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Spring/Summer 2015 Found in the Wild "New"
Ok BT, what did you find today? Sticky plug to a FABULOUS thread. Found a  Deal ? Post it here - od-to-pass-Up/td-p/1513386 Feel free to post if you find something from your favorite brand. Link to the item, and let us know the price, and brief description so that folks can at a glance decide if they want to clickie to <3 Love or $$ Buy. ^-^ Most new items get listed on Tuesday evenings through Wednesday. Here is the retired thread in case you wanted to reference something. in-the-Wild-quot-New-quot/td-p/1668202   I've edited out the brands since I'm doing my best to check everything. This is a tad more difficult with very established and broad brands like Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Bobbi Brown that have deep selections for colors. Your help in spotting anything new is appreciated!
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HALL OF FAMER missrmessner / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
The 10 new shades of MJ Highliner are live!! see post
What shade should I go for Nars Sheer glow foundation and Nars Radiant Creamy concealer?
 I'm mac nc 20 for reference. I have normal/ combo skin but more on normal side, just a bit of shine in T-zone, we don't have sephora store in my country so I am getting it online. Hope it will match my shade and go well with my skin type.   Also for NARS creamy radiant concealer, should I go for Vanilla or Custard?   And last question, what primer should I use for my normal/combo skin under this foundation?   Thanks in advance!
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BEAUTY PRO elenaargent / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
im nw 15 in mac concealer but i wear custard in nars so its strange(nw 15 is lighter than me so thats probably why) for foundation i do suggest looking at swatches onlin... see post
What color laura mercier secret camouflage concealer should I get?
Hi What color laura mercier secret camouflage concealer should I get ? I wear Estee lauder Double Wear foundation in 2C1 Pure Beige. Thanks
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No rouge promos and no sales makes Misscg go.....
...on a shopping spree else where! I'm not sure if I should be thanking Sephora or still be pissed but my makeup collection is satisfied. And no this isn't a complaining post but about the nutty things I have done to get my makeup/beauty fix on elsewhere..... I think what takes the cake is I opened a Nordstrom card and in the mall I frequent, Nordstrom and Sephora are located right next to each other, so I think my love affair with Sephora is sadly...dying o_O   I've become LE obsessed, promo gwp overwhelmed, and sale/discount savvy all from the lack of love from my original bae Sephora (did I really just use the word bae?!) So yes, all of this unrequited love has drove me crazy... What has Sephora done to make you a little nutty this year?
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  Seriously, what's your problem?? If you're enjoying being rude and uncivilized to other people, you need to get off the internet and re-evaluate your life.   ... see post
Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal vs Perricone no Foundation Serum
I'm wanting to try the Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Foundation but am not sure which colour I would be? I currently wear the Perricone No Foundation Serum. Thanks in advance for the help!
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What are the consequences of using rubbing alcohol directly on your face?
I went recently on vacation with a couple of friends so we got plenty of time to discuss our makeup and skin care routines. I found out one of them uses rubbing alcohol directly on her face after cleansing and my other friend I were quite shocked to be honest but she shut us up and told us it works amazingly for her skin and if she doesn’t use it, she breaks out terribly. I’d like to explain to her that is bad for her skin but I don’t know how so I’m asking you lovely BTers for a little help.      Thanks in advance, Yackie.
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Starting in my teens, when I was lost in the wilderness of acne, I did use rubbing alcohol on my face and scalp. In later years I found out,m of course, that stripping t... see post
Deals too good to pass Up!
The only thing I love more than shopping is getting a great deal.  I've created a website, with the same name as this thread (minus spaces and the exclamation point), to share my passion with more people.  If you share here and want to keep the deal exclusive to BT viewers, just write for BT only in the post.   I will heart every deal I see .  If your deal does not have a heart from me, I have not seen it yet.  A heart with no comment means I already had your deal on my site or am not planning on listing it (I may already have a better offer or another possible reason).   Should I use your deal, I will thank you here and mention that it was "shared on BT" on my site.  Thanks again to everyone who shares!    If you find something full priced that is new and awesome, share it here. -Summer-2015-Found-in-the-Wild-quot-New-quot/m-p/1 ...    
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There's a whole bunch of new brand-specific GWPs up on Ulta's site :) see post
What are you wearing today?
Was asked to post an updated thread. Let's continue the fun shall we?   What are you wearing today?   1. nars sheer glow foundation, mont blanc 2. perricone md no bronzer bronzer 3. urban decay eyeshadow primer potion, original 4. too faced chocolate bar palette 5. benefit theyre real mascara 6. rimmel london stay matte powder, natural 7. benefit dallas 8. nars blush, sin 9. buxom full on lipstick, las vegas
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Whoa interesting it's like a create your own foundation/BB/CC/etc haha. Now I really want to get them... see post
Make up must haves
Have makeup money to spend at sephora and I'm up for some suggestions . What are your makeup must haves? 😊 or what is on your wish list? 
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I second sam1227's recommendation for the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. It feels so light and natural on the skin but still has decent coverage.   My othe... see post
Best mascara for very long but light lashes?
I have long lashes but they are dark blonde, I'm looking for definition and volume without clumping or the nasty spider look. Currently using Clinique high impact and just got a sample of the Too Faced Better Than Sex but I hate how clumpy my lashes get with both of them! Don't want to spend too much time combing them out every day. What are your suggestions?
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TayKakes / NEWCOMER / replied
I have the same problem and I use the Kat Von D mascara and it works beautifully. see post
VIB 15%
I have a question regarding the VIB 15% discount card I received in the mail. Is this a one time use? I used it today for my sisters makeuo purchase but the cashier gave it back, just wondering if it's a one time use or can I use it again? 
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You can use it as many times as you like until the last date of the sale! (I think it's either 20th or 21st for VIBs) see post
Makeup tips for aging skin? There have been a lot of related threads lately but no one cohesive one
I'm noticing a lot of threads lately asking about makeup tips for aging skin (I always see them for skincare).  So, I decided to create a more comprehensive one so there is a reference thread.  Anyone have any tips for makeup either as we age (what is age appropriate) and what works on aging skin (a liquid concealer instead of a cream one).  Skin care tips are fine too but I'm mostly asking about makeup? I'll add a few. Use a foundation brush on skin still moist from your day cream to gently dot on foundation to prevent heavy cake-iness or foundation settling into lines. Use an illuminating foundation primer and a lighter foundation substitute like a high quality CC cream.  Then gently use a liquid concealer and an illuminating powder like Guerlain's meteorites.  Save foundation for evening. Mix a little color into your brown or taupe eye shadows to avoid looking dull.  Sandwich method…dot your brush in the taupe, then in a colored shadow (depending on your coloring…blue, pink, purple, green, gold) then dot in the taupe again then apply.  Adjust the amounts of different color depending on your comfort. Be careful with dark lip colors as lips thin as we age and they can look harsh.  Add a little neutral gloss over lipstick.  Line lips with a neutral liner, slightly outside the lip line to make lips look more lush. Anyone else have anything to add?
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It's a great topic--pardon my rant! ; ) see post
how to add sun protection to a moisturizer?
I have a couple of good quality daily facial moisturizers that don't contain SPF.  Is there a product I can mix into them that will add sun protection to them, without turning them white and chalky like so many sunscreens?   Or should I use a sunscreen on top of them, and then my makeup?   
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It's best if you don't mix your sunscreen with anything else as that would dilute the SPF and give you inadequate sun protection. Layering is really the best method--wai... see post
acne solution
I have oily skin and acne on my face. Can you tell me what skin care and make up products are good for me? thanks
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For acne you for sure want to include a product with BHA's like salicylic acid.   You'll need a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, moisturizer, treatment and a weekly... see post
Products that minimize scars?
Over the past 8 months or so, I've gotten rid of a lot of piercings. Some of them have left behind some less-than-pretty scars.   What works the best for minimizing the look of scars over time? I looked at some drugstore scar creams but all they seem to be is petroleum jelly (eww!) and maybe vitamin E.      I'd also appreciate concealer recommendations, as I am presenting in two conferences later this month and I want to hide a couple of smaller scars as best I can.   Thanks in advance!
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Vitamin E is good like you said. I've been using Ole Henriksen Vitamin C Truth Serum to get rid of red/brown marks left by pimples. The marks are completely gone now. No... see post
Tom ford Traceless Foundation for dry skin?
Hi ladies. I'm recently considering whether to get TF Traceless Foundation or not. I'm find with both stick and liquid.    My concern is, whether they accentuate flake/dry patches or not. I don't care too much about coverage unless it's has ZERO coverage.  Anyone have drier skin and using TF foundation??   Please give me some advice!
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Bought the giant Lash Stash do I return the ones I don't like
I got the big pack of LashStash mascaras and am way excited about finding the perfect mascara that will work for me.  However, so far I hate one of them (Lancome Hypnose Drama).  I think for a higher end mascara it is awful.  I am wondering how to go about getting a partial refund.  Should I contact the mascara company itself or go into a Sephora store?   UPDATE : Thank you to so many people who took my questions and posts seriously and responded kindly. It is my first thread and I am new to Sephora, the brands it sells, and this BeautyTalk community.   Since this became a lengthy thread so quickly, I thought I would give a quick recap of how I resolved my issue, and save some time for people who might be in the same circumstance I was and unsure how to proceed.     But before you read how I resolved the issue, I wanted you to get a picture of how I view myself as a customer.  You should know that to me every $1 is 100 hard earned pennies.  And if I put my money down for product, regardless of its size, I expect it to deliver.  In addition to being vocal about products through word of mouth, blogging, etc., I firmly believe in communicating with those directly involved with a product's production and distribution.  And through honest communication with companies about how I truly feel about their product, they almost always thank me reaching out to them (from as simple as nice thank you letter to as large as a coupon for free product).  So here's what happened:   I bought the $45 Sephora Favorites LashStash Deluxe 11-piece sampler (NO voucher) with the expectation that while I may not love everyone, that each one should be high-end performance-wise.  I also expected to use them all up and for it to last me a LONG time (think back to my $1 meaning a lot to me).  Years ago, I had previously fallen in love with They're Real and so I had something to judge the others against.  The first one I tried happened to be the Lancome Hypnose Drama and it was just not delivering.  So I watched some instructional videos and tried again.  Still not delivering (extremely strong smelling, clumpy and made my eye lashes stick together). So the vocal side of me starts wanting to let the company know and rectify the situation (yes, I'm talking about expecting a partial refund, exchange, etc.)  But I had only previously corresponded with companies who make lower-end products.  So what were the rules with Sephora and Lancome?  Was Lancome like Costco where they stood by what they sold so much that they would take care of everything?  Or like a Supercenter where you had to contact the manufacturer?  I was not sure and so decided to post my question to BeautyTalk and glean from your wealth of knowledge. So I posted and ya'll let me know that you cannot do partial returns/exchanges with Sephora--either return all the mascaras or none.  But neither one appealed to me.  I didn't want to give up on the others after the first failure.  I also didn't want to stand idly by and just be okay with a high-end product under-performing.   So I reached out again and most people agreed that contact with Lancome or both was best.  I also learned that there were new Stash sets out that had a voucher with them (and was like, "that is the best deal ever" and also bummed that they didn't include one in my kit). So I first called Sephora and the phone call was very rushed but polite and at the end she basically said that she was sorry that I couldn't get voucher but would add a certain amount of points to my account.  I really am not familiar with the point thing but from some of your comments, it is a way to get a free I still wanted to let Lancome know about my bad experience with their mascara.  Lancome makes the product and is the one ultimately responsible for its formula and how it delivers, after-all.  I waited for a SUPER LONG time to speak with someone, then got transferred, then dropped, and then a SUPER LONG time again.  But it was so worth it.  The Lancome consultant listened to everything and I asked her for tips and she documented my likes and dislikes.  Then she said she would mail me a check to purchase THE EXACT SAME SERIES of mascara (to the confused commenter it was NOT a full refund of the $45) because mine was obviously defective.  And I said, but the mascara was a little one, that is too much.  Then she said it was a gesture of kindness and to please give the company another try and highly recommended that I purchase over a Lancome counter instead of Sephora.  So, of course I said OK, sounds good to me.  And I will do as agreed.  Never in the conversation was I rude to the workers or demand compensation.  I did expect something, but not to the degree it was given.  Which only cements in my mind that Lancome (and kind of Sephora) are smart about wanting to help customers because we BUY their product with our hard-earned money. The company is entitled to make their own policy and direct their customer service to do as the company says.  The same goes with the stores who sell the company's product.  And the customer (that would be me and YOU) are also entitled to speak out to them and as many parties that we want.   Enough said.  It's time for bed.
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I don't even return the makeup that makes my eyes red and puffy!  I just can't be bothered for $20. see post
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
I'm an Asian with a fair to medium complexion.  Which shade in Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation would be a good match for me? Thank you very much for your help!
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Fair to medium is quite a bit of a gap...    I'm also Asian, I wear Dior nude 011, Laura Mercier smoothing in "creme", UD naked in #1, most Asian BB creams/foundations... see post
Lip Liner to Match ABH Vintage Liquid Lipstick?
I'm a lip liner junkie and I love nothing more than filling in my lips before applying lip color and also drawing a little outside of the line. My go to product is UD's lip liner but there doesn't seem to be a color close enough to Vintage. I'd also use it for Kat Von D's LUV. I already own Ozone, the clear lip liner, and since I like to draw outside the line a bit Ozone doesn't work well for me.   Any suggestions? I see Makeup Forever has one in Purple 13C that might work.   Thanks!
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I don't have the ABH shade vintage, but judging from swatches it seems to have a reddish purple hue in between light and dark purple (correct me if I'm wrong). Hence, I ... see post
April HAULS 2015 Yeah, baby, yeah!
I hope you guys don't mind me starting this one off early. I feel like April is my month. New job and all. So here's a new makeup item added to my sailor moon collection.    So basically. That cap can be put on a pen or pencil or my eyeliner.
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  First haul with 15% discount for VIBs.     This is an old picture but I always get same things for every sephora event, clarisonic brush heads :) I only use r... see post
Best Wedding Foundations?
I'm in my sister's wedding in July and I'm wondering what a good foundation choice would be. It will be on the beach in Jamaica so I need it to hold up in the heat along with the usual photos etc. I've tried Nars Sheer Glow and it doesn't last for me, which is strange since my skin is only slightly oily just around my nose. I've also tried Bobbi Brown Skin but the coverage is a bit lacking. Any opinions?
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Don't get me wrong Hourglass is an amazinggg foundation... But for people with oily skin.  I wanted it to work for me so so bad I tried about a million (like 4 lol) prim... see post
Excited about items bought at sales event
What items did you buy at the sales event that you're excited about? ok I have to start off with the Bobby Brown Beach roller ball.. I put it on in store never even thought about buying and immediately placed in my bag.. It smells like the most beautiful beach ever I cannot even begin to explain how amazing.. Ahh no words it just really shocked me how much It smells like a refreshing beach day. Nothing better than a surprise new love I picked up the Cover Fx drops so I'm really excited about trying that out.. NARS  Copacabana Illuminator hopefully will be as amazing as it looks on my hand lol so I'm really excited about trying that out this summer.  Just wanted to share my sale haul I'm really excited about these items
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That NARS lip stick is sooo beautiful! see post
MAC lipsticks - any recommendations?
So I think I have about 5 lippies so far. But currently Mac Canada has a promo for free shipping (no min.) so I thought I might add another lippie or two to the collection. So far I have: Venus, Abby, Ruby Woo, Sin and Studded Kiss, Any suggestions? Thanks
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I hate myth too. I have blue eyes and fair skin. If I cannot pull it off i don't know who will? (that did not sound snoby at all) #nodisrespecttobenafleck see post
I'm 31 going on 32. Do I need an eye cream?
I think it is up to you. I use an eye cream only to prevent wrinkles and increase hydration. The best way to stop wrinkles is prevention rather than attempting correctio... see post
Time To Look Into Aging Products...Please Help
Hi everyone!   I'm nearing my 30's and while I take great care of my skin (began the past few years) I am interested in knowing your go to beauty products and routines that you use to prevent and reduce lines, wrinkles, etc.   I gave up the tanning beds 2 years and use sunblock now, moisturize morning and night, use homemade masks about once a month, etc. I'm noticing those pesky crows feet making themselves at home and my skin is just not as firm as it once was.   My goal is to take action now so as I age I will age gracefully! Thanks!
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I look much younger than my younger sister.  I attribute it to using sunscreen religiously since age 16, starting on the antiaging products in my late 20s, and doing at-... see post
Subscription box photo sharing
I've been on the Ipsy waiting list, but still look at the thread. I thought we could have a shared thread from all the subscription boxes (including non-beauty ones likes underpants and lifestyle such as Wantable and POPSugar). That way we can live vicariously through each others goodies!   (I know there are unboxing videos on YouTube, but I do not have the patience to sit through a five minute video about someone apologizing for the state of their hair. And I know there are blogs where I can see photos, but everyone usually gets different items in their boxes)
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Thanks.  I will mull it over a little more, but I really appreciate the info.  It is nice that you can skip months. see post
Natural and pretty makeup for a 15 year old Sophomore?
Hey everyone   So I'm never quite sure  how much makeup I should be wearing at my age whilst still looking really natural. I don't even know if I should be wearing makeup on an everyday basis! I'm a bit insecure about my skin as I get quite a few blemishes and a bit of redness, as well as my eyebrows being quite bushy and wild. I also have really dark circles and puffy small eyes too. Oh and I have normal/combination skin that can get dry in places but a bit oily during the day.     It would be really helpfull if you could tell me what I could wear for each occassion?    1. Lazy day.  2. Going out in the day but not doing anything particually special. (Weekend.) 3. School.  4. Meeting up with friends/ doing something fun during the day (Weekend.  5. Getting a bit more dressed up for something like a party or going out for dinner etc.  6. A really formal occassion like a wedding or something.    Also, what essential products do I need to start up my makeup collection?  Thanks so much for your time and help! 
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Aaryn / NEWCOMER / replied
This helped me alot thank you Sydneysydney see post
Regimen Order??
What order (if there is one) is a skin care regimen supposed to go? My current regimen consists of face wash, toning pads, and a moisturizer. I was thinking about adding a serum to target some other problems I am having but am not sure where to squeeze them in at?   I also wanted to know if anyone could recommend a daily face wash that can help keep my face clear. Its needed a little more love recently. I don't think I need an acne cleanser, I was thinking a "clearing" cleanser. If there's a difference?   Thanks in advance!
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The rule of thumb for face products is thin to thick, and if you're using a facial oil that always goes on last. :)   Do you exfoliate regularly? That can also help wi... see post
Just starting this new thread to keep us updated on all new collections, launches and releases for Summer; following up the Spring Collections thread you can check out here /Spring-2015-Collections/td-p/1825800   I’ll leave here what we already found for this upcoming summer season   MAC Wash and Dry LE Spoiler (Highlight to read) Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkins Summer 2015 (found by  lachaton) Guerlain Summer by Terracotta 2015 Fall Collections - /FALL-2015-COLLECTIONS/m-p/1927188#M95163  
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I'm eyeing the BB cream.  I tend to like the summer products like that, but I haven't seen any reviews…indeed…most of the collection has few reviews.  I also like the ey... see post