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Why do you love Sephora?

I'm just posting this to say that I LOVE Sephora!  For a makeup lover, the online community is everything and the next-day delivery option is unbeatable!  I ordered the new Sephora Collection Metal Rebel eyeshadow palette last night, it arrived this morning and blew all my expectations out of the water!  Best Sephora Collection palette I've ever tried (just posted a review for it)!  So little things like that just make me so excited!  These little moments of happiness for a makeup junkie are everything, and so easily achievable...  So I needed to share this with someone!!!  LOL  Why do you love Sephora? :))


Nikatron_0-1651592254437.jpeg  Nikatron_1-1651592274732.jpeg  Nikatron_2-1651592298225.jpeg



Re: Why do you love Sephora?

I love sephora because it is the only online and in store beauty and makeup retailer in canada that only sells makeup, recently they have been bringing in brands like lys, roseinc, kaja ect ect that are so stunning and chic. These newer brands are giving us the, sunkissed, dewy, blushed up vibe that we are all looking for, more love to sephora for collaborating with them. I also love the community that sephora has set up for us, its so fun looking through and chatting on the groups. Love, love, love them:)

Re: Why do you love Sephora?

Yes, @Aavvvaaa !!! :))  I LOVE that spirit of solidarity as well!!!  It's like we all have something in common in here and it's such a good, comforting feeling...  Especially since the last couple of years...  🤣

Re: Why do you love Sephora?

Hi @Nikatron! Thank you for posting swatches. I've had my eye on a couple of these palettes - the pigmentation on the colors look great! I agree - Sephora has been doing a great job with their deliveries. That's so cool how quickly you received your order!


If you're up for some cross-posting, think about posting this great new palette and your fabulous swatches on this month's haul thread. There's a new thread each month; here's a link to May's thread -  Magnetic May Hauls 2022 - Beauty Insider Community (  

Re: Why do you love Sephora?

Thank you @itsfi !  Will do that!  I JUST received my second Playlist palette (Blue Beauty) and it's equally beautiful in terms of quality...  I just have a weak spot for cool neutrals so the Metal Rebel will probably always be my favorite...  Want to order more colors but the rest of them are out of stock...  I'll take some swatches later on during the day and will post those as well... :))

Re: Why do you love Sephora?

@Nikatron the SEPHORA COLLECTION Sephora Playlist® Eyeshadow Palette Blues Beauty is the other palette I was eyeing. Lovin’ the music theme to the series in general.


Another cool neutral shade lover here 🙌🏼 and the ones in that Blues Beauty palette definitely grabbed my attention, of course, and that blue shadow looks quite stunning!!! 😍 💙 Very excited you received it already! 

Re: Why do you love Sephora?

Hey @itsfi ...  It took me forever to post the review for the second palette... :((  You know, I didn't actually get it for the blue shade but I was curious about it though because it seem to be the "star" of this palette.  To be honest, I want ALL the palette in this collection and the only two available right now are the SEPHORA COLLECTION Playlist Eyeshadow Palette Metal Rebel  and the SEPHORA COLLECTION Sephora Playlist® Eyeshadow Palette Blues Beauty .  Sadly, I think I got a bit overexcited at first because I'm realizing now that the Blues Beauty is really not as good in terms of quality, as the Metal Rebel palette.  I posted my reviews for both of them in case you are curious:
Sephora Collection Playlist Eyeshadow Palette

That blue color you were curious is actually much duller in person... ;(
But the mattes are still very good though.  Metal Rebel is still (and I feel will be for a long time) my all-time favorite.  I ordered two backups! 😂🤣😂


Nikatron_0-1652157212455.jpeg       Nikatron_1-1652157238653.jpeg





Re: Why do you love Sephora?

@Nikatron, I absolutely understand how Metal Rebel is your favorite. The palette looks amazing - the richness of the shadows, the combination of colors in that palette. Blues Beauty looks great too. Thank  you for the swatches. I can see what you mean about the shadows in that product not being as great as Metal Rebel. 

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