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Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

For as long as I can remember, I've had these tiny bumps that gather around the inner corner of my eye and along my dark circles. I really, really hate them! They kind of look like chicken skin, but they don't really feel bumpy or anything. I've seen pictures of milia, and that is definitely not what I have. These little bumps don't ever go away and they never move. Some people say that they've started to notice this chicken skin under their eyes as they aged, but I'm a Sophomore and I've had this problem my whole life! I've done a little research, and so far all of the fixes have been really complicated and confusing. Please give me a solution! I like to take good care of my skin, but I'd much rather just buy a lotion or something than see a dermatologist. Thanks for all your help!

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

I just started using a Nira to treat mine. If anyone has tried this, let me know - was it effective?

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

Sounds like Fordyce spots which are simply oil glands.  I have them as well.

 Try an under eye retinol ,I have noticed them starting to diminish after a bit of time using the retinol.

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

Thanks so much for recommending this! This has gotten rid of my oil glands to wear you can barley even see them. 

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

what cream did u use?

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

Hi  I couldn't help but notice this post .... I know it's a little late but I thought I would reply to it anyways !!!!


From what I read everybody in this thread either has Milia or these weird little glands that are like Milia.


Here's my recommendation , especially if it's just Milia.


Go to and buy 100% tea tree oil.


This will purge the trapped keratin in the small oil gland like white pearly bumps.


Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic for topical use as well , but be careful not to get any in your eyes !!!!


This should work fine , but if it doesn't .... Well then I highly recommend having your dermatologist give you a prescription to Tretinoin gel .


Tretinoin 0.1% will cure just about any under eye problems 🥴


Good luck !!!!


Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

Hey i was wondering if this is good for sensitive skin?


Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

try the aglutine Age Defying PHA + Renewing Eye Cream

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

I’ve had these for two years and they were getting larger and bumpier just recently. To the point where they were evident in photos of me! Every time I’d use face cream or simple eye cream they would get bigger and more prominent because of the oils in the creams. Sunscreen was the worst.
I looked up different home remedies, and one that came up was apple cider vinegar mixed with a tiny by of water. Yes, this method is a bit abrasive and drying. However, it totally WORKED for me almost immediately. I dip a q-tip in the ACV and press it into the “chicken skin” under my eyes every other night. I rinse my eyes after 30 to 40 minutes. I also have cotton balls on the side dipped in water to sooth my eyes since the fumes from the ACG were a bit irritating- not bad at all though. Now they’re drying and flaking off! I only did this 3 times and they’re basically gone,  You will develop a bit of redness under the eye, but I just use a super tiny bit of aloe gel to soothe it afterwards. I also find that the Tatcha rice water face wash is excellent if you’re thinking that your face wash/products may be contributing to these. Good luck! 

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

I've also had this texture/bumpy skin under my eyes my entire life. 

I've read a lot of mis-information and.misguided advice; it took me a while to find what I'm positive is accurate information, though a bit disappointing..

TLDR: It is *normal*


"They’re actually just visible sebaceous glands, (known as sebaceous gland prominence). Where the skin is thinner around the delicate eye area, particular the dermal matrix and therefore protrude slightly and visible through the almost translucent epidermis.


They are a completely normal part of skin anatomy! In some people, whether genetically or natural ageing and thinning of the skin, they can become more prominent than in others."

From article;


Retinoids may help the appearance and office procedures might also help but basically it's genetic. I use under eye brighteners to deflect light rather than cover the texture and dark circles.


Another post on visible sebaceous glands

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

Solution for all:


AM: 2 spoonfuls of water and one pinch of salt in a small bowl. Mix til disolves. Dip fingers in, swipe water along bumps in one direction about 20 times. Dip every few times. Pat dry.


PM: Mix 50 % Almond (or sweet almond) oil and 50% coconut oil. Mix in spoon or in the bottle caps. Massage into bumps before bed until absorbed. You can get them at the Dollar Tree in the beauty section. 


Results in morning. Gone in days. 


As they disappear, you can also get a skin razor (must be skin razor so no cuts) and gently scrape away the dead cells. 

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

Hi, do you think this will be okay for sensitive skin? 

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

They are probably syringomas.

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

I have them too. My dermatologist said it’s okay to gently exfoliate it with a washcloth. I tried to use my FOREO LUNA and the washcloth works better there. Also, my ophthalmologist  recommended OcuSoft Lid Scrub (pre-moistened pads) that you can pick up at any pharmacy OTC. They’re amazing and will change your lid life. Seriously. I use them around my entire eye and they help remove all the oils and desquamated skin. But be super gently under the eye. They exfoliate really well. I hope this helps.

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

I had to come back to this thread after reading through it last week. I am 53 and have those chicken skin bumps under my eyes as well. I had not really tried anything to try and get rid of them, I figured I would have to see a dermatologist or something. There was a product suggested a couple times Inkey Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel and for $10.99 I took a gamble. I have been using it for 6 days and while not completely gone - my right eye has one small bump left and my left eye has like 3 bumps. I am not a gal that wears make up or uses really any products aside from bio oil (I swear by it) but this gel is incredible. Not only is it helping my chicken skin but the rest of my face is looking pretty darn great as well. Like anything else, it may not work for everybody, but for the price I would say give it a try. I am already amazed at how well it has worked!! I did purchase it through Sephora as I felt that by them supporting this informational group I could in turn support them by purchasing through them - but their price was also the best I found online. Good luck! Hope you have my same results!  

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

I’ve been curious about Bio Oil. I’m around the same age. Thanks for mentioning it. 

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

Hi, Esthetician here.. please do not use Bio oil on your face. 


Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

So glad I found this ! I actually just purchased the Inkey Beta Hydroxy Gel after reading your response and I’m hoping I have the same type of results ! I never had these they sort of just appeared, I’m 34 and I don’t wear makeup as often as I used to but when I do they are super visible so I really hope it helps ! 

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

Is it working for you?? I bought this product last week and so far no results. I’m 36 and it feels like all of a sudden I have these bumps under both eyes. 

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia



I have these too! I asked my dermatologist about them and she said they were tiny ulcers in sweat glands. I'm going to see her again soon and see if I can get a steroidal cream or drops for them because they age my eyes quite a bit while the rest of my face is rather youthful. I will update here if I find a solution that doesn't require a surgical method.

Re: Under Eye Bumps, NOT milia

My derm said the same thing.

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