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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Cleansing routine

This is my cleansing routine (I’m dying to know yours) and i want to know if i am doing something wrong or using something wrong. I want more tips!!!



  1. Wash face (Ultra gentle daily cleanser by Neutrogena)
  2. Exfoliate (blackhead eraser scrub by clean & clear)
  3. Steam
  4. Exfoliating facial 2x a week at night (AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution by The Ordinary)
  5. Toner (Tonique confort by Lancôme)
  6. Serum (Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 by The Ordinary) + tea tree oil (100% pure essential oil by Difeel)
  7. Between serums i use a LED Rejuvenation Wand 3x a week at night.
  8. Serum (Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% by The Ordinary)
  9. Moisturizer(Oil free acne moisturizer pink grapefruit by Neutrogena) or when im lucky i have (Hydra Zen by Lancôme).
  10. Eye cream ( Hydrating eye gel-cream with hyaluronic acid by Cetaphil) or when im lucky i have (advanced Génifique Yeux by Lancôme).


Am i doing good? Any tips? What about the products? I don’t have like a lot of money but i try to get decent products haha.


What is your cleansing routine? I want to know everything!!!

Re: Cleansing routine

Stop using the clean and clear exfoliating scrub. You do NOT need to use that everyday (or ever IMO)-- especially if you are using TO peel. Use a hydrating cleanser and a cleansing oil before if you feel like you're not fully cleansing your skin. Only use TO peel once a week. You are probably destroying your skin barrier with this routine. Also, you do not need to steam your face. It does nothing. I'd recommend just using CeraVe hydrating cleanser and CeraVe moisturizing cream to help your barrier. 

Re: Cleansing routine

Thank you @LilaMJ i do use just 2 or 3 drops.

Re: Cleansing routine

Hey @mahyfy ! Your routine looks great. I also have some advice for you! The Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser can be kind of harsh, so I wouldn’t use it every day, maybe a couple times a week. I love tea tree oil, but you shouldn’t use pure tea tree oil on your face, it can actually increase irritation and sensitivity. If you’re looking to incorporate tea tree products in your routine, I’d suggest the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop. Make sure you’re using sunscreen in the morning every day, it’s super important and helps protect your skin.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions 💕

Re: Cleansing routine

@LilaMJ Hii, thank you for your comments and suggestions, i did read not so good things for that scrub but i have it so i am gonna use it haha, but i will and promise you im not going to use it too much!

and the tea tree oil i do mixed with my hyaluronic acid serum, i do use it every day, what do you think of that?

Re: Cleansing routine

@mahyfy That’s way better than just using tea tree oil by itself. The only danger would be if it started to irritate your skin, or damage your moisture barrier, but if you don’t see any irritation and are using a small amount of tea tree it’s not the worst. I hope this helps! And yeah, if you like the results you’re seeing from tea tree, I’d check out the Body Shop tea tree line. I’m so happy to help, let me know if you have any other questions 💕

Re: Cleansing routine

@mahyfy  Check out the Skincare Routine of the Day thread to see other folks’ routines, and feel free to join in! 

(This reminds me to post an update of my own routine in that thread soon.) 
For your routine, I have a few quick suggestions. Caveat: I’m not a dermatologist. If you have a derm and they’ve approved your routine, then keep it as is. 🙂 
1. Do you do step #2 (exfoliating/scrub cleanser) every day? That’s too frequent, especially since you also use The Ordinary’s 30% peel twice a week (which is also probably too frequent). Many derms recommend exfoliating no more than 2-3 times a week, be it physical or chemical exfoliation, to avoid breaking your skin barrier. Consider cutting the 30% peel to just once a week, or even once every 2 weeks. Don’t do that peel the same day (or night) you use the cleansing scrub. And I recommend using the scrub no more than 3 times a week. 
2. Steam is not the best thing for your face. Neither is hot water. Before I recommend an alternative: why do you steam your face? 
3. Add a sunscreen with minimum SPF of 30 each day your skin’s exposed to sunlight—either outside, in a car, or indoors if you’re sitting near windows with open curtains/blinds—regardless of season or weather conditions. This is especially important since you’re using AHA, which increases your skin’s sun sensitivity. 

Re: Cleansing routine

Hi @WinglessOne thank you for your comments and suggestions, i do not use the scrub everyday, and the peel thingy i just follow directions from the package but I’ll use it one a week, so, thank you! 

2. i did read about steaming is good for cleaning your face? I do it more like one day yes one day no.
3.I do add sunscreen (i forgot to write it down) but since the pandemic i don’t even ho outside, but if im going somewhere i do add my sunscreen.

Re: Cleansing routine

@WinglessOne Aag i hate you for saying this, but i appreciate telling me so i can stop now!


i loved every tip, than you so much!

Re: Cleansing routine

@mahyfy  Hooray for sunscreen! 👍 


There's a myth about steam opening facial pores, but pores don't open under heat or close under cold water. If you normally have visible pores (usually where your skin is oily), you can't "close" them, not even with cold water: they'll always be visible. If they look bigger than usual, they're probably being stretched wider by gunk clogging them—and steam can't unclog or "detox" them. (You can't detoxify your pores/skin anyway because skin is not a detoxing organ, and I wish skincare brands would stop marketing that lie.) An exfoliant like salicylic acid can unclog them, which will make them appear smaller but not invisible or "closed." Likewise, you can't open up your pores with steam to clean 'em out. That's a great job for salicylic acid. 


Also, some folks think steam hydrates your skin, but it can actually dehydrate skin instead by opening up your skin barrier—not your pores (again, those don't open/close), but the layer of skin that acts as a moisture barrier. This lets hydration escape your skin. It also leaves your skin wide open to bacteria and other badness. 


And: if you have any hyperpigmentation (dark spots left behind by acne, larger dark patches of skin, melasma, etc.), steam and other kinds of heat can make it worse. 


And plus also: steam can cause inflammation and/or extreme facial flushing (dilated blood vessels), both of which are bad if you're prone to surface redness and inflammation anyway—especially if you have rosacea, but folks with that skin condition aren't the only ones at risk. Increased inflammation can lead to fun stuff like acne flares. Yay! 


Even if you see good results from steaming in the short term, you're damaging your skin for the long haul. If you ask board certified dermatologists about steaming your face regularly, even just a few days a week, I suspect they'll tell you to stop for the reasons I mentioned. Steam is as bad for your skin as hot showers. I recommend not doing it at all, unless it's a one-time random thing where you're desperate to decongest your nose during a bad cold or something, though there are better ways to manage that. 

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