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Made purchase didnt get points
I purchased UD smoky palette and NARS velvet lip glide in bound at Sephora inside jcpenney and i haven't received my points for this yet
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How do I use my gift card online?
I'm trying to place an order online and I was given a gift card that I'd like to use but there doesn't seem to be anywhere for me to enter it. When I enter it in the promotion box it says error. 
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I'm not sure if it works the same in canada but if something isn't available in store, the cashier can place an online order for you using whatever payment method you ch... see post
As VIBR, I have not received my 50-25 code by email. Please help me! Thanks.
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My VIB Rouge $25 off $50 email hasn't come!
I  received a postcard saying my coupon would arrive in my email on the 2nd and it never came! Would love to use my coupon! Please help!
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Every year there seems to be some issue regarding these. Does anyone know if I will be able to use a gift card combined with the reward card?  see post
Loyalty Reward
Received a $20 off coupon but shouldn't I get a $25 off coupon as VIBR? Anyone help?
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I haven't even received mine yet. I forgot about the cards, does anyone know the time frame during which the reward cards are sent out? see post
vib rouge status question
hi, so right now I have vib status until 12/2017 but I'm pretty close to reaching vib rouge status. my question is, once I reach vib rouge will it update so that I have it until 12/2018 or will it remain the same length as my current status? 
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Loyatly reward not received
As a VIB, I haven't received my loyalty reward by email . I would really like that someone assists me please. Thank you
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Never received the BI loyalty reward code
Hi,    I never received the Sephora $15 off $50 dollar or more purchase loyalty code by mail or email. I am a beauty insider.   I have emailed Sephora customer service, but received no response.    Please, let me know.    Thank you all!  
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Profile Update
Hi,   I am a new member and having a problem updating my profile. I want to Change my Birth date from 11/25/1989 to 12/25/1989, since it was entered incorrectly. But I don't see any option to do that by myself. Can anyone help me, please? I would really appreciate that.    Thank You.
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Magicalspell / NEWCOMER / replied
Thank You so much Danee. :)  see post
Have Not Received Loyalty Reward
Like everyone else, I have not received my loyalty reward by email. Ive been a member for awhile now and I am frustrated that I haven't been able to use my discount. I have checked junk and spam folders in my email as well. Can you please assist? Thank you.  
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Have not received my coupon code.
I have no received my coupon code for the Loyalty Reward. I have been checking my email several times today, and it is not in my junk/spam folder either.
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CharlyG / NEWCOMER / replied
Hi, I am having the same issue.  I received a postcard in the mail telling me it was coming, but I never received it!  I've checked my trash and SPAM but nothing :( see post
Never received my Loyalty Reward by email
I am signed up for email but never receive anything.  I got a card in the mail saying I would receive a reward card offer for $15 off $50 and haven't received anything.  I would like to place an order and use it.
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swinglifeaway74 / NEWCOMER / replied
Same issue here, please help! see post
Rouge Reward Card
I got an email with a reward gift card of $20 off for VIB, but I attained Rouge statues on November 13th. The Card I got in the mail with the guidelines said that as long as I attained Rouge status before November 14 I would get the 25 off. Please assist. 
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So I have to call them and list what i want to buy and then like read my credit card off?  see post
Missing items! Help!!!
Hi! I received my package today and one of the items I ordered is missing. How can I get it now?
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Loyalty rewards email??
I still have not received my $20 off $50 email and I'm worried it's not going to come! What should I do??
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beauty insider card and online
Hi! i have my beauty insider card since like 3 years and i made an account on the website a short time ago but i don't see a space where i can enter my card number so i can link it to my account? i'd really like to make a purchase online but still make points on my card helppp! thank you!!
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Lauren94mcd / NEWCOMER / replied
Is there anyway you can help me with the same issue? see post
Did not receive my $15 off $50 code!!
I've been a member for years now, but I didn't get the Beauty Insider's $15 off $50 code this year or the last. Not sure why, because I still do receive emails from sephora once in a while. Really would love to get that code this year!
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Charged my card twice, and now is in overdraft.
Has anyone else recently had this issue? This has happened to me twice now... Anytime I go to order something online on (my billing and shipping address is different so I did NOT click the button that says "My billing and shipping is the same address") but it STILL ran through as if they were the same, causing an error. I looked it over and I was correct the first time, so did it again. They charged my card twice now.. The order was over 100.00 and now I'm in the negative with an overdraft fee. I am not happy, this keeps happening. After I receive my payment back, and at least 35.00 for my overdraft fee, I am never shopping at Sephora again. I will be going to Ultra. This has ruined me being able to get my mother her Christmas present this year. Thanks Sephora, for ruining my Christmas! 
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PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered
Hi PLAY! by SEPHORA subscribers,   Some of you have been wondering how we curate each of our boxes, so we wanted to let you know how it works!   Every month, our team of beauty experts determine a selection of products around a theme or trend. We then take these products and create different box versions. Because we want you to love all of the deluxe samples you receive, we then choose which version would work best for you based on the answers you provided in your PLAY! PROFILE. This way, the products you receive are appropriate for your beauty needs.   Still have questions about how we determine what goes into your PLAY! by SEPHORA box? We want to hear from you! Check out the FAQs and chat with us below.   Q: How does PLAY! by Sephora decide which products to send to subscribers each month? A: PLAY! By Sephora curates a selection of products every month that align with a particular beauty theme or trend we’re loving. From here, we develop box versions – which vary based on different beauty preferences like skin tone and hair. Then, we target these box versions to each subscriber based on his/her PLAY! PROFILE. We always try and send you the box that we believe is best for you.   Q: What if I don’t like the products I received in my box? A: If you’re not sure about why you received a certain product in your box, we encourage you to take your PLAY! PASS to your local Sephora and ask for a personal, one-on-one consultation with one of our Beauty Advisors. This is one of the many perks you get with PLAY!. In-store, a Beauty Advisor can help you find a similar or complimentary products. They will even make you a custom sample so you can try it out at home. OR, if you can’t make it to a store, you can always call or shoot us an email us: 1-844-PLAY-HLP or   Q: What is the PLAY! PROFILE and how do I update my information? A: The PLAY! PROFILE captures your beauty preferences and concerns. We use your PROFILE answers to determine which box version is best for you each month. To update your PLAY! PROFILE, first go to My Account and then click on the My Information in left navigation. From here, you can your PROFILE information like hair type, skin concern, and skin tone.   Q: What if one of the products in my box is broken, damaged or missing? A: If you have a problem with your box, you can always call our PLAY! phone extension at 1-844-PLAY-HLP or email us at We’re here to help!  
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katt1114 / NEWCOMER / replied
I subscribed and submitted payment info then received a message after completion of the subscription that said my items wer out of stock ? I just want to know if I succe... see post
Have not received the $25 VIBR coupon.
Sephora really needs to step it up if they want to keep their customers.
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I just got promoted to vib rouge and I do not see the welcome package in my checkout and I also cannot use the VIB $20 off coupon. Help?
I just got promoted to vib rouge but I do not see the welcome package in my checkout and I also cannot use the VIB $20 off coupon. Help?
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Hi, I have not received my $20 from VIB rewards. What can I do??
Hi, I have not received my $20 from VIB rewards. What can I do??
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Loyalty reward never received.
Well this is kind of a let down. I never got an email for my $20 off VIB reward.
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Reward card offer
I've been checking my email and I haven't received my coupon is there anything I can do?
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Loyalty Rewards
I did not receive my loyalty reward code in my email, when I can expect to receive it?   Thanks!
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I did not received the loyalty reward. Does anyone can help me with that?
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Loyalty Reward Code
I haven't received my Loyalty Reward code yet. Can anyone help me please? Thanks. 
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Promotion Card
I'm a Rouge member and did not receive the gift card for $25 off of $50. Is anybody else experiencing this issue and may somebody help?
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EBuckley1 / NEWCOMER / replied
I am also Rouge and have not received my card either. My sister is VIB and got hers, and my friend who is also Rouge received hers, I am not sure why I haven't as of yet... see post
I never received my VIBR reward code, what can i do ?
Hi Geniezzzz!   I'm sorry to hear you didn't receive your Holiday Reward! I'm going to look into this for you, and I'll send you a message shortly.  see post
Wrong item in order confirmation today help ASAP
I placed an order today 12/02/16 using my Rouge promo and discovered an item I deleted from my cart was in my order confirmation email. Called right away, but was on hold for 30 mins and was disconnected. Can someone help delete the item? I need to remove the Dior BB creme from my order. Please help before it ships. Thanks.
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Hi RainbowFace,   I'm really sorry to hear that! Regretfully, once an order has been placed, we are unable to modify it. Additionally, I am unable to cancel it at th... see post