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Black Friday Preview

BF Preview.jpg


We’re getting closer and closer to Black Friday and I know many of you have been searching far and wide for the best deals so I wanted to give a little sneak peek at what’s to come from Sephora this Black Friday! Like last year, we will share a Black Friday preview on the Sephora App starting this Friday, 11/17! If you want to know first I highly recommend downloading the app since that’s the first place we will be sharing our Black Friday deals.


All of our Black Friday deals will be $15 and under… We’re talking products up to 75% off! As far as brands, we have deals from countless brands you know and love. You’ll see products from Becca, Urban Decay, Tocca and many more.


Now of course this wouldn’t really be a sneak peek if I didn’t give you a little taste of what you will be seeing in the app preview on 11/17! Here’s a look at a few products that will be available in the US and Canada for Black Friday:






1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream will be available in a 12 oz. tub! This baby is worth $42 and will be on sale for $15! Hello, hydrated winter skin!










2. Buxom Pout on the Prowl is a $32 value and will be on sale for $12! In this set you will get one Mini Full-On Lip Polish in Dominique and a Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick in Toxic Cherry.









3. Benefit Best-Seller Blowout is the last product we’re hinting at today. This set is a $43 value, will be on sale for $15! You’ll get a full-sized They’re Real! Mascara, mini Hoola bronzer and mini High Beam highlighter.





Who's excited for Black Friday?!  Show & tell!

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RE: Black Friday Preview

This is such an awesome idea to be able to preview! I've already snagged a few things from the Wednesday WoWs & now I have to figure out what to get for Black Friday!!!😱

what time does the Black Friday sale open for Sephora and...

what time does the Black Friday sale open for Sephora and could you tell me all the deals and discounts that there will be if that's not too much trouble are they going

Re: Black Friday Preview

What time (EST) will these all be going live? I missed out last year! 

Re: Black Friday Preview

Does anyone know .... When do Black Friday deals become available online generally? 

Re: Black Friday Preview

@naturalooks15 Last year they went on sale at mindnight PST but a couple years back they did actually go on sale at 9 PM PST (so, midnight EST). I’m betting though it will be midnight Pacific time again this year. Sorry to give you the most convoluted answer ever! (It is a Sephora sale after all Smiley Wink )

Re: Black Friday Preview

Daaang! Looks like I'm gonna set my alarm to wake up to order a few tubs of the FAB cream Smiley Very Happy

Re: Black Friday Preview

Thanks. Midnight on thanksgiving day 23rd Nov? 

Re: Black Friday Preview

This is so tricky to word! Midnight of Thursday, Thanksgiving switching over to Black Friday, November 24. I hope I explained that correctly! Midnight is a weirdly vague word! Smiley Happy

Re: Black Friday Preview

@starsandbucks 😄 I know.  you explained it really well. 

how do we figure out the store hours for black Friday?

how do we figure out the store hours for black Friday?

Re: how do we figure out the store hours for black Friday?

@bstep1012 I believe stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day from 6 p.m. to midnight, & then on Black Friday from 6 a.m. to 9/10 p.m.


But this could depend on the store, so I would definitely call ahead & ask Smiley Happy

RE: Re: how do we figure out the store hours for black Friday?

Called store, not open on thanksgiving.

Re: Black Friday Preview

Does anyone know what the two scents are in the Atelier ornament?

Re: Black Friday Preview

Vanilla insensee and orange sanguine 

Re: Black Friday Preview

I believe it's Orange Sanguine and Vanille Insensee, though that's just my best guess from enlarging a blurry picture! They often pair those together so it would make sense.

Re: Black Friday Preview

Hello hello! Just so you all know, there are more products we're going to drop in the app preview. Be sure to check the app for an updated list.


Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday Smiley Happy

RE: Re: Black Friday Preview

When these item will be available online to buy ?

Re: Black Friday Preview

Just saw the App preview, and I'm intrigued by some of this year's offerings.  I would probably be picking up the Bite Multistick mini duo, unless the darker color of the two is Almond, of which I already own a mini.  The Buxom lip duo also looks to be quite a good deal, especially if the Lip Gel is a full-sized product.  I've never tried any skincare from IT Cosmetics, but the ingredients list for the Miracle Water toner look pretty good and for the $15 Black Friday price, it's worth a try!

Re: Black Friday Preview

Yay looked at the preview this morning! I was just saying how I wished Bite Beauty made mini multi sticks and my wish has been granted haha! That little face/foot sheet mask set looks like a great stocking stuffer for my mom or the tub of the fir aid cream so I will pick up one or both of those as well! 

RE: Black Friday Preview

I thought the preview would be a bit more exciting 🤔
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