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Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

This is a place to discuss everything skincare.


- Have a question about a product (Or type of product)

- Need recommendations

- Learned a new tip or trick you want to share with fellow skincare junkies

- New to skincare and lost about where to start

- Have a skincare emergency ( Bad reaction, broken dropper, lost lid of a jar)


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We have some great thread about skincare but I feel we don't have a general place to discuss skincare which is open for everything from lowend products to luxury skincare. 


Other skincare threads you may like to explore




Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Don't love it, don't want to waste it: use it on your hands and shoulders! I'm currently using up a retinol I don't love that way. 

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@fatimamummy you and I are on exactly the same schedule. Kids in bed, let's think about skincare!

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Very true @fairlywell Its a treat to get some "me time" at the end of day.

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Can someone assist me with my nose/pore issues please? On the creases of my nostrils, they are always red and I have blackheads which are partially sticking out and white/dry looking. Its hard to explain but I can pull them out with tweezers and they arent totally black. I also get them right under my lower lip. I tried to take photos. Any suggestions on how to fix this? My foundation always separates and looks chunky in these areas because the texture of the white/dry blackheads ruin it.



RE: Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

I use biore pore strips once a week to get rid of blackheads and gross stuff from my nose.

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@sabrinas I get these, too - and yes, as far as I can tell from my research they are ebaceous filaments. 


The best thing that has worked for me (particularly long term) is regularly using a BHA. I use the Paula's Choice BHA 2% a few times a week, and with regular use it works like a charm. I still get a couple here or there, but nowhere near like how bad they used to be (particularly with uneven makeup in the area). The BHA just seems to keep my pores nice and clear Smiley Happy 

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Hi do you have the specific name for this item? Thanks.

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

I have the same exact issue! I can never make foundation go over smoothly in this area.  I'm glad to know they're not blackheads and that they're not necessarily bad either. Thanks for all the info, ya'll!

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@m26430 @Mochapj @xcicee @Melissa136 @YoiFran


Thank you everyone!!! I have tried pore strips in the past but I feel they barely worked for me.  I have small pores and I feel like nothing can get into them to clean them out!  However, I did find another method which actually worked when I did it yesterday!


I just googled "Sebaceous Filaments Reddit" on google and the first result took me to a post on Reddit where a girl tried some method she found on someones blog.  Basically you apply a BHA first on the area, let sit for 20-25 mins, then apply a clay mask right over top and let that set, then you wash it off, dry your face, then apply an oil cleanser to the areas you treated, let the oil sit for 15 mins, then massage it for 2-3 mins, and then wash off and follow with your moisturizers.  Most people said they would feel grits during the oil massage (aka all the debris/dirt came out of the pores), but I didn't feel any.  However, once all was said and done, I noticed the annoying filaments were gone!!! It was kinda miraculous actually lol. I think the blog said to do it 2x per week.

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

What brand of the BHA and clay mask did you use?

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@sabrinas I have the same issue as well. At first I thought they were blackheads, but like everyone else, I agree that they are sebaceous filaments. They aren't on our noses to be harmful, I read somewhere that they help guide oil out from your nose. It helps prevent breakouts by providing a route to the surface.


Think of them as tiny hairs on your nose, and the only reason they look like blackheads is that there's a build up of oil. I use Glamglow Supermud to get rid of the 'blackhead' appearance, and Thirstymud to hydrate the area. It has helped foundation sit better on my nose, but those creases are hard to maintain Smiley Sad

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

I have those too and usually go by the tweezer method. If I exfoliate it gets rid of them but not as well as tweezers, plus when I use tweezers it pulls out the part under the skin while I feel like the exfoliator only gets the half on the surface.


I think the Biore Strips would work well though and be less time intensive than tweezing but I've been nervous to try those since I have very sensitive skin. 

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@sabrinas I have the exact same thing but all over my nose. I call it the strawberry effect nose. The only thing that works for me is a once every 10 days biore nose strip not the new ones with menthol in it because those irritate my skin, you have to look for the plain old one.


I know some people don't like the nose strips but honestly it is the only thing that completely gets rid of the strawberry effect on my nose.

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Those look and sound like sebaceous filaments @sabrinas


I don't have any so I can't vouch from experience but I don't believe there is anything you can do to permanently get rid of them, because they recur. You can minimize them through BHA exfoliation and clay mask usage, though.

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

hi! can someone tell me..are you supposed to use a retinoid before or after your serum? and when to put on the essence? ty!

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All



Retinoid is applied closest to the skin.  YOu can layer other stuff over it if you choose to.


Serum is a generic word that may include retinoid serums as well.  You can layer products  that do different things.  


Essence is not a necessary product.  It is often a first layer in hydration if you are into layering.  You ca use it to help serums adhere to skin.  Don't use it prior to would be a bit harsh.


Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All


Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@JGSFLA when I was using a prescribed one, I was instructed to use it after cleansing, however some people recommend buffering it with other products underneath if you find it too harsh straight on the face.


If you are using it straight on the skin after cleansing, you'd apply, let is absorb for 10-15 minutes and then continue on with the rest of your routine (essence, serum, moisturizer, etc)


Not sure if you were asking where to put the essence in relation to the retinoid, or just in general, but essences are typically applied after cleansing as well.  

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

ty so much!

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

I have a few issues I'm hoping someone can shed some light on.  I have started using Drunk Elephant B-Hydra and Lala Retro and have recently noticed my skin is stinging when I apply them.  I honestly thought this brand would be the answers to my prayers as they're fragrance and silicone free.  I don't like either in my skincare.  I've considered the possibility that I have been overexfoliating, but despite cutting back on actives I haven't noticed a difference in my skin's response. The only other time I experienced stinging was with Cerave's moisturizer in the jar.


Here's what I've pared my routine down to:



Cerave foaming facial cleanser

Timeless Vitamin C/E/Ferulic Acid (every other day)

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro.



It Cosmetics Makeup Melting Balm (only if I've worn makeup that day)

Cerave foaming facial cleanser

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro

Curology Retin-A, Vitamin C, Niacinimide mix (every other night).


I don't think the retin A and vitamin C in my current mix are too much for my skin because I was previously using them along with either salicylic acid in the morning or glycolic acid in the evening on opposing days. 


Has anyone else experienced stinging (sometimes redness/warmth, but usually not) with a supposedly gentle moisturizer? I trialed both lala retro and b-hydra before purchasing full sizes and didn't have this problem before so I'm surprised I'm having it now. I'm considering just returning both and getting Murad's Hydro Dynamic Moisturizer instead. I went through several sample jars of that and my skin was happy.

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

I haven't had that reaction to this particular product, but I checked the ingredients on both and the one common thing I noticed is they both contain watermelon extract.


When you trialled them previously, were you using them both at the same time?  I wonder if it's too much of that ingredient for your skin.

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