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Introducing Community Badges!



We’re always looking for more ways to recognize you all, our fun and fabulous members, and we have something new we’re bursting to share! Starting this month, we will be rolling out another opportunity for you to show off all your contributions to the BIC: badges.


Keep reading to find out more about these new additions to your Community profile, FAQ-style!



What is a badge and how do I earn one?

A badge is a visual representation of your activity in the Beauty Insider Community – and each one is totally unique! For example, you might earn a badge for starting a conversation in the Forum or receiving hearts on one of your Forum posts.



How many badges can I earn?

In March 2023, we’re debuting our first round of badges, featuring these ones which members can earn by signing into Community once, twice, and twenty-five times respectively:

  1. Welcome
  2. Welcome Back
  3. Community Connoisseur


If you’ve already logged into Community more than twenty-five times, you may find that you’ll earn all three of these badges right off the bat. 🥳 Yay you!


For the next few months, we’ll be rolling out even more badges to showcase actions that members have taken around the Forum. Eventually, you’ll also be able to earn badges for your participation in other Community platforms too, such as Ratings & Reviews, Questions & Answers, and the Gallery. No matter how you like to engage in the BIC, there will be a badge for you. 🤩 Stay tuned for all of the colorful badges we have in store – we’re sure you’ll want to collect them all!



Where can I see all the badges I’ve earned?

The brand new “My Badges” page is your go-to destination to view all the badges you’ve earned in the Beauty Insider Community. You can visit the My Badges page by signing in and clicking the right arrow in the Badges module on the Community Home page, as seen here:





Alternatively, you can get to My Badges or another member’s Badges page by clicking into the number of badges they’ve earned on their Conversations Activity page within the Community profile:






PRO TIP: When visiting your own My Badges page, you might notice some badges appear slightly faded – that means that you haven’t earned those yet (although we’re sure you’re well on your way! 😉). Just like all of your earned badges on the Badges page, you can click on these to read their descriptions and find out exactly how to get them in the future.



Are badges related to my Beauty Insider Loyalty status?

Nope! Your Beauty Insider tier has no impact on the number of badges you have in the Beauty Insider Community, or vice versa. You could be an Insider with ten badges, or a Rouge with five badges – just as an example. 😊



Are badges the same as Community ranks?

Nope! Like ranks (which you can read about here: Demystifying the Community Rank System, badges are earned based on your Community contributions. That said, Community members collect badges as they move up the ranks.


While we can’t give away too much of our secret sauce, it’d be safe to assume that members who earn most of the badges available to them will likely also be of a higher Community rank – after all, they’re some of the most active in the BIC! 🙏



We hope you’re just as excited about this new Community feature as we are. 😋 Stay tuned for more badges to come – we can’t wait for you to collect them all!

Re: Introducing Community Badges!


Re: Introducing Community Badges!

Hi @everythingfine! 👋 Let me know if this link helps you access your badges:


By the looks of it, you've already earned 6 badges, which is incredible! Congrats 😊

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

Hi, I can't see My Badges anywhere on the Community homepage...


I have a Profile and I'm signed in...

(See pics)


Could you explain how to find them...or what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks you so much!



Re: Introducing Community Badges!

@Suzanne713 @You are on the app. I can tell because it has your real name on the bottom and not your username. It doesn’t work on the App. Only on desktop and mobile web. You might want to delete the picture for privacy reasons. 

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

@SportyGirly125 Well, her username already has her real name in it so it might not be a huge issue? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

@Suzanne713 , I'm not sure if it's visible on the app, but for mobile web, you would see them right above the "Trending Groups".

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

Grateful to have a new badge I’ve been away for awhile but seeing this today was quite pleasing I’m into this I’ve earned a nice one just by being myself I enjoy speaking about things in which are of interest to what I’m thinking about thought wise!

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

@AntasiaShabria , awwww...that's great to hear & congrats

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

Cute! Provides some instant gratification 🤗

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

The biggest thank you to @TeamBIC for implementing badges in efforts to give credit where its due. It's giving Influenster vibes and i'm  here for it. I am establisted on Influenster (and TryIt) as a result, I am always reviewing items on Sephoras website. Do reviews factor into this at all? I havent been very active in the Sephora Community since Rouge members began losing all of their perks a few years ago. Perhaps its time for me to change that? 

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

Hi @Madisin! 👋 So happy to hear you're liking Community badges so far - stay tuned for Ratings & Reviews badges to come in the future. 😉🤫

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

Sounds so fun! 

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

wow sounds fun 🙂 and Interesting Love it , Thanks 🙂


Re: Introducing Community Badges!

I love this idea! Fantastic!

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

What a interesting idea, I like it!

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

This is going to be fun @TeamBIC 🥳🥳

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

Ok, @TeamBIC  I know I'm not hungry but, every time I see a reply pop in my Notifications, I read it as "Introducing Community Bagels" 🤣😂 ...

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

@Buootiful 😂😂😂 Imagine?! Would be a great April Fool's post. And now I need to see a polka dot Community bagel!

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

These is great new fun idea to shown how involved we are in everything beauty @TeamBIC   Can’t wait to see everyone’s different badges! Feel like I am back in my Girl guides era lol 

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

@melissapurple22 Lol I feel the same way! I got the three emails in a row telling me I got these badges and it made me feel good, especially since I hadn't been here in a while!

Re: Introducing Community Badges!

Wow @TeamBIC !! You ALL come up with the greatest ideas! It was sooo fun to unexpectedly see the badges in the  notification feed😍.

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