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Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

Monthly Favorites - April 2022Monthly Favorites - April 2022

April - what a whirlwind month! It really whizzed by, didn’t it? I hope you at least got the chance to stop, shop, swatch, and shower yourself with goodies from this month’s epic Spring Savings Event. (And if not, that’s okay – maybe you’re out here trying to save, and we admire your strength). So whether you splurged on some beauty newness, or saved by dipping into your existing beauty stash, let’s talk about those April favorites!


Here are the products I’ve been regularly reaching for all month long:



Time to share your own April favorites! Which skincare, hair, makeup, fragrance, and/or wellness products (new faves or old stand-bys) have you been loving this month? Reply below and use the “#” sign to tag those products!

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

This month I am in to anything Milk. I am having medical issues which is reeking havoc on my skin and I find that Milk is one of the few things that is kind to it. Also I love Bobbie Brown Primer.

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

my fave of april was definitely the Glow Recipe Mini Watermelon Glow PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner 1.35 oz/ 40 mL! ugh i am OBSESSED with this stuff! light fragrance, beautiful texture, and seriously amazing results!

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

@lissielys YES! This is checking off everything needed in a great toner…


light fragrance, beautiful texture, and seriously amazing results!”


100% agreed!

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

The new Dolce and Gabana Light Blue Italian Love and the Cay Skin glow sunscreen

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

well I’m definitely late to this, but here are my favs !!!


- kaja lip glosses, omg they are so hydrating and pretty, makes your lip look GORGEOUS 😻😻


- not in Sephora but cocokind items


-sol de janerio perfumes , heaven.

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

@moanalovesyou yesssss I love kaja lip products too! I recommend the Kaja Heart Melter Lip Gloss Stick (unless that’s what you were referring to… in which case, you’re absolutely right!!). They’re so hydrating and look so nice on the lips!

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

@AlexBT  well, my #1 discovery and recent fave is not from Sephora. It is Beast Castile body wash. It is unscented. Most of those little bumpies on rear and leg are gone. Skin is less dry. Unscented means my perfumes have more of a chance to shine. Also Kérastase Resistance Length Strengthening Shampoo 16.9 oz / 500 mL # shampoo, conditioner and mask have really gotten my hair to shine and keep a curl. That and Better Not Younger Hair Redemption Butter Masque 6.8 oz/ 200 mL alting with the Kerastase mask. Sol de Janeiro Beija Flor™ Elasti-Cream with Collagen and Squalane 8.1 oz/ 240 mL has helped repair my skin and smells good. Maybe these are closer to May, lol but I am sure they will be listed in May's faves too.

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

@Margalee great faves! I've never tried anything from Better Not Younger, but this mask sounds so luscious!

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

This months favourites are a mix of first time tries and some old reliables💕


new to me

- Hawaiian tropic silk hydration weightless face spf 30. It’s a little glowy and doesn’t play well under foundation, but I love using this as my spf on no makeup days. It smells like Hawaiian tropic sunscreen, so stay away if you’re scent sensitive! 


- Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water. I’m not much of a self tanner, but this was surprisingly easy to use, and I loved the results. I’m hoping to pick up a tan more naturally now that it’s nice out, but a little bit of color was nice on the gloomier days of April!


- IT Cosmetics Lash Blowout Volumizing Mascara 0.24oz/ 7mL. I know this has been out for a while, and I’m usually a TF damn girl loyalist, but this has given TF a run for its money! I love the fake lashes look I can accomplish with this, and it didn’t irritate my eyes or give me raccoon eyes.

Returning faves

- Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush. as soon as it gets warm, I reach for a cream blush to add a dewy flush to my skin. My go to shade in April was strawberry drip. I haven’t mastered liquid blush yet, so I’m sticking with cream for now!


- #Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer - no explanation needed. I love a glossy lip all year round, but especially when it’s warmer out!


Ciaté London Dewy Stix - Luminous Highlighting Balm Glow. I’m convinced I’m the only person who likes this product, and admittedly I hated it when I first bought it. It gives a really dewy finish to the skin that is more wet look than glittery. A little different for me. Because I’m usually a glitter kinda girl, but I think it looks gorgeous with a rosy blush. It also looks great on the eyes for a wet look


HUDA BEAUTY Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette. Huda palettes always do ur for me, and this is my ideal spring color story. Enough pastels and colours to play with, but the tone is more wearable everyday for me 

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

@cianni I'm intrigued by this Ciate highlighter! The way you describe it, it sounds a little like Danessa Myricks Beauty Dew Wet Hydrating and Highlighting Balm 

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

@AlexBT it’s the same vibe for sure!! I prefer the packaging of the ciate personally, but I would say if you were looking to get any color other than clear in the Ciate, I would suggest the Danessa Myricks instead! The other Dewy Stix colours have glitter that is a little chunky in my opinion, which kind of defeats the purpose of a wet look highlighter. It’s all down to preference though!

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

@cianni Good to know about the IT Cosmetics Lash Blowout Volumizing Mascara 0.24oz/ 7mL . I purchased this in a bundle and now I am excited to try it! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

@Mellmars1185 It’s honestly so good, and I’m shocked I like it as much as I do, because I generally prefer the fluffier hourglass brush shape (like L’Oréal lash paradise, TF BTS, TF damn girl)

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

OMG, I have tried so many products this month because of the VIB sale haha, my top fav items are definitely the merit beauty lipstick in the shade l'avenu, if you love 90's inspired lipstick then this is definitely for you, so comfortable and it is the most perfect berry brown shade I have tried! I also absolutely adore the Lys concealer, its not really full coverage I would say it's more of a medium, but the finish and wear time is undefeated. Another fav of mine- I would argue this is my favourite product I have bought this year, is the Pat Mcgrath blush in shade Desert Orchid; I can't even begin to describe my love for this blush OMG- the most amazing bronzed, glowy blush ever. Probably my favourite blush of all time. I hope you guys try some of these products out, because they truly blew me away!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

Fabulous favorites @Aavvvaaa! The Merit lipsticks have been seeing a lot of use - I love how comfortably they wear. 💄 

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

Nice post @Aavvvaaa ! If you want to link a product, you can use the pound key or hashtag and type up the name of the product you want linked. For example, I like the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish Color Corrector Medium even though I am starting to recover from my winter color and it is becoming less effective against dark marks and hyperpigmentation.


Even though you found the LYS Beauty Triple Fix Brightening Concealer to be of medium coverage, I found it medium coverage without color corrector and in 1 layer (which needs to be thin or else it clumps/cakes up), and full coverage with 1 layer over color corrector or 2 thin layers overtop. Also I completely agree that the finish (in thin layers) and wear time are amazing 😍! I'll expand more in my May haul post that I will post at mid-May/end-of-May (along with my reviews). 


I also love the idea of a bronzed blush so Desert Orchid definitely grabbed my attention when PMG launched blushes. 


Welcome to BIC! 🤗💖

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

Thank you so much for the recommendations, Im very new here so it's a pleasure to hear feedback. Thanks for the replies!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

Wow the first week of May snuck up on me. I have been crazy busy lately! But I wanted to make sure I added my April favs!! The Wander Beauty Upgraded Lashes Treatment Mascara  is the best. I wish I had grabbed another during the sale but I have tooo many open mascaras right now. I am kicking myself. It held up during a hard soccer practice last night. I have no flakes no smudges nothing. Honestly the best. I have been using Summer Fridays Babymoon Belly Balm 5 oz/ 150 mL  when I am cupping and it’s the perfect consistency I don’t feel sticky after and it’s very moisturizing. I’ve been on a self tanning kick lately and Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Glow Drops Medium  have worked beautifully for me. I’ve had a bunch of dark spots and scars appear and I picked up The INKEY List Mandelic Acid Treatment 0.5 oz/ 15 mL and I am noticing such an improvement!! And last but not least I’ve been going through cleansers trying to find the right one and I finally have Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser 5.0 oz/ 150 mL  has been my second cleanser for the month of April and the first one that hasn’t broke me out in a weird rash or caused acne. I have a full size back up already!! 


Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!

These are beautiful favorites @ather! Love that tray too. Your results from TIL mandelic acid sounds awesome! ♥️ How often did you use it? 

Re: Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition!


Cupping therapy has ben very helpful for me. 

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