to interactive content, with the contect mainly being the masterclasses.  I did love those.  It's great that the vids will be up until Monday night, so I feel like I can catch what I missed as I was room-hopping, too.  But, yeah, more interactive stuff would be great @TeamBIC & @SephoraBIC 

Re: Sephoria 2021

@danielledanielle I agree, I think that I expected there to be more interactive activities and was slightly disappointed.  

Re: Sephoria 2021

Completely agree @CookieGirl1 @danielledanielle also I started to get motion sick trying to jump around the rooms and explore. There's a reason why I can't play a lot of these new(er) video games like Fortnite. Just give me good ole' Super Mario Bros any day 😅.

Re: Sephoria 2021

@Anastasiya13 I kept jumping to different rooms. I wish the masterclasses were longer and didn’t overlap so much.  Yea also bummed there was only one game. 

Re: Sephoria 2021

@SportyGirly125  Same, I agree with you. 

Re: Sephoria 2021

I thought it was ok. Maybe like a 5/10. Only one game, kind of disappointed. But I loved Patrick Ta’s Masterclass! I wish it was more engaging and interactive!

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