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Happy Birthday to You! (2018)



We’re big fans of birthdays here in the Beauty Insider Community so we have created a thread to celebrate YOU on your big day! If it’s your birthday, this thread is your place to celebrate, share your birthday plans or show off your birthday look!


Whether you’re planning on heading to Sephora to snag your free birthday gift or you are throwing a full-blown b-day bash, you can share your plans and hear about others’ right here!


Let the celebration begin!

RE: Happy Birthday to You!

My birthday was a little bit ago, and I got to try this look! It paired great with the BITE lip kit, and was very fun lol

Re: RE: Happy Birthday to You!

That is so pretty @Br0wnEyedGirl! Happy late Birthday!

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

I love the bite lip products I got for my birthday. I flew home to NY from Texas; my son flew in from school in Alabama; and his girlfriend flew in from school in North Dakota to be together with family and friends. I had a lovely visit. We’ll be there through Christmas. I’m feeling blessed and loved. 

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

I want to wish @darlyndar a VERY HAPPY (1 day belated) BIRTHDAY!!! YOU deserve all the happiness in the world!!! Best-bday-gif-wishes-for-bhabhi.gif




Re: Happy Birthday to You!

Wishing you a very happy birthday @darlyndar !!

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

Thank you sooooo much @GG84!!!!! It was a really special day. I worked, but it was filled with visits from all my favorite people❤️❤️❤️

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday! @darlyndar. Isnt that just the best pick me up at work?

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

Yay!! I saw all the balloons and flowers from Hubs on Insta, it looked like a special day ❤ @darlyndar

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

He did good @GG84. I couldn’t see out any of the windows on the way home. Lol. My friends and family are really great. His birthday is today so I’m gonna deck out the house while he’s golfing. The boys and I are gonna silly string the heck out of him when he walks in. 

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

It was my birthday yesterday! Yay! But also scary, as I am entering an older age bracket and cant believe I am now 40. Definitely enjoying Sephora  to cope with it, lol. 🙂

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

Happy belated @Buootiful! 40 is the new 30. Lol. I just turned 38 so technically, I’m 28. 🤗🤗🤗

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

LOL :). Thanks! @darlyndar We are still young ones then. ❤️

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @Buootiful! Hope you had an amazing day!




Re: Happy Birthday to You!

Awww, thank you @RebeccaBT 🙂

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday @Buootiful! I hope it was great!

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

Thanks! It was,  I got surprised by my friends and it was fantastic! @faeriegirl 🙂

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

HOmg! I just turned 42 today!! BUT I look 33 and feel 30! Lol. I’ll share my secrets to looking amazing PROPER skincare starting in your 20’s. STOP tanning your face! Number 1 ager! Sephora has so many bronzer options to create a natural sunkissed look without the long term damage. Lasers and Botox aren’t cheap so to avoid that use spf 50-60 and a hat and sunglasses. Another ager is refined sugar and sweeteners. Sugar destroys collagen in your skin and causes inflammation that leads to cell damage. Try to limit white sugar, fructose and artificial sweeteners and get a great collagen boosting serum at Sephora. The 3rd major ager is smoking. Stop! Next, diet. A clean nutritious diet will make you glow from inside out. Sephora also has tons of glow options and I’m currently obsessed with contouring and highlighting for that chiseled yet dewy look. And then eyebrow shaping and eyelashes. Both if done right add a youthful frame to your face. But don’t forget how important it is to exfoliate! Makeup and skincare don’t work as well on rough textured clogged pores skin! As you age cell turnover slows so get a little help from some gentle exfoliators at Sephora. Hope this helps!! Xoxo M

Amen! I will be (gasp) 44 in a few days and literally no...

Amen! I will be (gasp) 44 in a few days and literally no one even believes me when I tell them this fact. I have Lupus so I have never been able to tolerate more than 5 minutes in even indirect sunlight and I wear SPF 365 days a year even if I am not going outside to protect me from blue and Infrared light. That said, I think the real fountain of youth is to remain young at heart, live as stress free as possible and practice gratitude.

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

@gypsypirate happy birthday!🎉🎂 


I agree with these. I’m close to 40 and people think I’m in my early to mid 20s. My mom’s rule was the moment you start wearing makeup,  you start wearing moisturizer so I credit her rule and genes as well as a healthy vegetarian diet for my more youthful appearance.  Take care of your body and save a ton of money in the long run. 

Re: Happy Birthday to You!

Happiest Birthday wishes to all!!! I dont celebrate my birthday anymore as its just not too "fun" after hitting 21 then again 40 so...But enjoy all!!!!

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