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Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!




We are so excited that pride month is here! Sephora is celebrating with a handful of colorful products and even pride-inspired packaging! We had to get our hands on these beautiful products so we teamed up with some of our friends on the Sephora Prism team to show off these gorgeous products.


While these products are great enough on their own, there is also a donation piece. During the month of June Sephora is donating $1 from the sale of every product displayed here to support LGBTQ organizations.*



Tarte – Treasure Pot Glitter Gel (Pride)

tarte glitter pot.png

BrendaBT wearing Tarte glittler pot.JPG

The name of this product accurately sums it up: to the glitter enthusiast, it is truly a pot of treasure. This rainbow-glitter gel works to add some extra sparkle to your look. While you can certainly layer this on your face, you can also use the gel on your hair, shoulders, or collarbones for some more va-va-voom! The different shapes and sizes of glitter and their iridescent sheen makes this product so unique and pretty. I decided to rock this glitter on my cheekbones and inner corners.




Violet Voss – Fun Sized Mini Eyeshadow Palette (Rainbow)



Violet Voss’s incredibly pigmented rainbow shades are showcased in this fun-sized palette! These shadows are infused with jojoba oil and apply beautifully on the eyes – you can see how stunning they look on the crease! With this palette on hand, you’ll be able to create a variety of different bold looks – at one for every color of the rainbow.

See Swatches below:




Anastasia Beverly Hills – Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette

Alyssa edwards.png

Where are all my Alyssa Edwards fans at?! This gorgeous new palette perfectly embodies Alyssa Edwards’ beauty and boldness. As you would expect from Anastasia, the wide variety of matte shadows work wonderfully with the metallics in the palette. Look how AMAZING these shades look on our co-worker, Anna! There is also a great mix of brighter, bolder colors and neutral, everyday shades in this palette. You even get a double-ended brush that is convenient when you’re on the go! When considering all the shades in the palette, the possibilities are endless.


Open Spoiler for swatches:




Benefit Cosmetics – Hoola Matte Bronzer

hoola bronzer pride.png

A tried and true Community favorite, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer, returns with rainbow packaging to celebrate Pride! Hoola can be used to contour, sculpt, and define your features while adding a beautiful bronze to your complexion.  Anna is wearing Hoola in the picture below to add some warmth to her look. If you’re also a Hoola fan, definitely look into getting your hands on this pride-themed packaging.




Sephora Collection #LASHSTORIES (Love is Love)sc lash stories- love is love.jpg

These lashes are amazing for adding some drama to your look. This style features short and long alternating lengths which draw attention to the eyes. If you’re trying to make a statement, these are definitely for you. @GeorginaBT tried them and is serving seriously glam look!

closeup of GeorginaBT wearing Pride lashes.jpg

GeorginaBT Wearing pride lashes.jpg



Sephora Collection #Lipstories Pride (Love is Love)



This beautiful lippie shines with its gorgeous red metallic finish. It applies smoothly, wears comfortably on the lips, and has a light, pleasant scent. As a bonus, the “Love is Love” packaging is adorable and very appropriate to get you hyped to flaunt your pride. @GeorginaBT is wearing Love is Love above!



Urban Decay – Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner


IMG_1368.JPGIMG_1374.JPGThese glitter liners are the perfect touch to finish off a statement look. With colored glitter and a clear gel base, they are also great to use on their own! They include peach and cucumber extract which work to condition your skin, while carrot extract works to soften. Feel free to go wild with these eye-catching colors. Our coworkers pictured are rocking these under their eyes in the dazzling shade Stonewall” (top picture) and “Stage Dive” (bottom picture). The shade “Stonewall” is a stunning ruby red which gives a nod to the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City.



Lunar Beauty – Life’s a Drag Color Palette


5-31-2019 2-42-05 PM.png

The fourteen beautiful shades is this palette provide more than enough variety  to create a look for any event. Whether you’re going for neutral, glam or bold vibes, this palette will help get you ready to go just about anywhere! The Life’s a Drag palette comes with a handy double-ended brush and an empowering reminder printed in the mirror to “Be a Queen.”


@GeorginaBT and our co-worker Michelle, channeling their inner-queens while creating their eye look with this palette!

KatieBT, Wearing Life's a drag palette.jpg


@KatieBT in also used this palette to create a subtle yet bright look to show some Golden State pride!  

Open Spoiler for swatches:





Tarte -Pride Liquid Chrome Paint Metallic Pigment


The perfect touch of sparkle! This pigment comes in metallic purple and can be used on the eyes, face, or body. The pigment includes six different stencils to create DIY metallic tatts but you can also use your creativity to create your own looks.



Milk Makeup- Wear Your Pride Set



Cuteness alert! This set comes in a white, rainbow zipper bag and contains a full-size Glitter Stick in Techo, which is rainbow-glitter-packed highlighter with mango butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil. The set also contains a Mini Holographic Stick in Stardust which is a prismatic-pink highlighter with meteorite powder, twilight pearls, hydrating mango butter, and coconut oil which combine to create a glow from another planet. The third product this is a deluxe Kush Mascara which contains hemp-derived cannabis seed oil and pure pigments for an intense, black look. Our co-worker Michelle used the holographic stick on their cheek bones and then took their look out of this world by using the glitter stick on top.

michelle wearing milk makeup.png



Youth to the People- Limited Edition Pride Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser

youth to the people.png

This is the daily green juice cleanser we know and love but in a limited edition pride packaging. This superfood cleanser is one of my holygrails and I think many of you also agree that this cleanser is incredible! The smell is fresh and divine, the formula is gentle, and it removes my makeup, dirt, and without stripping my skin’s natural moisture.



Tarte Let it Rain-bow Eye Set


5-31-2019 2-42-39 PM.png

In celebration of actress and author, Jessie Paege, Tarte partnered up with Jessie to create this colorful palette. We were so excited to see a rainbow palette from Tarte and were not disappointed. The palette comes in rainbow watercolor packaging and contains eight shades, all vibrant and highly-pigmented. I unleashed my inner-artist to create a rainbow look. Bonus, the set also comes with a deluxe size Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara!

5-31-2019 2-44-11 PM.png


See Swatches:



Marc Jacobs Enamored (With Pride) Dazzling Lip Lacquer Lipgloss


Yes, we are enamored with this dazzling gloss! This high-shine, sparkly gloss comes in limited edition packaging for pride 2019 and is available in six different shades. The formula creates a glitzy look and the formula feels cushiony and light on the lips without being gritty orsticky.

Marc Jacobs Lipgloss swatches.JPG



Inc.redible- Baddie's Got The Gold Rainbow Highlighter


Okay, if someone doesn’t know who Baddie Winkle is please go follow her social media, she’s the definition of #GOALS! Glow queen, Baddie Winkle’s new pressed highlight palette is in the shape of a portrait of Baddie and we are obsessed. This palette is not only adorable but has a velvety texture and leaves the skin with a healthy-looking glow.



Inc.redible- Baddie Rollin’ It Back Rainbow Rollerball Lip Gloss

baddie lipgloss.pngThis roller ball gloss smells like delicious strawberries and glides right on the lips for a soft, glossy look. I love how lightweight this everyday gloss feels and also love that it is enriched with vitamin B12 for all-day hydration.



Inc.redible Baddie Double Perks Rainbow Sheet Boob Mask


This breast mask (yup, it’s a thing!) is perfect addition to perk up your self-care Sunday routine. This hydrating mask pair is packed with Vitamin C to visibly firm and brighten your assets and the rainbow shape is too perfect for pride month!



Artist Couture- Diamond Lights Finisher in Spotlight Glitz

Artist Couture Dimond Lights Pigment.jpg

Two things we all love in this Community  are multipurpose product and sparkle! This Artist Couture shimmer has both! You can use the glitzy pigment as a highlighter, eyeshadow, on the body, or on top of a lips look to add some spice. @KatieBT used this pigment as highlighter for a glamorous, beautiful glow.

KatieBT wearing Artist Couture Highlighter.jpg




How are you celebrating pride? Let us know in the comments!


*June 2019 sales only. Donation made via Sephora Stands Charitable Fund managed by the Tides Foundation. For a list of participating products, visit For fund info, visit

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

So I bought the TARTE - Let it Rain-bow Eye Set and the INC.REDIBLE - Baddie Rollin' It Back Rainbow Rollerball Lip Gloss and did a Pride  look with it. Wish I could have gone to the West Hollywood pride parade but the traffic driving there is really daunting. I had to re-apply the colors as I blended. It  was annoying but I didn't experience any fallout during the day with the eyeshadow so that's good @BrendaBT  Smiley Happy

RE: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

Happy Pride Sephora 💋 We Belong to Something Beautiful 🌈 Check out my Rockin’ Rainbow submission ‘Be Proud’ 🏳️‍🌈 #CleanatSephora #Pride #BeautyUncomplicated 🧚🏻‍♀️

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

I have my eyes on that Tarte glitter. It's so pretty for pride events, but I can totally see myself wearing this throughout the year. It's perfect for a fairy, ethereal type look. <333

RE: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

I love to Rock my Rainbow with purples and pinks! How about you? 💜💕🌈

Re: RE: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

@savvypants Electric purple is such a fun shade and it looks great on you. <333

RE: Re: RE: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

Thank youuu 💜 September marks two full years of having purple hair for me!

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

@BrendaBTWow that is some amazing stuff that is coming out.

Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

this is super awesome and so beautiful. but more importantly, did you know that most queer people experience poverty, and many even are homeless because of community and family rejection? The effects of this are significantly increased for trans people and trans women of color, the very people your #webelongtosomethingbeautiful campaign centers. Visibility is so important and continues to be, and our queer family spectrum is magical! Let's turn this visibility into something more and talk about how we can't afford to buy the special products as this is the biggest splurge of our month already. I would love to be able to participate in giving back, why not $1 for EVERY sale this month? please keep the conversation going! 🖤💜💙💚💛🧡❤

RE: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

@BrendaBT and all of @TeanBIC. I’ve been a long time super fan of Sephora and just when I think it can’t get any better, you go and do this. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this concerted visible push towards inclusivity. Between this and the greater “We belong to something beautiful” campaign, I’ve never been more excited to support a corporate brand. Keep up the great work and show the business world that you can make money by bringing positive change!!!!!! Sparkle on! ✨🧜🏽‍♀️💖✨ P. S. I bought the tarte liquid chrome because those stencils! 😍 Going to get the UD Heavy Metal Glitter liner in Stonewall because there’s still so much work to be done! I know UD is giving a portion of the proceeds of the Stonewall glitter liner to LGBTQA+ organizations, too. May pick up a few more items because you can never have too much Pride, rainbows or glitter! 🏳️‍🌈🌈✨💖

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

As a bi person I think it’s great that Sephora is giving money from the sales of these products to LGBT organizations, though I wish it was more than just $1 per item. Makeup and skincare products are already sold at such a markup to consumers — and I’m not complaining about that because I have and will continue to happily pay the prices set for my favorite items. But I feel like a retailer as large as Sephora could afford to give more than just $1 per item sold. Just my 2¢, absolutely no hate to the awesome Sephora Prism and BIC team. Thanks for making us feel represented. 🌈

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

@HunterKathleen Thank you and thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it! And I will pass your message along Smiley Happy 

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

Thanks! You are awesome.

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

Y’all about to take aaaaaaaall my money. I can’t resist giving to a good cause. I love everything!

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

I feel this @divaknits!! I've been meaning to try Youth to the People's cleanser for a while, so I was so excited to get my hands on YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Limited Edition Pride Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser. Love it! Let us know your thoughts if you end up trying anything~


Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

This is awesome! I’ve already tried the INC.REDIBLE - Baddie Double Perks Rainbow Sheet Mask

and it is so much fun! So many of these products look amazing!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

@faeriegirl You are such a masking maven - I am so tempted by that mask (I love the design)! 

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

They are so cute @Cyncynn!

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

@faeriegirl We didn't get a chance to try them out but I'm glad to hear you liked it! I agree, after playing around with these products I wanted to keep everything, but I will definitely be adding lots of these items to my cart (you can't ever have too much makeup right?) haha 

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

Oh, how wonderful that there's a donation from the purchase of these products!  I love all the pics demonstrating the goods in action Heart   Not that I "need" a reason to shop but the donation may have influenced my decision (whoops #sorrynotsorry) Smiley Wink 

Re: Show your Pride this June with all this Rainbow-inspired Newness!

@ZombieMetroAnt haha I mean is there such a thing as "too much makeup?" absolutely not right? All these products are honestly so much fun if you end up trying anything, let us know Smiley Happy 

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