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So many serums...

I've been searching for a good serum to add to my skincare routine, but there are so many options that all claim to so many different things! I am looking for something that will give me noticeable results in the overall condition of my skin. Nothing super specific. Can anyone recommend a serum that worked really well to get more radiant, smooth skin, just a product that made a big difference? 

Also, all these retinoids and lactic treatments, BHA's... it all confuses me. I know some of them have to do with serums but are they separate treatments that I should look into? Or are a lot of acids and things just fancy words to get you to buy a product? 


So many serums...

Hey, it depends on your skin type to be honest. Also a lot of AHAs on sephora are really confusing. I personally use Mandelic and lactic acid combination by gardon of wisdom. Basically it acts as a gentle exfoliant. So now I don't scrub my face, I just use an acid every other day. Acids increase cell turnover and remove dead skin. on top of that, I use a hyaluronic acid serum for hydration because I have dry, dehydrated skin. Hope this helps.

RE: So many serums...

@Nat3742 There are two things in my routine that have given me amazing results: Sunday Riley’s Luna and Good Genes. Luna is a Retinol in an oil and used at night. Good Genes is a Lactic Acid that can be used day or night as well as a mask. AHAs and BHAs are confusing, but they work. The great thing about Sunday Riley is that she incorporates other yummy ingredients that counteract the drying effects of using acids daily. When I first started using acids, it was like reading a different language. I would recommend watching Stephanie Nicole on YouTube. She breaks down acids into simple terms and lets you understand which one, if not both, are good for you. She also does very in depth reviews on products in different price ranges and skin types. ❤️❤️❤️

Re: RE: So many serums...

Thank you guys so much you helped a lot! I'm excited to try out these products! @darlyndar@jasmine5904@hellochris

So many serums...

I'm a big fan of Drunk Elephant products, and they make travel sized kits of both their day and night serums so you can try them out before splurging on a full-sized bottle. (With the travel kits, I think the day serum comes with their hyaluronic acid moisturiser, and the night serum comes with their marula oil.) Their night serum (TLC Framboos) was the one that showed the most immediate results for me. The first time I used it, I noticed the next morning that my skin had less texture, and my makeup went on much smoother. Over time, blackheads disappeared, and I have virtually zero breakouts. Their day serum (C-Firma) is great too, but it took longer for me to see results with that one. It's a vitamin C serum, so it makes your complexion brighter and fades any dark spots or scars. I definitely recommend getting the travel sizes first to see if you like them, because their full-sized bottles are pretty pricey! (But worth it!)

Re: So many serums...

Chemical  exfoliators are a great start they get ride of all the dead cells so whatever  serum  You do use gets  absorbed and you get all the benefits from it. 

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