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Pan It! - 2017 Challenge!

After chatting with a few of you it seems we were in need of an official "Project Pan" thread for longterm projects to get some use out of our respective makeup collections.  All are welcome to participate!


To accommodate various interests the purpose of this thread is for participants to pick at least 1 item (preferably an eyeshadow palette) to use for at least a month (for a "one month one palette") or until December 31, 2017.  You do not have to use the selected item(s) exclusively and working on simultaneous items is more than OK!

          **No project is too big or too small, you know your collection, your goals, and your limitations, do what works best for you!**


Please use this thread to: 

  • share what item(s) you are working on,
  • provide comparative progress photos of your item(s) monthly (at the beginning of the month when possible),
  • ask questions,
  • encourage others,
  • motivate others with the looks you create with your item(s)


To get started let us know:

  • Which item(s) you would like to work on
  • How long you will work on said item
  • Goal: explore a new item, revisit an old item, decide whether to keep pass or trash, and/or completely finish item, etc.
  • Starting photo of item


Tips and Tricks to Panning/Getting Some Use Out of Your Stash:


  • Take photos!!  When you think you aren’t making a dent in anything look back at those photos, I’m certain you’ll see some changes 🙂
  • If you goal is to hit pan or use something up entirely, try concentrating your brush/applicator in the same area each time you use it
  • Multitask your products: eyeshadows as highlighter, lipstick as blush, eyeshadow as brow powder, etc. 
  • Layer eyeshadow to create different colors (this is especially helpful to get use out of shades you’re not fond of).
  • Have shadows with a ton of fall out?  Use water
  • Watching the progress of others’ can be fun but try not compare your progress to theirs.  We all use our makeup differently and have different goals.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to only using the item(s) you are working on.  It’s more than OK to incorporate other items or take a break!
  • Makeup should be fun….if you begin to dread doing your makeup because you have committed to use a product that you now hate, TOSS IT!  Do not force yourself to use up something you don’t like.  Move on to something else



Need some challenges/ideas to help you along the way?  Here are some:

  • Pan a look:  At the beginning of the week pick a look that you can wear everyday Recreate a look worn by a fellow BICer, celebrity, etc.
  • Spice up an “everyday” look by throwing a different color in your crease or on your lower lash line
  • Roll the dice: pick 2-3 of your most underused shades in your palette and create a look

Prefer to pan other color items like highlighters or blush?  Feel free to share your items, goals, and progress as well 😉


Now let's see some pan!


**2018 Panning Challenge Thread located here:

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge!

@ElleElleG This is actually my only Viseart palette. I haven't had any issues with the pigmentation, but I also tend to favor more subtle shimmer blended with the matte shades. I have light skin and deep set eyes, and I haven't mastered the art of packing on pigment without making a muddy looking mess!

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge!

I am SO impressed with how much you've used this palette @ElleElleG!! I have this too and unfortunately do not love the formula (of the shimmers or mattes) at all 😞 I don't know if this is a little different than the regular pro palettes but I expected the mattes to be blendable and pigmented and I just found them slightly chalky and hard to sheer out. The shimmers had lots of fallout, I agree. I had to use glitter glue with them....

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge!

Ugh that sucks that the mattes are disappointing too @k617.  I probably should've explored them but hearing this I'm glad that I didn't.  Perhaps if it had something that would function as a transition shade on me I would have put them to use.  I just assumed the mattes would mimic their 12-pan mattes which I adore.  😣

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge!

Another month down using my long term palettes... Lorac Pro Matte Oct. 1 UpdateLorac Pro Matte Oct. 1 Update





















I cannot believe I am so close to finishing this palette.  Chocolate has served as my eyebrow powder since I started this palette in March, not looking forward to having to relearn how to do my brows though I'll be happy when this is gone.  

(Burgundy was ruled out when I started this project as it never performed well on me.)



Naked 2 Oct. 1 UpdateNaked 2 Oct. 1 Update












More pan peaking through on my oldest eyeshadow palette.  Expanded pan in Foxy, Bootycall, and YDK.  New pan in Chopper and Tease.  

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge!

@ElleElleG Great progress!! 🙂 are you going to buy the lorac pro matte, naked 2 and the viseart palette again? when you're done with the palette you're using now or do you not buy the same palettes? 

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge!

Thanks @mezzotown88!


The Lorac Pro hasn't been bad, I just prefer my Viseart Neutral Mattes and Make Up For Ever matte singles.  Since expanding my familiarity with eyeshadows I realize now that I gravitate towards more warm-toned palettes so the Naked2 is out.  Also, the Urban Decay eyeshadows (at least the formulation of the first 3 Naked palettes) are not my favorite on the market.  I'm still trying to decide if I will depot the shadows I like and discard the rest or just get rid of the whole thing.  The Viseart will not be repurchased either; the constant glitter in my contacts tarnished this palette for me.

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

A month into this challenge and it looks like I barely made any progress. Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. How long is it going to take to finish ONE eyeshadow?! My three most used this week are Foxy, Naked 2, and Faint.  





RE: Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

You've got some great dips for a month of use

RE: Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

this is a tough one (and you've made great progress) 😄 i was feeling the same way with my basics palette ... but remember that each pan is 2.5x the size of an ABH Modern Renaissance / Lorac Pro palette pan!!

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

HAHAH 🤣, I can see some serious dips here @angelKiss24 !  I promise that once you hit pan the product will start to seem like it's running out of the pan.  Don't forget to layer your shadows with other things to get more use out of them 🤓

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

Here's the eyeshadow I've been working on all year. Also working on a brow and face palettes.IMG_3550.JPGIMG_3556.JPG




Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

Very nice @howconnie !!  Seeing a completely used item is so satisfying.

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

@howconnie omg that's so impressive! I'm a make up hoarder it gives me anxiety seeing the product gone lol 

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

YAY, my first "pan sighting" Smiley LOL  



This wasn't intentional but I just realized that I use this product every day Mon-Fri...


This is a lightweight product that leaves a nice, velvety look & controls my oils throughout the entire day!  

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

Nice job @ZombieMetroAnt !!  Powders seem to take forever to use but hitting pan is like confirmation that it's actually been used.  

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

I love Bye Bye Pores @ZombieMetroAnt! Unfortunately, every time I've hit pan on the pressed powder, the rest of it crumbles within a few days. I always add it to my loose powder, so I use all of it, but it's still pretty annoying!

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

Oh man, thanks for the tip @MachynesSister!  Smiley Surprised 

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

@ElleElleG I'd like to take a moment to thank the following items for helping me hide my blemishes, even my skin tone and add warmth to my face.  


Thank you Chanel bronzer, Tom Ford foundation and Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette. 







Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

Wow, this is amazing @trishavt!!

Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

@trishavt WOW, that hourglass palette!?! That's amazing! I've got a mini hourglass luminous powder that I've been using almost everyday, and it still looks EXACTLY the same.


Re: Pan It! - 2017 Challenge

Wow @trishavt! I am thoroughly impressed!! How in the world did you use up an entire Chanel bronzer????? I've had mine for over a year and it looks barely touched! 

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